November 15, 2017

Hard To Find 45s On CD Volume 19: More 70s Essentials (Eric 11538)

Seems as though good things come in packages of two from Eric Records and I am happy to report that package number two is just as sweet as package number one which I reviewed yesterday.  Here we have a superb collection of 70s chestnuts with music from a wide variety of pop music genres which is exactly the way we heard this music on the radio in the 70s. 

Yes there are really 21 tracks on this collection with a total running time of 72:09 and 10 pages very informative liner notes included not to mention the outstanding sound quality that we have come to expect from Eric Records.  Now I am pleased to report that included in this package is the compact disc premier of "Big Yellow Taxi" by the Neighborhood, the debut of the 45 version of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by Rose Royce, the debut stereo 45 version of "Dueling Banjos" by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell, the stereo debut of "Why Can't We Live Together" by Timmy Thomas, the very hard to find 45 version of "Couldn't Get It Right" by the Climax Blues Band and the short dj edit of "I've Got The Music In Me" by Kiki Dee.  Oh how I wish I could review a cd like this every day but unfortunately most record companies do not care enough about their catalog product to spend the time or money to present collectors with gems like this so let's support Eric Records and encourage them to issue more compact discs like this in the future!  Here are the complete contents of the cd:

Track listing:

2. THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Arlo Guthrie #18 7/72RARE ON CD
3. DUELING BANJOS Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell (Deliverance) #2 1/73STEREO SINGLE DEBUT
4. RAINBOW CONNECTION Kermit (Jim Henson) #25 9/79RARE ON CD
5. ID LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING (In Perfect Harmony) The New Seekers #7 12/71
6. BIG YELLOW TAXI The Neighborhood #29 6/70CD DEBUT
7. YOU ARE THE ONE Sugar Bears #51 3/72CD DEBUT
8. BANG A GONG (Get It On) T. Rex #10 1/72
11. VEHICLE The Ides Of March #2 3/70
12. IVE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME The Kiki Dee Band #12 9/74DJ EDIT CD DEBUT
13. EVERY 1S A WINNER Hot Chocolate #6 11/78
14. RIGHT DOWN THE LINE Gerry Rafferty #12 8/78
15. SUAVECITO Malo #18 3/72
17. JUST WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST Randy Vanwarmer #4 3/79
18. GOODBYE GIRL David Gates #15 12/77
19. LOVE IS THE ANSWER England Dan & John Ford Coley #10 3/79
21. THE HUSTLE Van McCoy #1 4/75

*Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES)


November 14, 2017

Hard To Find 45s On CD Volume 18: 70s Essentials (Eric Records 11537)

I enter very few reviews of compact discs anymore because record companies are just not releasing any product of interest to readers of this site.  Fortunately there are a handful of companies that do release a few compact discs of note each year and Eric Records is certainly one of those precious few that cater to collectors.  This volume contains 21 tracks with a running time of 73:44 and all tracks are in stereo.  As I have said many times in the past, the sound quality on every cd released by Eric is just superb thanks to Mark Mathews and Walt Weiskopf that spend an enormous amount of time preparing each release for production and again with this release the sound quality is stunning.  Add to that 10 pages of very informative liner notes by Greg Adams and you will buy a product that is second to none.

Now if you grew up in the 70s you probably recall the diversity of music genres that you would hear on your pop radio stations.  Sit down with your headphones in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and take a journey back in time to hear music programmed just like your favorite station of the 70s and with the same 45 rpm versions you heard on the radio years ago.  That is exactly what I did when I received this cd and what a trip back in time I enjoyed and I am sure you will too with this new release. 

Of special note, this cd contains the song Venus by Shocking Blue and Gypsy Woman by Brian Hyland in digitally extracted stereo for the very first time and they sound spectacular in stereo so here are the contents:

Track listing:

1. VENUS Shocking Blue #1 12/69STEREO DEBUT*
2. FOX ON THE RUN Sweet #5 11/75
3. HOCUS POCUS Focus #9 3/73
6. MY MELODY OF LOVE Bobby Vinton #3 9/74RARE ON CD
7. PALOMA BLANCA George Baker Selection #26 11/75RARE ON CD
9. TIRED OF TOEIN THE LINE Rocky Burnette #8 5/80RARE ON CD
10. GYPSY WOMAN Brian Hyland #3 9/70STEREO DEBUT*
12. WORDS F.?R. David #62 7/83
13. IVE NEVER BEEN TO ME Charlene #3 3/82
14. SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH Dan Hill #3 11/77
16. DAISY A DAY Jud Strunk #14 2/73RARE ON CD
17. FEELS SO GOOD Chuck Mangione #4 2/78
18. EIGHTEEN WITH A BULLET Pete Wingfield #15 8/75RARE ON CD
19. SHES A BAD MAMA JAMA (Shes Built, Shes Stacked) Carl Carlton #22 8/81
20. BORN TO BE ALIVE Patrick Hernandez #16 6/79
21. MUSIC John Miles #88 5/76U.S. CD DEBUT

*Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES)


June 7, 2017

Beau Brummels -- The Very Best Of: The Complete Singles (Varese Sarabande 302067403)

Here is a new release from the folks at Varese Sarabande that I wanted to bring to your attention.  For those of you that grew up in the 60's, you remember the British  invasion where numerous British acts climbed the best selling charts while their American counterparts struggled to survive.  One group that was not British but assumed a name that misled the public to believe that they were British is the Beau Brummels.  The group was from San Francisco and had a producer that you may have heard of named Sly Stone!  Here is a wonderful single disc compilation of their many single releases that includes 16 tracks and runs 45:33.  The first 13 tracks are presented here in mono to give you the full single mix sound.  Very interesting liner notes are included which are primarily recollections by the group members of what memories stood out for each song included on this set.

Contents: Laugh Laugh (with the original faded ending), Just A Little, You Tell Me Why, Don't Talk To Strangers, Good Time Music, One Too Many Mornings, Here We Are Again, Two Days 'Til Tomorrow, Lower Level, Lift Me, Long Walking Down To Misery, Cherokee Girl, Alligator Man (released as by group member Sal Valentino), Friends And Lovers (released as by group member Sal Valentino), Silkie (released as by group member Sal Valentinio), You Tell Me Why (1975 version).


February 28, 2017

Hard To Find 45s On CD, Volume 17: Late Sixties Classics (Eric Records 11536)

Without a doubt this will be the biggest selling oldies compact disc of the year and as you might have guessed, it is courtesy of Eric Records and their dedicated staff consisting of Bill Buster, Mark Matthews, Walt Weiskopf and Greg Adams.  I never thought I would hear so many songs in stereo that have never before been released in stereo but here they are some from master tape and others presented in DES which is short for digitally extracted stereo but you would never know the difference between the master tape source and the DES source.  This volume of Hard To Find 45s on CD features 21 tracks with a running time of (66:11) and an 11 page booklet of liner notes written by Greg Adams.  There is an old saying that you can't teach an old dog (like myself) new tricks but the liner notes prove that statement false.  Very interesting facts are revealed in the liner notes that I never knew such as the fact that the song title "Little Green Bag" which everyone assumed when it was released was a reference to a bag of marijuana but it was really sung in the song as "Little Greenback" a reference to a dollar bill!  Every volume of this Hard To Find 45s On CD is terrific but amazing as it may seem they just get better and better with each new release.  Yes this is another must buy compact disc!

Contents: Incense And Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock (DES; stereo debut), Psychotic Reaction by Count Five (DES; stereo debut; sounds far better than any previously issued version on compact disc), You're Gonna Miss Me by Thirteenth Floor Elevators (DES; stereo debut), Gimme Some Lovin' by Spencer Davis Group (long overdue stereo debut), The House Of The Rising Sun by Frijid Pink (stereo 45 version debut), A Groovy Kind Of Love by the Mindbenders (stereo debut), Winchester Cathedral by New Vaudeville Band (DES; stereo debut), Lil' Red Riding Hood by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs (DES; stereo debut), Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection (mono; first time on compact disc 45 version), I Live For The Sun by Sunrays (stereo), The Pied Piper by Crispian St. Peters (mono), The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) by Manfred Mann (stereo debut), You Were On My Mind by We Five (stereo 45 debut), Elusive Butterfly by Bob Lind (stereo), Indiana Wants Me by R. Dean Taylor (stereo 45 debut; there are 2 versions of this 45 one with sirens on the intro and the other without sirens on the intro and this version has no sirens), One Tin Solider by The Original Caste (stereo), Color Him Father by the Winstons (stereo), Reflections Of My Life by Marmalade (stereo), Here It Come Again by the Fortunes (mono; first time on cd in the U.S. 45 version), You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield (stereo), Mac Arthur Park (stereo LP mix; excellent sound quality)


February 27, 2017

Hard To Find Jukebox Classics The Fifties: 31 Amazing Stereo Hits -- (Hit Parade Records 12319)

Talk about starting the new year off with a bang!  With this cd we have an explosion rather than just a bang.  Bill Buster, Mark Matthews, Walt Weiskopf and Greg Adams have teamed up to present us with a must have collection of 31 rare stereo classics in their original 45 versions of which 24 have never before appeared in stereo.  Yes this outstanding compact disc runs (78:48) with an excellent 11 page booklet of liner notes giving fabulous historical notes about each song.  Thanks to DES which is short for digitally extracted stereo (a very time consuming effort by the way) , new sonic life has been injected into these classic hits.  Listening to these songs in stereo is like hearing the songs for the very first time and in pristine audio quality.  Even if you have each of these songs in mono form on compact disc you must buy this cd to experience the difference in quality that has been presented on this disc.  OK here are the 31 tracks included on this disc:

(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets (DES; stereo debut), Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino (DES; stereo debut; for the purists, this is the version corrected after the single was originally released so as to correct some tape damage halfway through the song as the master tape originally had splices in it that got stuck in a tape machine when the production master was dubbed that was used to cut the 45 rpm stampers), Diana by Paul Anka (DES; stereo debut of the original ABC-Paramount recording), Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley (stereo debut), Only You (And You Alone) by the Platters (DES; stereo debut), My Prayer by the Platters (DES; stereo debut). The Wayward Wind by Gogi Grant (DES; stereo debut; this song previously sounded muddy on compact disc but now sounds terrific), Catch A Falling Star by Perry Como, Melodie D'amour by the Ames Brothers, Tammy by the Ames Brothers, Wonderful! Wonderful! by Johnny Mathis (DES; stereo debut), It's Not For Me To Say by Johnny Mathis (DES; stereo debut), The Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page (stereo debut), My Special Angel by Bobby Helms (DES; stereo debut), The Great Pretender by the Platters (DES; stereo debut), Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley (DES; stereo debut), The Green Door by Jim Lowe (DES; stereo debut), Baubles, Bangles And Beads by the Kirby Stone Four, Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin (speed corrected with reverb added to the backing orchestra to make this song resemble the 45), Splish Splash by Bobby Darin (stereo 45 version debut), A Lover's Question by Clyde McPhatter, It Will Stand by the Showmen (stereo debut), Without You by Johnny Tillotson (stereo debut), The Twelfth Of Never by Johnny Mathis (DES; stereo debut), Since I Don't Have You by the Skyliners (DES; stereo debut), Come Softly To Me by the Fleetwoods (stereo debut), See You In September by the Tempos, 26 Miles (Santa Catalina) by the Four Preps (stereo debut), Happy Whistler by Don Robertson (DES; stereo debut), Soft Summer Breeze by Eddie Heywood (DES; stereo debut), Lisbon Antigua by Nelson Riddle (DES; stereo debut)


January 10, 2017

Gerry Rafferty -- United Artistry: The Best Of Gerry Rafferty (Varese Sarabande 302067451)

Readers of this site will be delighted to see this compact disc as it presents not only Gerry Rafferty's solo hits but also his hit Stuck In The Middle With You which was a big hit for the group known as Stealers Wheel of which he was a member.  There are 4 US top 40 hits on this cd by Gerry as a solo performer that have not been released in their 45 version on compact disc until now.  You will also find 2 songs by Gerry that have never appeared on cd (Big Change In The Weather and In Transit).   Also included are some previously hard to find UK 45 hits in their 45 versions by Gerry and there are 16 total tracks with a running time of (67:14) with 6 pages of liner notes making this a recommended purchase to start off the new year.  Contents (all stereo): Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel, City To City, Baker Street, Big Change In The Weather, Right Down The Line (45 version), Home And Dry (45 version), Night Owl (UK 45 version), Take The Money And Run, The Way That You Do It, Days Gone Down (Still Got The Light In Your Eyes) (45 version), Get It Right Next Time (45 version), Bring It All Home (UK single version), The Royal Mile (Sweet Darlin'), In Transit, Garden Of England, Sleepwalking.


October 3, 2016

The Searchers -- The Very Best Of (Varese Sarabande 302067414)

The Searchers catalog has been out of print for a while so it is nice to see Varese Sarabande picked up the ball and licensed 18 of their tracks on this brand new release.  What I find so interesting about the Searchers tracks is that they almost always charted significantly higher in the UK than they did in the US and on the cd jacket we get all the chart positions, both UK and US.  All selections are the original hits in stereo and the 18 tracks add up to a running time of 44:35 with 6 pages of liner notes included.  Here is the track lineup: Sweets For My Sweet, Sugar And Spice, Listen To Me, Needles & Pins, Ain't That Just Like Me, Don't Throw Your Love Away, Someday We're Gonna Love Again, When You Walk Into The Room, Love Potion Number Nine, What Have They Done To The Rain (this is an excellent anti-nuke protest song) , Bumble Bee, Goodbye My Love, Each Time, He's Got No Love, Take Me For What I'm Worth, When I Get Home, Take It Or Leave It, Have You Ever Loved Somebody.


June 28, 2016

Hard To Find 45s On CD, Vol. 16: More 80s Essentials & Beyond (Eric 11535)

As you would expect, this volume is a companion volume to the cd reviewed immediately after this review.  Volume 16 contains 20 tracks with an amazing (79:44) running time and 11 pages of delightful and informative liner notes written by Greg Adams.  Sound quality is excellent and here are the contents:  Listen To Your Heart by Roxette (dj edited version), Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood, Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol, I've Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat (45 version), One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head (from master tape for the first time), Tom's Diner by D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega, Luka by Suzanne Vega, Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love go by Soft Cell (dj 45 edit), I Melt With You by Modern English, I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats, Video Killed The Radio Star by the Buggles (45 version), Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Schilling (45 version), Mr. Roboto by Styx (45 version), Live Is Life by Opus, Send Me An Angel '89 by Real Life, Hands To Heaven by Breathe, Sadeness (Part 1) by Enigma (45 version), Close To You by Maxi Priest (45 version), Pump Up The Volume by M/A/R/R/S, Bad Boys by Inner Circle.


June 28, 2016

Hard To Find 45s On CD, Vol. 15: 80s Essentials & Beyond (Eric 11534)

Well Eric has taken the hands of time and moved up in time to visit the 80s decade which is really a giant leap for the label as they had previously dealt with the 50s, 60s and 70s but hey the 80s decade had some good music too although vinyl 45s started to disappear in that decade.  With that being said, this compilation lives up to the high standards of sonic excellence established long ago by Eric Records.  20 stereo tracks on this CD with a total running time of (78:43) and 11 pages of excellent liner notes by Greg Adams all add up to a really nice package.  On a very positive note, some hard to find dj only edits are included in this package and here are the contents:  Red Red Wine by UB40 (1988 45 version and LP version), It Must Have Been Love by Roxette (45 version), I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers, Take Your Time (Do It Right) by the S.O.S. Band (first time on CD 45 version), Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson (45 version), They Don't Know by Tracey Ullman, Tarzan Boy by Baltimora, We Don't Talk Anymore by Cliff Richard (first time on CD 45 version), Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield, Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You by Glenn Medeiros (with saxophone included in the introduction), One More Try by Timmy T, Joey by Concrete Blonde, Nightshift by the Commodores, Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth, Saturday Love by Cherrelle with Alexander O'Neal (45 version), Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie (radio edit), After all by Cher & Peter Cetera (dj 45 version), Into The Night by Benny Mardones (short dj 45 version), Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf (45 version)


May 3, 2016

The Best Of The Impressions: The Curtom Years (Varese Sarabande 302067335)

Here's another winner from the folks at Varese Sarabande, one of the few remaining labels that caters to the collector and oldies community.  As the title suggests, this cd covers the years the group recorded for Curtom records (1968-1976) which was owned by Curtis Mayfield.  The total running time is (59:20) and 18 tracks are included in stereo which covers almost all of the Impressions chart hits in their later years.  Always nice to see Varese include some interesting liner notes with their releases and this one is no exception with 11 pages of notes and photos.  Contents:  Fool For You, This is My Country, Seven Years, Choice Of Colors, Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey), Say You Love Me, Amen (1970 version), Check Out Your Mind (LP version), (Baby) Turn On To Me, Ain't Got Time, I'm So Proud, Love Me, If It's In You To Do Wrong, Finally Got Myself Together (I'm A Changed Man), Sooner Or Later, Same Thing It Took, Loving Power, This Time.


May 3, 2016

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels -- All Time Greatest Hits (Varese Sarabande 302067408)

For those of you that have been unhappy with past reissues of Mitch Ryder's catalog, this new release from Varese Sarabande should put a smile on your face and a buzz in your ears.  Sonically excellent, this 16 track compilation of Mitch's hits has been massaged to correct past deficiencies in speed and priority has been given to including the single versions of all songs.  Throw in a nice 7 page booklet of liner notes and you have the recipe for a great release running (51:48).  My thanks to Varese for going the extra mile to see to it that Mitch Ryder's legacy has been properly released.  Here is the track lineup and you may assume song titles are released in stereo unless otherwise noted: Jenny Take a Ride!, Shake A Tailfeather, Little Latin Lup Lu, Break Out, Takin' All I Can Get (mono single version), Devil With A Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly (mono single version at the correct speed), I Like It Like That, Sock It To Me Baby! (mono single version), Too Many Fish In The Sea & Three Little Fishes, Joy, I'd Rather Go To Jail, What Now My Love, You Are My Sunshine, Come See About Me, (You've Got) Personality & Chantilly Lace (mono single version), Ruby Baby & Peaches On A Cherry Tree.


February 11, 2016

Various artists -- Three Decades Of Classic Novelty Hits (Complete 60s 13603)

When you least expect it, a bolt of lightning comes out of the sky and in this case a compact disc comes out of nowhere that should appeal to the more eclectic collectors'.  Buried in the 28 songs on this cd which runs a fantastic (78:07) are some real jewels such as for the first time on cd the 45 correct version of Hot Rod Lincoln by Charlie Ryan, the first time on cd appearance of the 45 version of On Top Of Spaghetti by Tom Glazer, the first time on cd appearance of We Love You Beatles by the Carefrees and the first time stereo appearance on cd of Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen.  Greg Adams has contributed a 12 page booklet of very informative liner notes well worth reading.  Here are the complete contents of this cd with (M) indicating mono, DES indicating digitally extracted stereo and (S) indicating stereo :  Smoke! Smoke Smoke! (That Cigarette) by Tex Williams (M), I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts by Freddy Martin & His Orchestra (M), Shaving Cream by Benny Bell (M), I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat by Mel Blanc (M), The Hokey Pokey by Ray Anthony (M), Come On-A My House by Rosemary Clooney (M), The Doggie In The Window by Patti Page (M), The Ballad Of Davy Crockett by Fess Parker (M), The Battle Of Kookamonga by Homer & Jethro (S), Hot Rod Lincoln by Charlie Ryan (M) (first time correct 45 version on cd), Auctioneer by Leroy Van Dyke (M), Old Rivers by Walter Brennan (S), The Old Philosopher by Eddie Lawrence (M), Jeremiah Peabody's Polyunsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green And Purple Pills by Ray Stevens (S), The Blob by the Five Blobs (M), Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens (M), Poisoning Pegeons In The Park by Tom Lehrer (M), Lizzie Borden by the Chad Mitchell Trio (S), Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport by Rolf Harris (S) (for the first time on cd the correct 45 version in stereo!), On Top Of Spaghetti by Tom Glazer (M) (first time on cd 45 version), We Love You Beatles by the Carefrees (M) (first time on cd), The Ballad Of Irving by Frank Gallop (S), Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen (S) (first time DES on cd), They're Coming To Take Me Away (Ha Haaa!) by Napoleon XIV (S), I Love Onions by Susan Christie (M), Loving You Has Made Me Bananas by Guy Marks (S), I.O.U. by Jimmy Dean (S), Stars On 45 Medley by Stars On 45 (S).


February 11, 2016

Various Artists -- Hard To Find Jukebox Classics 1960-64: 30 Amazing Stereo Hits (Hit Parade Records 12317)

2016 is starting off with a bang for stereo collectors' looking for a treasure chest of new stereo releases of their favorite oldies.  Thanks to the efforts of Eckhard Buttner, Mark Matthews and Walt Weiskopf we get 30 stereo tracks with a total running time of (77:22) and as you will read below, many of those 30 tracks are making their stereo debut on this cd.  In addition to the superior sound of the tracks on this cd, you also get a 12 page booklet of liner notes written by Greg Adams who has done a fantastic job of writing a brief essay giving the historical background behind each of the 30 songs.  Thank goodness there are a handful of record companies still remaining that truly appeal to the record collectors' desires for original recordings while retaining the integrity and authenticity of recordings from over 50 years ago.  You cannot imagine the time required to produce a compact disc of this nature.  Thanks to DES (digitally extracted stereo), original mono recordings can be transferred to stereo but this transfer is very time consuming running from 30 hours per song up to 100 hours requiring incredible attention to detail but the staff mentioned above has accepted the challenge and as your ears will tell you, the final production on this cd exceeds any previous standard in the industry.  If you buy one oldies cd this year, this is the one you should select to purchase.  Oh and I must add, crank up your stereo to the max when you play this cd for a total aural experience.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty details of the contents all of which are stereo--

Be My Baby by the Ronettes (first time stereo release in the U.S.), He's So Fine by the Chiffons ( a sync up stereo creation with the first time correct hit version), Chapel Of Love by the Dixie Cups (a sync up stereo creation with first time 45 version), The Loco-Motion by Little Eva (first time DES appearance; includes handclaps), Hey Paula by Paul & Paula (first time DES appearance), Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel (first time DES appearance), California Sun by the Rivieras (first time DES appearance), Louie Louie by the Kingsmen (first time DES appearance), You Really Got Me by the Kinks (first time DES appearance), She's Not There by the Zombies (first time 45 version in stereo), Have I The Right by the Honeycombs (first time DES appearance), Little Children by Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (first time DES appearance), As Tears Go By by Marianne Faithful (first time DES appearance), Dawn (Go Away) (first time stereo 45 appearance), Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles, Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker (first time stereo appearance), El Watusi by Ray Barretto, Uptown by the Crystals (first time stereo appearance), Harlem Nocturne by the Viscounts (first time DES appearance), (Ghost) Riders In The Sky by the Ramrods (first time DES appearance), Ringo by Lorne Green, Walk Right In by the Rooftop Singers, Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary, The Girl From Ipanema by Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (45 version), Yeh Yeh by Georgie Fame (first time 45 version stereo appearance), Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton, It's Up To You by Rick Nelson, When You Walk In The Room by Jackie DeShannon, A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke (first time 45 version in stereo), Running Scared by Roy Orbison.


September 14, 2015

Buckinghams -- The Complete Hit Singles (Varese Sarabande 302067351)

What a great concept, a collection of hit singles from the Buckinghams!  Varese Sarabande made it very clear to Sony Music who owns the master tapes for the Buckinghams releases that they wanted nothing but the original mono master tapes to be used in this project.  To make a long story short, Sony Music did not provide what was requested and so the significance of this cd release has been diminished.  All tracks are stereo when the requested masters were to be mono.  Hey Baby (They're Playing Out Song) is the later day Vic Anesini remix version and Summertime is not the 45 version but the good news is that Susan finally appears in the correct dj 45 edit version.  Now for some additional good news, the liner notes were written by Clark Besch and offer a very complete biography of the group.  The cd runs (39:19) and the liner notes are 10 pages long ending with the line "Varese would like to thank everyone at Sony Music" which I feel should now be amended to read "Varese would like to thank everyone at Sony Music for screwing this project up".  Contents: I'll Go Crazy (S), I Call Your Name (S), I've Been Wrong (S), Kind Of A Drag (original mix) (S), Lawdy Miss Clawdy (S), Summertime (not the 45 version) (S), Don't You Care (S), Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (S), Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song) (later day remix by Vic Anesini) (S), Susan (dj 45 edit) (S), Back In Love Again (S), Where Did You Come From (S), This Is How Much I Love You (S), It's A Beautiful Day (For Lovin') (S), I Got A Feelin' (S).


April 27, 2015

Various Artists -- Rare Pop Instrumentals Of The Fifties (Complete 60s 13602)

Here we go with another bundle of joy from early 2015 with this thematic cd release from the Complete 60s label.  I know you are scratching your head saying we have a cd of fifties insturmentals on the Complete 60's label?  OK maybe the Complete 60s label is off their rocker but I sure do love it!  Hardly any labels are releasing 50s cd's anymore and this cd really fills a void as it contains many never before released on cd songs in the U.S. and hey if it weren't for this cd many of these songs would never be available for your listening pleasure.  With regard to top 40 hits, there are 4 on this cd that have never been previously released and there are 6 top 40 hits in stereo for the first time.  Best of all is the top notch quality of the entire cd thanks to the efforts of Mark Mathews and Walt Weiskopf who have the reputation of being the best oldies producers in the world.  I should also mention there is a 7 page booklet of very informative liner notes written by Greg Adams included.  This cd features 31 tracks with a total running time of (77:55) so let's move on to the music content with (S) meaning stereo, (M) meaning mono and (DES) meaning digitally extracted stereo:

The Third Man Theme by Anton Karas (M), Melody Of Love by Leo Diamond (M), Love Me Tender by Henri Rene (M), The Poor People Of Paris by Les Baxter (first time DES), When The White Lilacs Bloom Again by Florian Zabach (first time on cd M), Canadian Sunset by Hugo Winterhalter & Eddie Heywood (first time DES), Sail Along Silvery Moon by Billy Vaughn (first time DES), Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado (first time DES), Main Title From The Man With The Golden Arm by Elmer Bernstein (first time DES), Tea For Two Cha Cha by Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (S), The Typewriter (1959 stereo LP version) by Leroy Anderson (S), Chinatown, My Chinatown by Bobby Maxwell (M), Marimba Charlston by Marimba Chiapas (M), Song Of The Nairobi Trio by Fortune Tellers (S), Got A Match? by Frank Gallop (first time on cd M), Heart And Soul by Johnny Maddox (first time DES), Alabama Jubilee by Ferko String Band (first time on cd M), Look Sharp - Be Sharp by Boston Pops Orchestra (M), Plantation Boogie by Lenny Dee (M), Tequila by the Champs (first time DES), Night Train by Buddy Morrow (M), (But As They Say) That's Life by Jack Pleis (M), Bewitched (stereo LP version) by the Betty Smith Group (S), Melancholy Serenade by Jackie Gleason (M), I'll Always Be In Love With You by Jack Pleis (M), Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo by the Dick Hyman Trio (M), Woodchopper's Ball by Hutch Davie (M), The Faithful Hussar by Ted Heath (M), Tequila by Eddie Platt (first time on cd M), Fried Onions by Lord Rockingham's XI (M), Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu by Dicky Doo & The Don'ts (M).


April 27, 2015

Various Artists -- Hard To Find Jukebox Classics 1964: Rock, Rhythm, Pop  (Hit Parade Records 12315)

Looks like 2015 is going to be a banner year for oldies fans as well as stereo fanatics as we see our first 2015 cd release from Hit Parade Records and it is a dandy.  This particular cd runs (77:56) with 29 tracks that include 1 top 40 first time on compact disc in the U.S. tune (She's The One by the Chartbusters) and 10 additional top 40 tunes released as either true stereo or digitally extracted stereo for the first time in the U.S.  On top of those credentials, toss in an 11 page booklet of liner notes by Greg Adams and state of the art mastering by producers Mark Mathews and Walt Weiskopf to get this wonderful compilation of hits from 1964 that is a must have cd for any collector into oldies but goodies.  This compilation took untold hours to assemble due to the digitally extracted stereo songs included and thank goodness for the tireless effort of Mark and Walt for keeping the oldies compilations fresh and exciting.  Now let's get down to the specifics of what is included with (S) indicating stereo, (M) indicating mono and (DES) indicating digitally extracted stereo:

The House Of The Rising Sun by the Animals (first time DES), All Day And All Of The Night by the Kinks (M), I Only Want To Be With You by Dusty Springfield (digitally constructed stereo), Navy Blue by Diane Renay (first time DES), Kiss Me Sailor by Diane Renay (first time S), Walking In The Rain by the Ronettes (first time S), Dream Lover by the Paris Sisters (M), Walk Don't Run '64 by the Ventures (S), Penetration by the Pyramids (first time DES), Suspicion by Terry Stafford (first time DES), Everybody Loves Somebody by Dean Martin (S), I'm Into Something Good by Herman's Hermits (first time on cd in the U.S. S), Yesterday's Gone by Chad & Jeremy (first time S), She's The One by the Chartbusters (first time on cd M), G.T.O by Ronny & The Daytonas (M), The Name Game by Shirley Ellis (S), Haunted House by Gene Simmons (first time DES), Twine Time by Alvin Cash & The Crawlers (first time DES), Harlem Shuffle by Bob & Earl (S), Rock Me Baby by B.B. King (S), Steal Away by Jimmy Hughes (M), Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um by Major Lance (S), Mountain Of Love by Johnny Rivers (S), The French Song by Lucille Starr (S), Today by the New Christy Minstrels (S), Walk Away by Matt Monroe (S), Across The Street (Is A Million Miles Away) by Ray Peterson (S), High On A Hill by Scott English (M), You Don't Own Me by Lesley Gore (S)


November 21, 2014

Various Artists -- The Complete Pop Instrumental Hits Of 1959 (Complete 60s 11959)

Always look forward to another Complete 60s label release and this one certainly lives up to the high standards set with previous releases.  I am sure producers Mark Mathews and Walt Weiskopf spent hundreds of hours putting together this remarkable cd with every charting pop instrumental song from 1959.  Superior sound quality, a wonderful 27 page booklet of liner notes filled with biographical information written by Greg Adams and 66 songs on this 2 cd set makes this a must buy propostion.  There are 7 digitally extracted stereo selections in this set which would never been presented in stereo had it not been for the painstaking efforts of the producers along with several first time appearances of some 45 versions on compact disc.  Here are the contents with (S) indicating stereo and (M) indicating mono:

Disc 1--

The Happy Organ by Dave Baby Cortez (digitally extracted stereo), Petite Fleur by Chris Barber's Jazz Band (digitally extracted stereo), Guitar Boogie Shuffle by the Virtues (digitally extracted stereo), I Talk To The Trees by Edmundo Ross (S), Blue Hawaii by Billy Vaughn (S), Manhattan Spiritual by Reg Owen (first time on cd 45 version (M)), Gazachstahagen by the Wild Cats (M), The Lonely One by Duane Eddy (M), Jupiter-C by Pat & The Satellites (M), Peter Gunn by Ray Anthony (M), Bunny Hop by the Applejacks (M), Raw-Hide by Link Wray & The Wraymen (M), Midnight Oil by Charlie Blackwell (M), Fried Eggs by the Intruders (M), Record Hop Blues by the Quarter Notes (M), Hawaiian War Chant by Billy Vaughn (S), The Beat by the Rockin' R's (M), Yep! by Duane Eddy (M), Walkin' To Mother's by Ray Anthony (S), 77 Sunset Strip by Don Ralke (M), Pipe Dreams by Jimmy Beck (M), You're Cheatin' Heart by Billy Vaughn (M), Rockin' Crickets by the Hot-Toddys (M), Quiet Village by Martin Denny (first time on cd 45 version (M)), Only You (And You Alone) by Franck Pourcel (digitally extracted stereo), Crossfire by Johnny & The Hurricanes (M), A String Of Trumpets by the Trumpeteers (M), Straight Flush by the Frantics (S), With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming by Enoch Light & The Light Brigade (S), Tall Cool One by the Wailers (M), Danny Boy by Sil Austin (S), Bongo Rock by Preston Epps (M), Velvet Waters by the Megatrons (M).

Disc 2--

Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny (digitally extracted stereo), Red River Rock by Johnny & The Hurricanes (digitally extracted stereo), Little Dipper by the Mickey Mozart Quintet (M), Taboo by the Arthur Lyman Group (S), The Whistling Organ by Dave Baby Cortez (M), Happy Vacation by Jackie Lee (M), Like Young by Andre Previn & David Rose (S), Forty Miles Of Bad Road by Duane Eddy (S), The Quiet Three by Duane Eddy (S), Martinique by Martin Denny (S), Ciao, Ciao Bambina by Jacky Noguez (S), Cry by the Knightsbridge Strings (S), Mau-Mau by the Wailers (M), The Caterpillar Crawl by the Strangers (M), Fog Cutter by the Frantics (M), Boo Boo Stick Beat by Chet Atkins (M), Teen Beat by Sandy Nelson (M), First Love, First Tears by Duane Eddy (S), Some Kind-a Earthquake by Duane Eddy (S), Torquay by the Fireballs (M), Joey's Song by Bill Haley & His Comets (S), The Enchanted Sea by the Islanders (S), Wheel Of Fortune by the Knightsbridge Strings (S), Woo Hoo by the Rock-A-Teens (mastered from vinyl (M)), Reveille Rock by Johnny & The Hurricanes (S), The Enchanted Sea by Martin Denny (first time on cd 45 version (S)), The Hunch by Paul Gayten (M), The Hunch by the Bobby Peterson Quintet (M), Marina by Jacky Noguez (M), In The Mood by Ernie Fields (M), I'll Walk The Line by Don Costa (S), Tear Drop by Santo & Johnny (S), Wild Weekend by the Rockin' Rebels (digitally extracted stereo)


june 28, 2014

ronnie dove -- the complete original chart hits 1964-1969 (real gone music 0266)

why did it take so long to get a decent ronnie dove compilation on the market?  previous ronnie dove compilations were poorly mastered, sometimes with scratchy vinyl records being used as sources and alternate takes but this release has been mastered with tender love and care so i have to give my seal of approval.  there are 21 tracks on this cd with a total running time of 57:28 and there is a nice 11 page booklet of liner notes included with comments from ronnie dove himself.  here is the track lineup with all tracks stereo unless noted differently--

say you, right or wrong (mono), hello pretty girl, one kiss for old times sake (mono), a little bit of heaven, i'll make all your dreams come true (first time stereo on compact disc), kiss away (first time on compact disc with the correct vocal take), when liking turns to loving, let's start all over again, happy summer days, i really don't want to know, cry (first time stereo on compact disc), one more mountain to climb, my babe, i want to love you for what you are, dancin' out of my heart (mono), in some time (mono), mountain of love, tomboy (mono), what's wrong with my world, i need you now.


april 30, 2014

various artists -- hard to find jukebox classics 1963: rock, rhythm & pop (hit parade records 12314)

another fine release from the hit parade records folks and as usual we get some choice never before released product on compact disc (in the us anyway).  30 total tracks in outstanding sound quality with a total running time of 75:06 and 7 pages of very informative liner notes makes this cd one of the best collector releases of the year.  some highlights of note: first time stereo version of wipeout by the surfaris (in digitally extracted stereo) running the exact original length, first time stereo release of then he kissed me by the crystals, first time stereo release of the 45 version of please don't talk to the lifeguard by diane ray, first time 45 version release of mr. bassman by johnny cymbal, first time stereo release of walking the dog by rufus thomas (in digitally constructed stereo), first time release that includes the full introduction to martian hop by the ran-dells and finally the first time 45 version of ahab the arab in stereo!  now here is the complete track lineup with (s) for stereo and (m) for mono--

wipeout (s) by the surfaris (length corrected and in digitally extracted stereo), then he kissed me (s) by the crystals, (today i met) the boy i'm gonna marry (m) by darlene love, please don't talk to the lifeguard (s) by diane ray (45 version), forget him (m) by boby rydell, more (s) by kai winding, i wonder what she's doing tonight (m) by barry & the tamerlanes, mr. bassman (s) by johnny cymbal (45 version), talk back trembling lips (s) by johnny tillotson, baby's gone (m) by gene thomas, 500 miles away from home (s) by bobby bare, please (s) by frank ifield, i want to stay here (m) by steve lawrence & eydie gorme, kissin' on the phone (s) by paul anka, so much in love (m) by the tymes, our winter love (s) by bill pursell, who do you love (m) by the sapphires, the love of my man (m) by theola kilgore, cry baby (s) by garnet mimms & the enchanters, look homeward angel (m) by the monarchs, elephant walk (m) by donald jenkins & the delighters, mama didn't lie (m) by jan bradley, if you want to be happy (s) by jimmy soul, killer joe (s) by the rocky fellers, wild weekend (m) by the rockin' rebels, walking the dog (s) by rufus thomas (digitally constructed stereo), martian hop (m) by the ran-dells (with complete introduction), hello muddah, hello fadduh! (s) by allan sherman, ahab the arab (s) by ray stevens (45 version), pepino the italian mouse (s) by lou monte.


november 12, 2013

various artists -- amazing early 60s box: 88 hard to find hits (complete 60s 12201)

it has been quite a while since i have received a compact disc worthy of reviewing as most record companies these days just keep regurgitating their previously released catalog but here at last is a cd of note that presents a plethora of never before released songs on compact disc in addition to many songs never previously released in stereo.  this box contains 3 cd's running 3 hours and 52 minutes with 88 songs, and 27 pages of liner notes presenting some nice trivial facts about the songs included and i would have to say this is a must buy collection of hard to find songs from the early 60s.  thanks to the producers who spent an incredible amount of time putting this collection together and making sure the 45 versions were included at the correct speed.

here is the complete track lineup with (s) for stereo and (m) for mono--

disc 1

wonderful world (s) by sam cooke, let the little girl dance (digitally extracted stereo) (s) by billy bland, georgia on my mind (s) by ray charles, o dio mio (english version) (m) by annette, volare (m) by bobby rydell, let's have a party (digitally constructed stereo and first time stereo on cd) (s) by wanda jackson, handy man (m) by jimmy jones, good timin' (s) (correct 45 version in stereo) by jimmy jones, puppy love (s) by paul anka, paper roses (s) by anita bryant, dutchman's gold (m) by walter brennan, mama sang a song (first time on cd!) (s) by walter brennan, crazy arms (stereo album version and first time on cd!) by bob beckham, he'll have to stay (s) by jeanne black, happy go lucky me (great sound and first time stereo appearance on cd) (s) by paul evans, finger poppin' time (s) by hank ballard & the midnighters, let's go, let's go, let's go (s) by hank ballard & the midnighters, a rockin' good way (first time 45 version appearance on cd) (s) by dinah washington & brook benton, alley-oop (first time on cd) (m) by dante & the evergreens, mule skinner blues (m) by fendermen, hot rod lincoln (correct 45 version and speed) (s), love you so (m) by ron holden with the thunderbirds, image of a girl (m) by safaris, in my little corner of the world (s) by anita bryant, wonderland by night (first time on cd) (s), marina (m) by rocco granata & the international quintet, pineapple princess (s) by annette with the afterbeats, corinna corrina (m) by ray peterson, baby sittin' boogie (45 and mono lp version) (m) by buzz clifford.

disc 2

town without pity (great sound and first time stereo) (s) by gene pitney, sad movies (make me cry) (s) by sue thompson, portrait of my love (s) by steve lawrence, you always hurt the one you love (first time stereo on cd) (s) by clarence frogman henry, my boomerang won't come back (blue in the face version) (s) by charlie drake, the story of my love (first time stereo) (s) by paul anka, at last (s) by etta james, i just want to make love to you (s) by etta james, unchain my heart (first time 45 version on cd) (m), you can have her (s) by roy hamilton, stand by me (correct 45 length and speed) (s) by ben e. king, halfway to paradise (s) by tony orlando, bless you (45 version) (m), let's twist again (m) by chubby checker, bristol stomp (m) by dovells, let me in (m) by sensations, the mountain's high (m) by dick & dee dee, tower of strength (s) by gene mcdaniels, as if i didn't know (first time on cd) (m) by adam wade, together (45 version) (s) by connie francis, i just don't understand (s) by ann-margret, dance on little girl (s) by paul anka, trade winds, trade winds (first time on cd) (m) by aki aleong, michael (s) by highwaymen, turn around look at me (m) by glen campbell, funny how time slips away (s) by jimmy elledge, i'm gonna knock on your door (m) by eddie hodges, speedy gonzales (s) by pat boone, does your chewing gum lose it's flavor (on the bedpost overnight) (first time stereo and at the correct speed) (s) by lonnie donnegan & his skiffle group.

disc 3

go away little girl (speed corrected; dropout at :10 just like the 45) (s) by steve lawrence, blame it on the boss nova (first time on cd 45 version) (s) by eydie gorme, a wonderful dream (digitally extracted stereo) (s) by majors, i can't stop loving you (first time stereo on cd 45 version) (s) by ray charles, venus in blue jeans (first time stereo on cd) (s) by jimmy clanton, sealed with a kiss (first time stereo on cd and sounds great) (s) by brian hyland, ginny come lately (s) by brian hyland, she cried (s) by jay & the americans, rhythm of the rain (m) by cascades, west of the wall (first time on cd in the u.s.) (m) by toni fisher, shout! shout! (knock yourself out) (s) by ernie maresca, let's dance (with countoff) (s) by chris montez, do you love me (first time stereo hit version on cd) (s) by contours, bring it on home to me (45 speed and length) (s) by sam cooke, oh my angel (m) by bertha tillman, remember then (s) by earls, it keeps right on a-hurtin' (s) by johnny tillotson, it started all over again (first time on cd) (m) by brenda lee, shutters and boards (first time speed corrected stereo 45 version on cd) (s), things (s) by bobby darin, love me tender (first time on cd) (s) by richard chamberlain, all i have to do is dream (:05 longer than the 45) (s) by richard chamberlain, zip-a-dee doo-dah (first time stereo on cd) by bob b. soxx & the blue jeans, he's sure the boy i love (first time stereo on cd) (s) by crystals, what's a matter baby (s) by timi yuro, anna (s) by arthur alexander, cinderella (first time on cd) (m) by jack ross, who stole the keeshka? (first time on cd) (m) by matys brothers, monster mash (stereo lp version) (s) by bobby boris picket & the crypt kickers, ballad of thunder road (m) by robert mitchum.

march 4, 2013

various artists -- complete pop instrumental hits of the sixties, vol. 3 1962 (complete 60s 11962)

yes the long awaited "complete pop instrumenal hits of the sixties 1962" is now available and like its predecesors is a terrific overview of the pop instrumental hits of 1962 and there were plenty of charting instrumental hits in 1962 so this requires a 3 cd set.  highlights for those of you into top 40 hits will find acker bilk's "stranger on the shore" in stereo with the true 45 mix for the first time on this volume as well as a first time on compact disc appearance of the original hit version of "twist-her" by bill black's combo, a first time appearance on compact disc of the 45 version of "alley cat" by bent fabric, a speed corrected version of "rinky dink" by dave baby cortez, a speed corrected version of "night train" by james brown, digitally extracted stereo versions of "telstar" by the tornadoes and "rinky dink" by dave baby cortez and digitally constructed stereo versions of "green onions" by booker t & the mg's and "nutrocker" by b. bumble & the stingers.  but wait there is more good news -- 227 minutes of music, 92 charting instrumental hits, 27 pages of great liner notes and superb sound quality make this 3 cd set a must buy selection!

the producers went to great lengths to make speed corrections and stereo mix corrections in many cases to give us the 45 versions which makes it puzzling that they selected to go with the album version of "let's go" by the routers and the stereo remix version of "soul twist" by king curtis as this mix is radically different from the mono 45 mix but as they say in las vegas these were dealer's choice decisions.

here is the complete track lineup with (s) for stereo and (m) for mono--

disc 1

the twist (s) by ernie freeman, unsquare dance (s) by dave brubeck quartet, drown in my own tears (s) by don shirley, let's go trippin' (m) by dick dale & the del-tones, the basie twist (m) by count basie and his orchestra, maria (s) by roger williams, flying circle (m) by frank slay & his orchestra, twist-her (m) (first time on cd in the original hit version) by bill black's combo, tequila twist (s) by the champs, happy jose (ching-ching) (m) by jack ross, let's go (s) by floyd cramer, surfer's stomp (s) by the mar-kets, shimmy shimmy walk (part 1) (m) by the megatrons, midnight (m) by johnny gibson, the birth of the beat (m) by sandy nelson, chattanooga choo choo (s) by floyd cramer, tuff (m) by ace cannon, afrikaan beat (s) by bert kaempfert & his orchestra, percolator (twist ) (s) by billy joe & the checkmates, midnight in moscow (s) by kenny ball & his jazzmen, drums are my beat (m) by sandy nelson, guitar boogie shuffle twist (m) by the virtues, amor (s) by roger williams, midnight special (part 1) (s) by jimmy smith, pop-eye stroll (m) by the mar-keys, play the thing (s) by the marlowe morris quintet, the white rose of athens (s) by david carroll & his orchestra, nut rocker (m) by b. bumble & the stingers, memories of maria (m) by jerry byrd, smile (s) by ferrante & teicher.

disc 2

cookin' (m) by the al casey combo, chapel by the sea (s) by billy vaughn, march of the siamese children (s) by kenny ball & his jazzmen, sugar blues (m) by ace cannon, the jam part 1 (m) by bobby gregg & his friends, lovesick blues (s) by floyd cramer, soul twist (s) (stereo mix which is completely different than the mono 45 mix) by king curtis & the noble knights, patricia - twist (s) by perez prado & his orchestra, runaway (s) by lawrence welk & his orchestra, twistin' - white silver sands (m) by bill black's combo, blues (stay away from me) (m) by ace cannon, deep in the heart of texas (s) by duane eddy, drummin' up a storm (s) by sandy nelson, stranger on the shore (s) (first time true stereo mix of the 45) by mr. acker bilk, drum stomp (m) by sandy nelson, balboa blue (s) by the marketts, walk on the wild side (part 1) (s) by jimmy smith & the big band, that happy feeling (s) by bert kaempfert & his orchestra, theme from ben casey (s) by valjean, swingin' gently (s) by earl grant, lisa (s) by ferrante & teicher, baby elephant walk (m) by the miniature men, the stripper (s) by david rose & his orchestra, the green leaves of summer (s) by kenny ball & his jazzmen, limbo rock (s) by the champs, potato peeler (m) by bobby gregg & his friends, hot pepper (m) by floyd cramer, all night long (s) by sandy nelson, theme from "hatari!" (s) by henry mancini & his orchestra, route 66 theme (s) by nelson riddle & his orchestra, worried mind (s) by ray anthony, sweet georgia brown (m) by the carroll brothers

disc 3

above the stars (s) by mr. acker bilk, the ballad of paladin (s) by duane eddy, beach party (m) by king curtis & the noble knights, til there was you (m) by valjean, a taste of honey (s) by martin denny & his orchestra, jivin' around (m) by the al casey combo, a taste of honey (m) by the victor feldman quartet, a swingin' safari (s) by billy vaughn & his orchestra, baby elephant walk (s) by lawrence welk & his orchestra, rinky dink (s) (digitally extracted stereo and speed corrected; excellent sound) by dave "baby" cortez, lolita ya-ya (s) by the ventures, so what (m) by bill black's combo, alley cat (m) (first time on cd 45 version) by bent fabric & his piano, green onions (s) (digitally constructed stereo) by booker t & the mg's, ol' man river (s) by jimmy smith, ...and then there were drums (s) by sandy nelson, hully gully guitar (m) by jerry reed & the hully girlies, sweet sixteen bars (m) by earl grant, happy weekend (m) by dave "baby" cortez, desafinado (s) by stan getz & charlie byrd, i've got a woman (part 1) (s) by jimmy mcgriff, fiesta (m) by dave "baby" cortez, the lonely bull (el solo torro) (m) (45 version) by the tijuana brass, zero-zero (m) by lawrence welk & his orchestra, let me entertain you (m) by ray anthony, limelight (s) by mr. acker bilk, let's go (pony) (s) (lp version) by the routers, telstar (s) (digitally extracted stereo; excellent sound) by the tornadoes, night train (s) (speed corrected and 45 length), nutrocker (s) (digitally constructed stereo)


september 15, 2012

various artists -- hard to find 45s on cd, vol. 13: the love album (eric 11531)

here is yet another volume in the "hard to find 45s on cd" series from eric records.  there are 19 tracks on this volume with a running time of 62:43 and as usual, excellent sound quality and an 11 page booklet of liner notes.  highlights on this volume would be the first time appearance on domestic cd of the 45 version of "fallin' in love" by hamilton, joe frank & reynolds, the first time on domestic cd appearance from a tape source of "winners and losers" by hamilton, joe frank & reynolds, the first time appearance on domestic cd of the 45 version of "rings" by cymarron, a first time on domestic cd stereo mix of "naturally stoned" by avant-garde and a first time appeance on domestic cd of the song "a song of joy" by miguel rios.  all songs are stereo except for "rings" by cymarron which is mono.  contents: "love me with all your heart" by the ray charles singers, "it must be him" by vikki carr, "don't say you don't remember" by beverly bremers, "fallin' in love" by hamilton, joe frank & reynolds (45 version), "winners and losers" by hamilton, joe frank & reynolds (from master tape), "do what you wanna do" by five flights up, "(if you let me make love to you then) why can't i touch you?" by ronnie dyson, "my pledge of love" by jeo jeffrey group (starts out in electronic stereo and ends in true stereo), "little arrows" by leapy lee (lp length), "rings" by cymarron (45 version), "naturally stoned" by avant-garde (in stereo for a change), "feelings" by morris albert, "the last farewell" by roger whittaker, "why me" by kris kristofferson, "wedding song (there is love)" by paul stookey, "annie's song" by john denver, "oh happy day" by the edwin hawkins singers, "a song of joy" by miguel rios (first time on cd), "amazing grace" by the royal scots dragoon guards.


september 15, 2012

various artists -- hard to find 45s on cd, vol. 14: 70s & 80s pop classics (eric 11532)

here is another of the much awaited "hard to find 45s on cd" series of releases from eric records.  my personal feeling is that it is time for a name change as most of the songs on this cd have been readily available on compact disc over the years but with that being said there are two gems included on this cd that are making their first appearance on a domestic cd and those two songs would be the 45 versions of "captain of her heart" by double and "whispering/cherchez la femme/se si bon" by dr. buzzard's original savannah band.  there are 19 tracks on this cd which has a running time of 71:18.  two things you always get from eric records are excellent sound quality and excellent liner notes which in this case cover 11 pages filled with biographical information regarding each group included on the cd.  all songs are stereo and here are the contents:  it never rains in southern california by albert hammond, living next door to alice by smokie, undercover angel by alan o'day, break my stride by matthew wilder, puttin' on the ritz by taco, whispering/cherchez la femme/se si bon by dr, buzzard's original savannah band (45 version), never ending story by limahl, torn between two lovers by mary macgregor, friends and lovers by carl anderson & gloria loring, how 'bout us by champaign, the captain of your heart by double (45 version), the way it is by bruce hornsby, you're only lonely by j.d. souther, cool night by paul davis, key largo (with correct 45 speed and length) by bertie higgins, i love you by climax blues band, baker street by gerry rafferty (45 version), the promise by when in rome, easy lover by philip bailey and phil collins.


february 16, 2012

various arists -- the complete pop instrumental hits of the sixties, vol. 2 1961 (complete 60s 11961)

nothing like starting the new year off with a bang the saying goes.  with this cd it is more like an explosion as you will discover when you hear this 3 cd set titled "complete pop instrumental hits of the sixtes, vol. 2 1961".  every charting single on the billboard charts from 1961 is included for a total of 86 songs and you also get a very nice 27 page booklet with biographies of each of the artists represented on this cd set.  of course there are songs included that are making their first appearance on cd in their original hit version as well as songs appearing in stereo for the first time.  as for the top 40 chart hits there are 3 songs appearing on cd for the first time in their hit versions and those songs are "hearts of stone" by the bill black combo, "ole buttermilk sky" by the bill black combo and "brass buttons" by the string-a-longs"  a lot of work went into producing this set and the quality really shows so i have to rate this set as a must buy cd!  there are very few record company's that are interested in releasing this older music so support the complete 60s record company and remember you can order this set directly at and they will pay for the shipping.

(s) refers to stereo and (m) refers to mono in the discography below. 

contents of disc 1:  wonderland by night (s) by bert kaempfert, wonderland by night (s) by louis prima, wabash blues (m) by the viscounts, cherry pink and apple blossom white (s) by jerry murad's harmonicats, exodus (s) by ferrante & teicher, main theme from exodus (ari's theme) (s) by mantovani, the magnificent seven (s) by al caiola, flamingo express (m) by the royaltones, pepe(s) by duane eddy, lost love(m) by h.b. barnum, calcutta (s) by lawrence welk, (ghost) riders in the sky (m) by the ramrods, ja-da (m) by johnny and the hurricanes, wheels (s) by the string-a-longs (all stereo versions of this song on compact disc to date have more reverb than the original 45), ram-bunk-shush (s) by the ventures, cerveza (s) by bert kaempfert, (theme from) tunes of glory (s) the cambridge strings & singers, tunes of glory (s) by mitch miller, wheels (s) by billy vaughn, honky tonk (part 2) (m) by bill doggett, hearts of stone (m) by bill black's combo, orange blossom special (s) by billy vaughn, green grass of texas (m) by the texans, apache (m) by jorgen ingmann, theme from the great imposter (s) by henry mancini, hide away (s) by freddy king, asia minor (s) by kokomo (45 version in stereo!), on the rebound (s) by floyd cramer, theme from dixie (s) by duane eddy.

contents od disc 2: (love theme from) one eyed jacks (s) by ferrante & teicher, (theme from) my three suns (s) by lawrence welk, like long hair (m) by paul revere & the raiders, brass buttons (s) by the string-a-longs, tenderly (s) by bert kaempfert, hop scotch (m) by santo & johnny, one mint julep (s) by ray charles, bumble boogie (m) by b. bumble & the stingers, under water (m) the frogmen, african waltz (s) by the cannonball adderley orchestra, bonanza (s) by al caiola, lullaby of the leaves (s) by the ventures, that's the way with love (m) by piero soffici, exodus (s) by eddie harris, ring of fire (s) by duane eddy, anna (m) by jorgen ingmann, (theme from) goodby again (s) by ferrante & teicher, you can't sit down (part 2) (m) by the phil upchurch combo, ole buttermilk sky (m) by bill black's combo, blue tomorrow (s) by billy vaughan, yellow bird (s) by lawrence welk, (the graduation song...) pomp and circumstance (m) by adrian kimberly, boogie woogie (m) by b. bumble & the stingers, san antonio rose (s) by floyd cramer, should i (m) by the string-a-longs, yellow bird (s) the arthur lyman group, drivin' home (s) by duane eddy, la dolce vita (the sweet life) (s) by ray ellis, last night (m) by the mar-keys.

contents of disc 3: the charlston (m) by the ernie fields orchestra, quite a party (m) by the fireballs, the guns of navarone (m) by joe reisman, san-ho-zay (s) by freddy king, now and forever (s) by bert kaempfert, back beat no. 1 (m) by the rondels, (theme from) silver city (s) by the ventures, my blue heaven (s) by duane eddy, night train (s) by richard hayman, mexico (s) by bob moore, riders in the sky (m) by lawrence welk, water boy (s) by the don shirley trio (stereo 45 version), take five (m) by the dave brubeck quartet, honky train (m) by bill black's combo, movin' (m) by bill black's combo, hang on (s) by floyd cramer, image (part 1) (m) by hank levine, late date (m) by the parkays, stick shift (m) by the duals, your last goodbye (s) by floyd cramer, berlin melody (s) by billy vaughn, morning after (m) by the mar-keys, come september (s) by billy vaughn, blue moon (s) by the ventures, searching (m) by jack eubanks, tonight (s) by ferrante & teicher (45 version), up a lazy river (s) by si zentner, let there be drums (m) by sandy nelson.


December 9, 2011

Neil Diamond - very best of (columbia/leagacy 90360)

here is a nice package worth mentioning and that is the new neil diamond "very best of" cd.  this single disc runs 78:48 and contains 23 tracks which were cross licensed from neil's multiple record labels so each of the 23 tracks is the orginal recording.  as for liner notes there are 6 pages total with neil writing 4 of those 6 pages detailing his recollections of each of the 23 tracks.  my only regret is that this cd was not released in a 2 cd version.  all songs are stereo except as noted below.

contents: forever in blue jeans, beautiful noise, love on the rocks, cherry cherry (mono), i am...i said, sweet caroline, cracklin' rosie, play me, i'm a believer (mono), girl you'll be a woman soon (mono), holly holy, solitary man (mono), song sung blue, you don't bring me flowers (duet with barbra streisand), hello again, red red wine, if you know what i mean, brother love's traveling salvation show, pretty amazing grace, kentucky woman (mono), shilo (mono original bang records single release but not the highest charting version), america, hell yeah.


november 20, 2011

bob seger - ultimate hits: rock and roll never forgets (capitol 46151)

what a slow year it has been for really outstanding oldies cd issues -- until now that is.  just released by capitol records is the bob seger cd "ultimate hits: rock and roll never forgets" a 2 cd set with disc 1 running 56:07 and including 13 tracks and disc 2 running 52:03 and also containing 13 tracks along with a 22 page booklet.  all songs are stereo except for "ramblin' gamblin' man", a very hard song to find on cd, which is mono thank goodness because the album version was electronically enhanced to simulate stereo so this is a first time on compact disc appearance of this great song in its true 45 version.  bob seger fans know that the seger catalog has not been readily available on compact disc so i have to rate this cd as a "must buy" which is a very rare stamp of approval from me.

contents of disc 1: old time rock and roll, hollywood nights, night moves, mainstreet, roll me away, turn the page, her strut, still the same, you'll accomp'ny me, we've got tonight (45 version), like a rock, fire lake, tryin' to live my life without you.  contents of disc 2: rock and roll never forgets, against the wind, ramblin' gamblin' man (mono 45 version), the fire down below, travelin' man (live), beautiful loser (live), shakedown, shame on the moon, katmandu, little drummer boy, wait for me, hey hey hey (going back to birmingham), downtown train.


june 22, 2011

various artists - complete pop instrumental hits of the sixties vol. 1: 1960 (complete 60s 11960)

what a unique concept to start a series of nothing but the complete charting singles year by year in their correct hit 45 versions!  well i hope the volume being reviewed here from 1960 sells well enough to warrant further releases from additional years as this 3 cd set is fabulous.  included are 81 songs running 196 minutes and a 28 page booklet of liner notes all at a very reasonable list price.  best of all there are 5 top 40 hits previously unavailable on cd in their original version and those hits are josephine by bill black's combo, blue tango by bill black's combo, summer set by monty kelly (in stereo!), the clouds by the spacemen and the madison by al brown's tunetoppers.

contents of disc 1 (all mono unless specified with an (s)): smokie (part 2) by bill black's combo, smokie (part 2) by bill doggett, bonnie came back (s) by duane eddy, skokiaan (s) by bill haley & his comets, teenage hayride by tender slim, harlem nocturne by the viscounts, one mint julep (s) by chet atkins, amapola by jacky noguez & his orchestra, tracy's theme (s) by spencer ross, theme from a summer place (s) by percy faith & his orchestra, on the beach (s) by frank chacksfield & his orchestra, bulldog by the fireballs, too much tequila by the champs, teensville (s) by chet atkins, werewolf by the frantics, a closer walk (s) by pete fountain, whatcha gonna do (s) by nat king cole, beatnik fly (s) by johnny & the hurricanes, summer set (s) by monty kelly & his orchestra, chattanooga choo choo by ernie fields orchestra, caravan (s) by santo & johnny, shazam! (s) by duane eddy & the rebels, white silver sands by bill black's combo, mr, lucky (s) by henry mancini & his orchestra, the madison time (part 1) (s) by the ray bryant combo, beautiful obsession (s) by sir chauncey & his exciting strings, ooh poo pah doo (part 2) by jessie hill, national city by joiner, arkansas jr. high band.

contents of disc 2 (all mono unless specified with an (s)): la montana (s) by frank devol, la montana (s) by roger williams, theme for young lovers (s) by percy faith & his orchestra, the theme from the unforgiven (s) by don costa & his orchestra, because they're young (s) by duane eddy & the rebels, down yonder by johnny & the hurricanes, josephine by bill black's combo, look for a star (s) by billy vaughn & his orchestra, thme from adventures in paradise (s) by jerry byrd, night train by the viscounts, bongo bongo bongo (s) by preston epps, walk-don't run (s) by the ventures, kommotion (s) by duane eddy & the rebels, revival by johnny & the hurricanes, vaquero (cowboy) (s) by the fireballs, theme from the apartment (s) by ferrante & teicher, beachcomber (s) by bobby darin, brontosaurus stomp by the piltdown men, rocking goose by johnny & the hurricanes, never on sunday (s) by don costa & his orchestra, temptation (s) by roger williams, theme from the sundowners (s) by the felix slatkin orchestra, midnight lace by david carroll & his orchestra, midnight lace by ray ellis & his orchestra, midnight lace (part 1) (s) by ray conniff & his orchestra, don't be cruel by bill black's combo.

contents of disc 3 (all mono unless specified with an (s)): the sundowners (s) by billy vaughn & his orchestra, theme from the sundowners (s) by mantovani & his orchestra, peter gunn (s) by duane eddy & the rebels, theme from "the dark at the top of the stairs" (s) by ernie freeman, night theme by the mark ii, last date (s) by floyd cramer, ruby duby du by tobin mathews & co., ruby duby du (from key witness) by charles wolcott & the mgm studio orchestra, stranger from durango by richie allen, gonzo by james booker, you are my sunshine (s) by johnny & the hurricanes, last date (s) by lawrence welk & his orchestra, blue tango by bill black's combo, rambling by the ramblers, perfidia (s) by the ventures, twistin' bells by santo & johnny, (let's do) the hully gully twist by bill doggett, the clouds by the spacemen, in the mood by ernie fields orchestra, reveille rock (s) by johnny & the hurricanes, tear drop by santo & johnny, theme from "the dark at the top of the stairs" (s) by chet atkins, forever (s) by the little dippers, the madison by al brown's tunetoppers, 77 sunset strip by don ralke, 77 sunset strip (alternate take) (s) by don ralke, red river rock by johnny & the hurricanes.


march 30, 2011

neil diamond - the bang years 1966-1968 (columbia/legacy 785331)

i normally do not bother posting reviews of cd's that are a rehash of previously issued compilations but i have been besieged with requests to review this cd as many readers are interested in knowing if the errors in past neil diamond compilations have been addressed and corrected on this cd.  in my opinion, no i did not find some of the hit 45 versions of neil's hits like "i got the feeling", "you got to me", "shilo" and "do it" on this cd.  perhaps some of the master tapes of these hit 45 versions have disappeared over the years but with today's technology available to clean up vinyl sources i would have preferred vinyl transfers to get the real hit versions on cd.  the cd runs (61:42) and all 23 tracks are mono and sound very good but as stated above, they are not necessarily the mono 45 versions.  liner notes are included and they are written by neil diamond himself which is a nice touch.

contents: solitary man, girl you'll be a woman soon, kentucky woman, thank the lord for the night time, you got to me (this is the "just for you" mono lp version which features an alternate vocal take), i'm a believer, red red wine, the boat that i row, do it (this is the mono "the feel of neil diamond" vinyl lp version), new orleans, monday monday, red rubber ball, i'll come running, la bamba, the long way home, i got the feeling (this is the mono "the feel of neil diamond" vinyl lp version), you'll forget, love to love, someday baby, hanky panky, the time is now, shilo (this is the original 45 release which never charted).


november 20, 2010

elvis presley - viva elvis: the album (rca/legacy 777582)

straight from las vegas and the cirque du soleil show "viva elvis" comes the inevitable soundtrack cd.  unlike the beatles "love" soundtrack which was tastefully remixed, this "viva elvis" cd is radically remixed and quite disappointing.  first there are only 12 tracks, one of which is just an opening theme which is a remixed version of "also sprach zarathustra" with all kinds of mc and audeience noise overdubbed and another is just a musical interlude of the song "you'll never walk alone".  some selections segue into the next song and the total running time is a meager (42:33).  honestly i have not seen this cirque du soleil show yet and after listening to this soundtrack first, if i ever do see this show i will remember to bring a barf bag.

contents (all tracks stereo and remixed): opening, blue suede shoes, that's all right, heartbreak hotel, love me tender, king creole, bossa nova baby, burning love, memories, can't help falling in love, you'll never walk alone (piano interlude), suspicious minds.


october 28, 2010

duane eddy - the birth of a guitar legend: the jamie singles sessions 1957-1962 (jamie 3926)

every once in a while a record company issues what i would consider to be a true complete anthology of one of the pioneers of rock and roll and this duane eddy collection is a must for anyone that wants to take an above and beyond look at duane eddy's guitar work and lee hazlewood's production.  duane eddy was one of the greatest guitar players of all time and immortalized the "twangy guitar" sound which earned him a spot in the rock and roll hall of fame in 1994.  this 3 cd set provides you with 3 hours worth of duane eddy's jamie label hit singles and flip sides in chronological order along with many undubbed versions that allow you to hear lee hazlewood's production magic at work and lots of alternate takes and previouslyy unreleased songs with studio chatter included.  note that in contrast to some previous cd's of duane's work that featured remixed versions of his hits, these songs are presented on this cd set with the original mixes. toss in a 14 page booklet of informative liner notes and picture sleeve photos and you have a complete and terrific overview of duane eddy's career on jamie records.

contents of disc 1: moovin' n' groovin' (m), up and down (m), the raid (m) (previously unreleased), rebel 'rouser (m), rebel 'rouser (undubbed), stalkin' (m), stalkin' (m) (undubbed), ramrod (m), the walker (m), cannonball (m), mason dixon lion (m), the lonely one (m), detour (s), yep! (m), yep! (s) (undubbed and unedited with studio talk), three-30 blues (m), three-30 blues (s) (unedited), forty miles of bad road (m), forty miles of bad road (s) (alternate take), montreal girl (m) (previously unreleased), the quiet three (s), the quiet three (s) (undubbed), some kind-a earthquake (s), some kind-a earthquake (s) (uk version), some kind-a earthquake (s) (alternate take), first love, first tears (s), first love, first tears (s) (undubbed).

contents of disc 2: bonnie came back (s), lost island (s), lost island (s) (alternate mix), shazam! (m), shazam! (s) (alternate take), the secret seven (s), the secret seven (s) (undubbed), because they're young (s), because they're young (s) (alternate take), rebel walk (s), rebel walk (s) (undubbed), the girl on death row (m), the girl on death row (m) (alternate take), words mean nothing (m), kommotion (s), kommotion (s) (undubbed), kommotion (m) (with female chorus), theme for moon children (s), theme for moon children (s) (alternate take), back porch (s), peter gunn(s), along the navajo trail (m), along the navajo trail (s) (undubbed), pepe (s), lost friend (s).

contents of disc 3: gidget goes hawaiian (s), theme from dixie (s), dixie (s) (alternate take), ring of fire (m), ring of fire (m) (soundtrack version), bobbie (s), drivin' home (s), drivin' home (s) (undubbed), tammy (s), my blue heaven (s), along came linda (s), along came linda (m) (undubbed), the avenger (s), the avenger (s) (alternate take), londonderry air (s), the battle (m), the battle (s) (undubbed), trambone (s), runaway pony (s), runaway pony (s) (undubbed), just because (s), rebel 'rouser (s), moovin' n' groovin' (s).


september 19, 2010

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1959: teen pop gold (hit parade records 12312)

good things come in pairs i guess as this cd is another from the much too seldom released hit parade records catalog.  this long anticipated gem runs (65:19) with 27 tracks and 10 pages of nice liner notes from greg adams.  highlights include a couple of first time on cd songs, living doll by cliff richard and let's go steady for the summer by the three g's and 5 first time stereo mixes detailed below.  of course every song on this cd is the hit version by the original recording artist so folks you can't go wrong with this compact disc as the quality is top notch.  contents: lonely boy by paul anka (s), put your head on my shoulder by paul anka (s), living doll by cliff richard (m) (first time on cd in the us), kissin' time by bobby rydell (m), we got love by bobby rydell (m), here comes summer by jerry keller (s), let's go steady for the summer by the three g's (m) (first time on cd in the us), believe me by the royal teens (m), she say (oom dooby doom) by the diamonds (s), sorry (i ran all the way home) by the impalas (s), dance with me by the drifters (s), i've had it by the bell notes (s), it was i by skip & flip (s), bird dog by the everly brothers (s) (first time stereo release), makin' love by floyd robinson (s), (seven little girls) sittin' in the back seat by paul evans (m), pink shoe laces by dodie stevens (m), first name initial by annette (m),  plentry good lovin' by connie francis (s) (first time stereo release), you're gonna miss me by connie francis (s) (first time stereo release), lonely for you by gary stites (s), donna by ritchie valens (m), la bamba by ritchie valens (s) (first time correct stereo release), chantilly lace by big bopper (m), big bopper's wedding by big bopper (m), three stars by tommy dee (m), running bear by johnny preston (m).

september 18, 2010

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1959: pop gold (hit parade records 12311)

it has been a while since hit parade records has issued a new cd but here at last is another volume in the "hard to find jukebox classics" series and like the other cd's in this series you will find another jewel for your collection. four top 40 hits make their cd debut (always by sammy turner, nola by billy williams, just come home by hugo & luigi and heartaches by the number by guy mitchell which previously had been issued as an alternate take).  there are 10 songs included making their first ever appearance in stereo (see notes below), the sound quality is excellent, there are 27 tracks, the running time of the cd is (70:23) and you get 10 pages of nice liner notes written by greg adams so there are numerous reasons to buy this cd.  it is odd that the song footsteps by steve lawrence is included as this song was released in 1960 but found its way into this 1959 compilation.  contents:  don't you know by della reese (s), unforgettable by dinah washington (s), old cape cod by patti page (first time stereo), lavender blue by sammy turner (m), always by sammy turner (first time on cd and first time stereo), nola by billy williams (first time on cd and first time stereo), heartaches by the number by guy mitchell (m) (first time on cd as previous appearances were an alternate take), primrose lane by jerry wallace (m) (noise at 2:25), broken hearted melody by sarah vaughan (s), pretty blue eyes by steve lawrence (s), footsteps by steve lawrence (s), what in the world's come over you by jack scott (s), midnite special by paul evans (s), moondreams by buddy holly (s), there must be a way by joni james (first time stereo), if i give my heart to you by kitty kallen (s), til there was you by anita bryant (first time stereo), i laughed at love by joni james (lp version and first time stereo), down by the station by four preps (s), it's time to cry by paul anka (first time stereo), i miss you so by paul anka (first time stereo), i've come of age by billy storm (m), the wonder of you by ray peterson (m), guess who by jesse belvin (s), just come home by hugo & luigi (first time on cd and stereo debut), deck of cards by wink martindale (s), battle hymn of the republic by mormon tabernacle choir (first time stereo 45 version)


september 1, 2010

various artists - count down to the new year (capitol 06685)

finally, a cd worthy of calling to your attention!  this is a 20 track dance party cd with a total running time of (77:13) which is a good start but this cd is sequenced so that if you start the cd at 11:30 on new year's eve, at the stroke of midnight the song auld lang syne by the beach boys will start playing and then the party continues with more dance music.  now i should point out that track 2 is the very hard to find on compact disc, commercial 45 version of mony mony by billy idol!  contents -- rock and roll all night by poison, mony mony (live) by billy idol (commercial 45 version), the reflex by duran duran (45 version), u can't touch this by mc hammer, boogie oogie oogie by a taste of honey, atomic dog by george clinton, heart of glass by blondie, auld lang syne by the beach boys, get it on (bang a gong) (45 version) by power station, my sharona by the knack, we got the beat by the go go's, (keep feeling) fascination (45 version) by the human league, unbelievable by emf, catch me i'm falling (lp version) by pretty poison, beautiful by snoop dogg featuring pharrell & uncle charlie wilson, move it like this by baha men, cantaloop (flip fantasia) by us3 (lp version), right here right now (45 version) by jesus jones, everybody wants you by billy squier, don't you (forget about me) by simple minds.


february 15, 2010

various artists - hard to find 45's on cd vol. 12: 60s & 70s pop classics (eric 11530)

volume 12 of the "hard to find 45's on cd" is now out and on it you will find 19 tracks with a total running time of (56:42)  and 11 pages of nice liner notes written by fred bronson.  what's new in the way of content? well we get a first time stereo mix of game of love by wayne fontana & the mindbenders, the correct 45 version of call me by chris montez and the first time on cd 45 version of i just want to be your everything by andy gibb.  all selections are stereo unless noted below.  contents: game of love by wayne fontana & the mindbenders, nitty gritty by shirley ellis, keep the ball rollin' by jay & the techniques, apples peaches pumpklin pie by jay & the techniques, call me by chris montez, come saturday morning by the sandpipers (lp mix), i like dreaming by kenny nolan, born a woman by sandy posey, long lonesome highway by michael parks, garden party by rick nelson, i've found someone of my own by the free movement, black pearl by sonny charles & the checkmates, eres tu (touch the wind) by mocedades, do you wanna make love by peter mccann, baby it's you by smith, one tin soldier by coven (warner brothers hit version), dancing in the moonlight by king harvest, toast and marmalade for tea by tin tin (mono), i just want to be your everything by andy gibb (45 version).


february 15, 2010

various artists - hard to find 45's on cd vol. 11: sugar pop classics (eric 11529)

not many cd's are being released by eric records these days but here is one of two early 2010 releases in the continuing series of releases titled "hard to find 45's on cd" this one being vol. 11.  there are 19 tracks on this cd adding up to (55:24) minutes of music including 11 pages of nice liner notes written by fred bronson.  what's new in the way of content? well we get a first time on cd stereo release of chirpy chirpy cheep cheep by mac & katie kissoon, a first time on cd release of the stereo 45 version of montego bay by bobby bloom and perhaps the best sounding version of girl watcher by the o'kaysions that i have heard on cd.  all selections are stereo unless noted below:  contents: my baby loves lovin' by white plains, nice to be with you by the gallery, early in the morning by vanity fare (lp mix but 45 length), will you be staying after sunday by the peppermint rainbow, indian lake by the cowsills, rhapsody in the rain by lou christie (uncensored mono version), shame shame by the magic lanterns, chirpy chirpy cheep cheep by mac & katie kissoon, how do you do by mouth & macneal (45 version), chick-a-boom by daddy dewdrop, montego bay by bobby bloom (45 version), girl watcher by the o'kaysions (mono), 1900 yesterday by liz damon's orient express, sad sweet dreamer by sweet sensation, stay awhile by the bells, mr. dieingly sad by the critters, look what they've done to my song ma by the new seekers, sugar baby love by the rubettes, baby take me in your arms by jefferson.


december 25, 2009

donny osmond - the definitive collection (polydor b0013770)

donny has remained in the spotlight for 39 years now and is still going strong as a headliner in las vegas as well as appearing on dancing with the stars.  for those that haven't been able to follow donny's past 39 years, this single disc set will bring you up to date as it includes hits from donny's solo career, the osmonds and donny & marie.  the running time of this new release is (59:31) and includes 10 pages of liner notes along with 18 tracks.  contents: one bad apple, sweet & innocent, go away little girl, yo-yo, hey girl, puppy love, too young, why, the twelfth of never, are you lonesome tonight, i'm leaving it all up to you, morning side of the mountain, a little bit country a little bit rock and roll, soldier of love (u.k. 12" mix), sacred emotion, any dream will do, crazy horses (solo version), breeze on by.


december 25, 2009

sheryl crow - tuesday night music club (deluxe edition) (a&m b0013581)

one of my favorite cd's from the 80's is this sheryl crow release "tuesday night music club" which is now available in a deluxe edtion which gives you a bonus cd of rarities, b-sides and out-takes running (45:39) plus a bonus dvd and 16 pages of excellent liner notes.  one of the reasons i have always loved this cd (which runs (49:49)) is that it not only includes 3 top 40 chart hits but several airplay only album tracks making for some very solid listening. contents of disc 1: run baby run, leaving las vegas, strong enouigh, can't cry anymore, solidify, the na-na song, no one said it would be easy, what i can do for you, all i wanna do, we do what we can, i shall believe.  contents of disc 2: coffee shop, killer life, essential trip of hereness, reach around jerk, volvo cowgirl, you want more, all by myself, on the outside, d'yer maker, i shall believe (2009 remix).  the dvd contains concert footage and videos of 7 of the 11 tracks on the original cd.


november 1, 2009

various artists - motown 50th fanthology (motown b0013209)

back in the summer, motown invited fans to vote for their top 50 motown classics and then presented the results in the form of this 2 disc set which is arranged numerically with the precise voting results.  the results are a little surprising to me with the supremes placing only two songs in the top 45 songs presented on this 2 cd set.  another surprise was the song "fire and desire" by rick james and teena marie which never charted on the billboard hot 100 yet came in at number 38 in the voting of the most popular motown hits of all time.  this cd is a great study of how record companies can really be creative when it comes to releasing catalog product.  disc 1 contains 22 tracks and runs (76:30) while disc 2 contains 23 tracks and runs (79:03)  .  contents are all stereo except where noted: my girl by temptations, what's going on by marvin gaye (lp version), let's get it on by marvin gaye (lp version), just my imagination (running away with me) by temptations, the tracks of my tears by smokey robinson & the miracles (mono), superstition by stevie wonder (45 length), i heard it through the grapevine by marvin gaye, ain't no mountain high enough by marvin gaye & tammi terrell (mono), abc by jackson 5, papa was a rolling stone by temptations (45 version), i'll be there by jackson 5 (lp version), i want you back by jackson 5 (lp version), ain't too proud to beg by temptations, i can't help myself (sugar pie honey bunch) by four tops, what becomes of the broken hearted by jimmy ruffin (lp mix), ooo baby baby by smokey robinson & the miracles, brick house by commodores, tears of a clown by smokey robinson & the miracles (lp version), dancing in the street by martha & the vandellas, got to be there by michael jackson, ain't no mountain high enough by diana ross (neither the 45 nor lp version), neither one of us (wants to be the first to say goodbye) by gladys knight & the pips, reach out i'll be there by four tops, never can say goodbye by jackson 5, stop! in the name of love by supremes, baby i need your loving by four tops, my cherie amour by stevie wonder, this old heart of mine by isley brothers (lp length), easy by commodores, someday we'll be together by supremes (lp version), i can't get next to you by temptations, it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday by boyz ii men (radio version), hello by lionel richie, you are the sunshine of my life by stevie wonder  (45 version), (love is like a) heat wave by martha & the vandellas (neither the 45 nor lp version), i heard it through the grapevine by gladys knight & the pips, super freak by rick james, fire and desire by rick james & teena marie, you're all i need to get by by marvin gaye & tammi terrell (lp length), cruisin' by smokey robinson (45 version), got to give it up (part 1) by marvin gaye (45 version), i'll make love to you by boyz ii men, endless love by diana ross & lionel richie, what does it take (to win your love) by jr. walker & the all stars, ain't nothing like the real thing by marvin gaye & tammi terrell.


november 1, 2009

barry white - number ones (hip-o b0012881)

nice compilation here of barry white and his love unlimited/love unlimited orchestra projects featuring the 45 versions of the songs included.  the total running time is (72:08) and includes 17 tracks all in stereo.  the "number ones" title by the way includes number one hits from any of the various billboard charts, not just the hot 100.  contents: love's theme by love unlimited orchestra, i'm gonna love you just a little more baby, never never gonna give ya up, can't get enough of your love babe, you're the first my last my everything, what am i gonna do with you, it's ecstasy when you lay down next to me, i belong to you by love unlimited, the secret garden (sweet seduction suite) by quincy jones featuring al b. sure, james ingram, el debarge and barry white, practice what you preach, my sweet summer suite by love unlimited orchestra, brazilian love song by love unlimited orchestra -- bonus tracks called #2's and more: let the music play, your sweetness is my weakness, sho' you right, put me in your mix, playing your game baby.


september 30, 2009

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics: fabulous fifties instrumentals & more and hard to find jukebox classics 1958: more pop gold (hit parade records 12310 and 12309)

hear he! hear ye! it is my great pleasure to announce the release of the two best top 40 music compilation cd's of the year.  the two new additions to the hard to find jukebox classics series are superb and a must for any oldies cd library.  each of these cd's has terrific sound, many never before released songs on cd, many songs released for the first time in stereo and excellent liner notes.  hopefully the folks at hit parade records will release more gems from an era that is now mostly forgotten by other record labels.  here are the specifics:

hard to find jukebox classics: fabulous fifties instrumentals & more: 29 tracks, total running time 72:01 with 11 pages of liner notes.  contents: manhattan spiritual by reg owen (s) (this is the stereo remix that is not identical to the 45 but great sound anyway), march from the river kwai & colonel bogey by mitch miller (s) (this is the stereo lp version), yellow rose of texas by mitch miller (m), giant by les baxter (m) (cd debut), honey-babe by art mooney & chorus (m), the children's marching song by cyril stapleton (s), joey's song by bill haley & his comets (s) (stereo cd debut in the us), smiles by crazy otto (m) (cd debut in the us), glad rag doll by crazy otto (m) (cd debut in the us), yellow dog blues by joe darensbourg & his dixie flyers (m) (cd debut), little dipper by mickey mozart quartet (m) (cd debut), main title and molly-o from the movie the man with the golden arm by dick jacobs & orchestra & chorus (m) (cd debut), the petticoats of portugal by dick jacobs & chorus & orchestra (m) (cd debut), theme from the three penny opera (moritat) by richard hayman & jan august (m) (cd debut), ciao, ciao bambina by jacky noguez & orchestra (s), the italian theme by cyril stapleton & his orchestra (m) (cd debut in the us), when the white lilacs bloom again by helmut zacharias (m), the poor people of paris by lawrence welk & his champagne music (m) (cd debut), moritat (theme from the three penny opera) by lawrence welk & his sparkling sextet (m) (cd debut), the bandit (o'cangaceiro) by eddie barclay & orchestra (m) (cd debut), 11th hour medley by lou busch & orchestra & chorus (m) (cd debut), almost paradise by lou stein (m) (cd debut), autumn leaves by steve allen with george cates & orchestra (m) (cd debut), around the world by mantovani & orchestra (s) (cd debut of this correct single version), my beloved by otto cesana & orchestra (m) (cd debut), devotion by otto cesana & orchestra (s) (cd debut), fascination by david carroll & orchestra (s) (cd debut), it's almost tomorrow by david carroll & orchestra & chorus (m) (cd debut), melody of love by david carroll & orchestra (m) (cd debut).

hard to find jukebox classics 1958: more pop gold: 26 tracks, total running time (67:51) with 11 pages of liner notes.  contents: to know him, is to love him by the teddy bears (s) (brand new stereo mix), just a dream by jimmy clanton (m) (with opening guitar strum), born too late by the poni-tails (s) (first time correct version in stereo), start movin' by sal mineo (s), tall paul by annette (m), stupid cupid by connie francis (m), wonderful! wonderful! by johnny mathis (m), it's not for me to say by johnny mathis (m), my happiness by connie francis (s), come prima by tony dallara (m), nel blu dipinto di blu (volare) by domenico modugno (m), torero by renato carosone (s), lazy mary (luna mezzo mare) by lou monte (s), the bird on my head by david seville (s) (cd debut), the witch doctor by david seville (s), i love my baby (my baby loves me) by jill corey (m), little by little by micki marlo (m) (cd debut), mama, teach me to dance by eydie gorme (m) (cd debut), happiness street (corner sunshine square) by tony bennett (m) (cd debut), shangri-la by the four coins (m), greensleeves by beverley sisters (m) (cd debut), may you always by mcguire sisters (s), padre by toni arden (s), st. therese of the roses by billy ward & his dominoes (m), for your love by ed townsend (m), magic moments by perry como (s) (stereo debut on cd in us)


august 22, 2009

various artists - k-tel presents disco nights (micro werks 006)

micro werks is creating a stir lately with a bountiful cd reissue campagin so i thought i would report on the quality of their recent releases.  actually i was pleasantly surprised by their reissues and i guess the main reason is that most of their releases were manufactured for them by universal music so i have no bones to pick about their mastering.  here is a disc i picked at random from their new release schdule just to give you an idea of what to expect with the other micro werks releases.  first there are 14 tracks on this cd which runs (61:58) and there are liner notes, even though brief, written right on the inside of the cd jacket.  the micro werks cd's are reasonably priced so from their initial releases i would say they are a reputable company.  contents (all tracks stereo):  funky town (45 version) by lipps inc., i love the nightlife by alicia bridges, love hangover (45 version) by diana ross, livin' it up (friday night) by bell & james, dancing machine (with :06 coda) by the jackson 5, shake your groove thing by peaches & herb, ladies night (45 version) by kool & the gang, i will survive (45 version) by gloria gaynor, you got me running by lenny williams, you and i (lp version) by rick james, love machine (45 version) by the miracles, pull up to the bumper by grace jones, heaven must have sent you (lp version) by bonnie pointer, don't leave me this way (45 version) by thelma houston.


july 18, 2009

gerry & the pacemakers & friends - the best of the british invasion (fuel 302061771)

i can't believe record companies still release junk like this cd.  of the 12 tracks included, 5 are rerecordings, 1 is a live recording and none of this is printed on the cd jacket so buyer beware.  oh did i mention that this cd runs a whopping (33:31)?  i guess i should list the track lineup just for historical accuracy.  go now by moody blues (hit recording), gimme some lovin' by spencer davis group (live), don't let the sun catch you crying by gerry & the paqcemakers (rerecording), a summer song by chad & jeremy (rerecording), over under sideways down by yardbirds (hit recording), ferry across the mersey by gerry & the pacemakers (rerecording), how do you do it by gerry & the pacemakers (rerecording), time of the season by zombies (hit recording), here comes my baby by tremeloes (rerecording), hippy hippy shake by swinging blue jeans (hit recording), let's go to san francisco by flowerpot men, strawberry fields forever by the british rock allstars.


june 9, 2009

who - the who sell out (deluxe edition) (polydor 5315336)

this has always been a favorite vinyl lp of mine but this deluxe cd edition is absolutely terrific and a must for who fans.  i love the basic album content with the old radio jinlges for radio london thrown in between tracks but this deluxe edition includes lots of bonus tracks including an old :30 coke commercial recorded by the who that helps make this a real flashback to the 60's.  the 23 pages of liner notes are great and the double cd set is arranged nicely with the first cd being the original stereo album plus bonus tracks running (79:10) and disc 2 is the original mono album plus bonus tracks running (75:55).  contents of disc 1: armenia city in the sky, heinz baked beans, mary anne with the shaky hand, odorono, tattoo, our love was, i can see for miles, i can't reach you, medac, relax, silas stingy, sunrise, rael 1 & 2 - bonus tracks: rael naive, someone's coming, early morning cold taxi, jaguar, coke after coke, glittering girl, summertime blues (neither the 45 nor lp version), john mason cars, girl's eyes, sodding about, premier drums (full version), odorono (final chorus), mary anne with the shakey hand (us mirasound version), things go better with coke, in the hall of the mountain king, top gear, rael 1 & 2 (remake version).  contents of disc 2:  armenia city in the sky, heinz baked beans, mary anne with the shaky hand, odorono, tattoo, our love was, i can see for miles, i can't reach you, medac, relax, silas stingy, sunrise, rael 1 & 2 - bonus tracks: mary anne with the shaky hand, (us single mono mix), someone's coming (uk single mono mix), relax (early demo in stereo), jaguar (original mono mix), glittering girl (unreleased stereo version), tattoo (early mono mix), our love was (take 12 - unused mono mix), rotosound strings (with final note - stereo), i can see for miles (early mono mix), rael (early mono mix)


june 3, 2009

rick james - anthology (motown b0012825)

this cd gives you a heaping helping of 80's funk with a reissue of a previously issued 2 cd set with disc 1 running (75:53) that includes 13 tracks and disc 2 running (72:19) with 14 tracks.  excellent booklet of liner notes that include 21 pages with lots of quotes from rick james detailing his recollections of most of the songs included in this anthology.  contents of disc 1: you and i (lp version), mary jane, hollywood, bustin' out (on funk), fire it up, love gun, come into my life, when love is gone, big time, island lady, give it to me baby, super freak, fire and desire (with teena marie).  contents of disc 2: dance wit' me, standing on the top (with the temptations), hard to get, happy, 69 times, my love, u bring the freak out, cold blooded (lp version), ebony eyes (with smokey robinson), p.i.m.p. the s.i.m.p. (with grandmaster flash), 17 (neither the 45 nor lp version), glow, moon child, sweet and sexy thing.


june 3, 2009

bobby brown - gold (geffen b0012575)

here is a comprehensive 2 cd overview of bobby brown's recording career with only a handful of tracks from his new edition days.  some of the quantitative statistics on this new cd release - disc 1 runs (62:13) and includes 14 tracks and disc 2 runs (70:26) with 15 tracks.  included is an 11 page booklet of liner notes which go into some of the interesting sordid details of bobby's career, much of which i had forgotten.  here are the specifics of the track lineup on disc 1: mr. telephone man by new edition, girlfriend, girl next door, seventeen, cruel prelude, don't be cruel (neither the 45 nor lp version), my prerogative (lp version), roni (45 version), rock wit'cha (remixed), every little step (lp version), i'll be good to you, all day all night, we're back, on our own (lp version). disc 2: every little step (remix), she ain't worth it (with glenn medeiros), humpin' around (video edit), two can play that game, get away (45 version), good enough (45 version), one more night, lovin' you down, that's the way love is, you don't have to worry by new edition, feelin' inside, she's all i need, my place, forever, thug lovin' (with ja rule).


may 9, 2009

gary lewis & the playboys - the complete liberty singles (collectors' choice music 2013)

collectors' choice music has started a new concept in cd releases with "the complete singles" collections, this one by gary lewis & the playboys.  all songs are mono and yes indeed the a and b sides of every gary lewis & the playboys 45 are included on this double cd.  an all around good concept and there are 10 pages of liner notes, 22 songs on disc 1 which runs (50:43) and 23 songs on disc 2 which runs (53:32).  contents of disc 1:  this diamond ring, hard to find, tijuana wedding, count me in, little miss go-go, doin' the flake, save your heart for me, without a word of warning, everybody loves a clown, time stands still, she's just my style, i won't make that mistake again, sure gonna miss her, i don't wanna say goodnight, green grass, i can read between the lines, my heart's symphony, tina (i held you in my arms), (you don't have to) paint me a picture, looking for the stars, way way out, down on the sloop john b.  contents of disc 2:  where will the words come from, may the best man win, the loser (with a broken heart), ice melts in the sun, girls in love, let's be more than friends, jill, new in town, has she got the nicest eyes, happiness, sealed with a kiss, sara jane, main street, c.c. rider, mister memory, every day i have to cry some, rhythm of the rain, hayride, gary's groove, something is wrong, i saw elvis presley last night, i'm on the right road now, great balls of fire.


april 21, 2009

beach boys - pet sounds gold disc (audio fidelity 035)

here it is folks, one of the classic albums of all time now available on a gold disc from audio fidelity.  this cd was mastered by the highly respected steve hoffman and is of course a true replica of the 1966 mono lp "pet sounds".  that's right, this project uses the full track monophonic mixes to replicate the exact feel that brian wilson wanted when he released the original vinyl album.  for audiofiles, you will love this release as the original dynamic range of this recording was not maximized, brickwalled, limited or compressed in any way during mastering process.   contents: wouldn't it be nice, you still believe in me, that's not me, don't talk, i'm waiting for the day, let's go away for a while, sloop john b, god only knows, i know there's an answer, here today, i just wasn't made for these times, pet sounds, caroline no, hang on to your ego (bonus track which is an earlier version of i know there's an answer).


april 21, 2009

various artists - now that's what i call power ballads (universal music group b0012676)

here is another in a long series of great cd releases that start with the "now" moniker.  this release includes the hard to find "pop radio edit" of "i don't want to miss a thing" by aerosmith plus 17 other power ballads for a total running time of (79:59).  this is about the maximum running time you can place on a compact disc so you really get a value for your money.  contents: every rose has its thorn by poison, faithfully by journey, i don't want to miss a thing by aerosmith (pop radio edit), love bites by def leppard, is this love by whitesnake, never by heart (45 version), the

flame by cheap trick, when i see you smile by bad english, sister christian by night ranger, the search is over by survivor, when i'm with you by sheriff, still loving you by scorpions, fly to the angels by slaughter, more than words by extreme, amanda by boston, love song by tesla, heaven by warrant (lp version), silent lucidity by queensryche.


april 20, 2009

david lasley - missin' twenty grand (zacoda 2001)

back in 1982, david scored a top 40 hit with the song "if i had my wish tonight" and i thought this was one of the few hits of the 80s that had never appeared on cd but thanks to the members of my chat board i was proven wrong.  this tune which you would swear was sung by the bee gees if you didn't know better, appears on david's cd "missin' twenty grand" and is available only through his website "".  the sound quality is quite good and david's distinctive falsetto voice really shines on all 11 tracks of this cd which runs (40:57).  david is currently on tour with james taylor so you can catch him live if the tour comes through your area.  also, david is offering a bonus cd "expectations of love" with the purchase of "missin' twenty grand" through june 30 so now is the time to pick up on this cd if you are ever going to buy it.  contents:  got to find love, if i had my wish tonight, looking for love on broadway, on third street, take a look, treat willie good, never say, roommate, where is charlie and joanne, take the money and run, on third street.


april 1, 2009

buddy holly - memorial collection (geffen/decca b0011337)

this isn't an april fool review  folks this is the real thing - a fabulous buddy holly compilation released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death.  after listening to this collection, one can only wonder how buddy could have shaped the history of rock and roll had he lived longer.  buddy's style influenced the likes of santana, linda ronstadt, the beatles, the rolling stones, the hullaballoos, the bobby fuller four, peter & gordon and a host of other artists that you can only fully appreciate when you hear the collected works of buddy holly on this cd.  this is a 3 cd set with a wonderful 31 page booklet of liner notes and is an essential set for the serious student of rock and roll.  contents of disc 1 (43:36): down the line (undubbed), soft place in my heart (undubbed), you and i are through, midnight shift, love me, don't come back knockin', blue days black nights, baby won't you come out tonight, i'm gonna set my foot down, changing all those changes, rock-a-bye rock, rock around with ollie vee, girl on my mind, ting-a-ling, modern don juan, holly hop (undubbed), brown-eyed handsome man, that'll be the day, i'm looking for someone to love, mailman bring me no more blues.  contents of disc 2 (42:03): words of love, not fade away, everyday, ready teddy, tell me how, oh boy!, listen to me, peggy sue, i'm gonna love you too, it's too late, maybe baby, you've got love, rock me my baby, look at me, you're so square (baby i don't care), little baby, rave on, well...all right, take your time, fool's paradise.  contents of disc 3 (41:13): think it over, heartbeat, it's so easy, lonesome tears, love's made a fool of you, wishing, early in the morning, now we're one, reminiscing, true love ways, it doesn't matter anymore, raining in my heart, what to do (undubbed), peggy sue got married (undubbed), that makes it tough (undubbed), crying waiting hoping (undubbed), learning the game (undubbed), you're the one (undubbed), smokey joe's cafe (undubbed), dearest (undubbed)


march 24, 2009

vanity fare - hitchin' a ride (renaissance 420)

you would think in this day and age that the rip off cd's full of rerecordings would be a thing of the past but not so!  this cd does not bother to state that the contents are rerecorded and deception on this web site is frowned upon.  you get a jam packed 10 track cd of rerecorded material here with a total running time of (34:37) so don't waste your money folks!  contents: hitchin' a ride, early in the morning, saturday night, just a dreamer, my bonneville, one more night, tonight tonight, summertime, lost and found, oh jane.


march 6, 2009

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1958: pop gold (hit parade records 12307)

this is the companion volume to the hard to find jukebox classics 1958: rhythm & rock cd and another winner for sure.  four top 40 hits make their debut on compact disc on this set: dream by betty johnson,. a fallen star by nick noble, pledge of love by ken copeland and the wedding by june valli.  excellent sound quality throughout and you will find 26 tracks on this cd which runs (64:41) with 11 pages of liner notes.  contents; honeycomb by jimmie rodgers (m), you are my destiny by paul anka (m), (all of a sudden) my heart sings by paul anka (s), (at) the end (of a rainbow) (m), the hawaiian wedding song by andy williams (s), the wedding by june valli (m), the secret by gordon macrae (m), miracle of love by eileen rodgers (m), treasure of your love by eileen rodgers (s), put a light in the window (s), everybody loves a lover by doris day (s) (with reverb that matches the 45), a wonderful time up there by pat boone (s) (rerecording), sugar moon by pat boone (s), belonging to someone by patti page (m), as time goes by by johnny nash (s), the voice of love by johnny nash (s), pledge of love by ken copeland (m), a fallen star by nick noble (m), dance everyone dance by betty madigan (m), that old black magic by louis prima & keely smith (m), you need hands by eydie gorme (m), dream by betty johnson (s), billy by kathy linden (m), goodbye jimmy goodbye by kathy linden (m) (correct take), the little blue man by betty johnson (m), beep beep by the playmates (s).


march 6, 2009

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1958: rhythm & rock (hit parade records 12308)

here it is, the long awaited hit parade records release of hits from 1958.  this volume includes a first time on cd release of forget me not by the kalin twins and excellent sound quality throughout.  there are 26 tracks total with a running time of (65:23) and 11 pages of liner notes.  contents: rock and roll is here to stay by danny & the juniors (m), black slacks by joe bennett & the sparkletones (m), when by the kalin twins (m), summertime summertime by the jamies (s), i met him on a sunday (ronde-ronde) by the shirellles (m), la dee dah by billy & lillie (m), forget me not by the kalin twins (m), bluebirds over the mountain by ersel hickey (m), hula love by buddy knox (m), over and over by bobby day (m), leroy by jack scott (m), my true love by jack scott (m), down the aisle of love by the quin-tones (m), we belong together by robert & johnny (m), matilda by cookie & his cupcakes (m), try me by james brown (m), please please please by james brown (m), fever by little willie john (m), talk to me, talk to me by little willie john (m), lonely island by sam cooke (m), what am i living for? by chuck willis (s), i cried a tear by lavern baker (s), star dust by billy ward & his dominoes (s), to be loved by jackie wilson (m), reet petite by jackie wilson (m), i put a spell on you by screamin' jay hawkins (m).


february 27, 2009

motown = love songs series

released for valentine's day, here is a relatively unknown series of releases titled love songs.  generally you don't equate love songs with motown but if you sit down and think about there are plenty of motown love songs and there are 5 that i want to call to your attention for a couple of reasons.  first, the list price is quite reasonable at $9.99 and therefore you can get them on sale for around $8 and secondly, the tracks on these cd's are not the standard top 40 hits but some deep album tracks.  all cd's in this series have 12 tracks.

gladys knight and the pips - love songs (motown b0012456) (41:16)

contents: everybody needs love, take me in your arms and love me, the look of love, do you love me just a little honey, if i were your woman, your love's been good for me, here i am again, every beat of my heart (rerecording), i'll be here (when you get home), oh! what a love i have found, a man is a woman's weakness, help me make it through the night.

commodores - love songs (motown b0012463) (62:50)

contents: sweet love (lp version), just to be close to you (lp version), say yeah, easy (:35 longer than the 45 or lp), only you, old-fashion love (lp version), wonderland (lp version), lovin' you, oh no, three times a lady (lp version), the woman in my life, still (lp version).

smokey roinson - love songs (motown b0012455) (48:55)

contents: cruisin' (lp version), one heartbeat, baby baby don't cry, choosey beggar, swept for you baby, more love, quiet storm, my love for you, baby come close, ooo baby baby, i've made love to you a thousand times, being with you.

jackson 5 - love songs (motown b0012464) (37:55)

contents: i'll be there (lp version), darling dear, i found that girl, can you remember, all i do is think of you, never can say goodbye, breezy, to know, touch, i'm so happy, through thick and thin, it all begins and ends with love.

diana ross and the supremes - love songs (motown b0012519) (33:44)

contents: stop! in the name of love, whisper you love me boy, i'm in love again, honey boy, everything is good about you, i hear a symphony, love is in our hearts, lover, the music that makes me dance, can't take my eyes off you, let the music play, someday we'll be together.


february 26, 2009

various artists - now that's what i call motown (universal music group b0012489)

it's been a while since i have posted a review so let me start clearing my desk and publish a number of reviews.  first up is this compilation "now motown".  for a single disc this cd is as good as it gets with 25 tracks arranged chronologically from 1960 to 1981 and running (78:23).  there are ten pages of liner notes consisting entirely of photos and song credits.  contents: money by barrett strong (m), please mr. postman by the marvelettes (s), shop around by the miracles (m), do you love me by the contours (m), dancing in the street by martha & the vandellas (s), my guy by mary wells (s), my girl by the temptations (s), stop! in the name of love by the supremes (s), shotgun by jr. walker & the all stars (s), i can't help myself by the four tops (s), you keep me hangin' on by the supremes (s), ain't nothing like the real thing by marvin gaye & tammi terrell (s), i heard it through the grapevine by marvin gaye (s), i can't get next to you by the temptations (s), i want you back by the jackson 5 (s), signed, sealed, delivered by stevie wonder (s), war by edwin starr (s), the tears of a clown by smokey robinson & the miracles (s), what's going on by marvin gaye (s), neither one of us (wants to be the first to say goodbye) by gladys knight & the pips (s), let's get it on by marvin gaye (s), love machine by the miracles (s), brick house by the commodores (s), upside down by diana ross (s), super freak by rick james (s).


november 18, 2008

tommy james and the shondells - 40 years: the complete singles collection (1966-2006) (collecotrs' choice music 0965)

due to the large number of tommy james and the shondells greatest hits packages on the market that never seemed to present the hits as they were originally released, there was a lot of conjecture as to whether this package would truly represent the tommy james catalog better than any previous compact disc release.  well i can say that yes this is the best tommy james compilation ever to hit the market as numerous editing errors have been corrected, even though there are still a few songs included with minor speed vaiations and mony mony is just not edited correctly at all.  tommy james was an active partner in producing this cd and great care was taken to reproduce the original 45 versions and as a result, many tracks appear here in mono.  this is a 2 disc set with disc 1 containing 28 tracks, running (79:48) and disc 2 containing 20 tracks, running (77:44) with 6 pages of liner notes included.

contents of disc 1:

hanky panky (:02 longer than any previously issued version) (m), say i am (m), it's only love (m), i think we're alone now (m), mirage (45 version but :14 longer) (m), i like the way (m), gettin' together (m), out of the blue (slightly faster than the 45) (m), get out now (m), mony mony (splicing error at 2:23; slightly faster than the 45; this appears to be the stereo lp version bridged to mono) (m), somebody cares (m), do something to me (45 version) (m), crimson and clover (45 version) (m), sweet cherry wine (45 version but slightly slower than the 45) (m), crystal blue persuasion (45 version but :07 longer) (m), ball of fire (s), she (s), gotta get back to you (m), come to me (s), ball and chain (m), church street soul revival (s), adrienne (s), draggin' the line (45 version) (m), i'm comin' home (m), nothin' to hide (m), tell 'em willie boy's a comin' (m), cats eye in the window (s), love song (s).

contents of disc 2:

celebration (m), boo boo don't cha be blue (s), calico (m), glory glory (s), i love you love me love (s), tighter tighter (s), love is gonna find a way (s), three times in love (:09 longer than the 45 or lp) (s), you got to me (s), you're so easy to love (s), say please (s), go (live) (s), you take my breath away (s), who do you love? (s), sweet cherry wine (gospel version) (s), isn't that the guy? (s), love words (s), hold the fire (s), long ponytail (m)


september 2, 2008

gladys knight & the pips greatest hits 1973-1985 (varese sarabande 302066920)

there have been inquiries already as to the contents of this brand new gladys knight & the pips cd and since i received a copy today i can now fill you in on the contents.  20 tracks included in this package which runs (76:40) and yes every buddah and columbia chart hit from 1973 to 1985 is included along with some nice liner notes that include quotes from group members.  the 45 version of midnight train to georgia is included but for some reason the reverb on the drums is missing.  contents:  where peaceful waters flow, midnight train to georgia (45 version but missing the reverb on the drums), i've got to use my imagination, best thing that ever happened to me, on and on (45 version), i feel a song (in my heart), love finds its own way, the way we were/try to remember, money, part time love, make yours a happy home, so sad the song, baby don't change your mind, sorry doesn't always make it right, it's better than a good time, landlord, i will fight, save the overtime (for me), you're number one (in my book), my time.


july 26, 2008

eddy grant - the very best of - road to reparation (mercury b0011520)

yes it has been hard to find eddy's collected output on cd lately but this cd should take care of that problem.  the first thing i noticed about this cd is that the 9 pages of liner notes were writen by eddy himself which is always a nice touch.  running time is (45:20), with 11 tracks, a little brief by today's standards.  contents:  electric avenue, gimme hope jo'anna, romancing the stone, walking on sunshine, do you feel my love, i don't wanna dance, come on let me love you, boys in the street, living on the frontline, war party, gotta be positive.


july 26, 2008

moody blues - days of future passed (deram b0011210)

this has got to be one of the all time classic rock albums so for those of you that missed out on the 2 cd deluxe edition of this album that was released in 2006, this single cd set may very well fit your budget as it is an abridged version of the 2 cd set.  first let's look at the running time which is (70:05) which is excellent and then look at the 19 pages of liner notes which are also excellent and the sound quality which is excellent too.  contents:  the day begins, dawn: dawn is a feeling, the morning: another morning, lunch break: peak hour, the afternoon a) forever afternoon (tuesday?) b) (evening) time to get away, evening a) the sun set b) twilight time, the night: nights in white satin, --bonus tracks-- don't let me be misunderstood (bbc radio session), fly me high, i really haven't got the time, love and beauty, leave this man alone, cities, tuesday afternoon (alternate mix), dawn is a feeling (alternate version), the sun set (alternate version without orchestra), twilight time (alternate vocal mix).


july 6, 2008

jan & dean - the complete liberty singles (collectors' choice music 949)

collectors' choice music scores high with this release which is a 2 cd set of every a and b side of every single released by jan & dean!  great concept and the quality is top notch too along with perfect timing for a summer release.  there are 18 pages of really nice liner notes included and all tracks are mono just like you heard them on am radio back in the 60's.  contents of disc 1 (49:00): a sunday kind of love, poor little puppet, tennessee, your heart has changed its mind, my favorite dream, who put the bomp, frosty (the snow man), she's still talking baby talk, linda, when i learn how to cry, surf city, she's my summer girl, honolulu lulu, someday (you'll go walking by), drag city, schlock rod (part 1), dead man's curve, the new girl in school, the little old lady from pasadena, my mighty g.t.o.  contents of disc 2 (55:50):  ride the wild surf, the anaheim, azusa & cucamonga sewing circle, book review and timing association, sidewalk surfin', when its over, (here they come) from all over the world, freeway flyer, you really know how to hurt a guy, it's as easy as 1-2-3, i found a girl, it's a shame to say goodbye, a beginning from an end, folk city, batman, bucket 't', norwegian wood (this bird has flown), popsicle, fiddle around, a surfer's dream, school day (ring! ring! goes the bell), the submarine races, the universal coward, i can't wait to love you.


july 3, 2008

platters - best of (collectables 2925)

here's a good news bad news cd if i ever heard one.  the good news is that both "with this ring" and "i love you 1000 times" appear in mono on this cd in their 45 version for the first time!  the bad news is that the other platters hits that were originally recorded on the mercury label are rerecorded and most tracks have an obnoxious buzz that you can hear at the end of many songs.  there are 4 pages of liner notes which is an unusual feature for a collectables cd and 25 tracks with a running time of (65:55).  contents:  with this ring (45 version), i love you 1000 times (45 version), washed ashore (on a lonely island in the sea), sweet sweet lovin', lovely, if i had a love, i love you because, only you (and you alone) (rerecorded), i'll be home, harbor lights (rerecorded), (you've got) the magic touch (rerecorded), heaven on earth, get a hold of yourself, shing-a-lin-a-loo, run while it's dark, going back to detroit, love must go on, i can't get used to sharing you, why do you wanna make me blue, on top of my mind, we ain't what we was, smoke gets in your eyes (rerecorded), if i had you, pledging my love, the great pretender (rerecorded).


june 30, 2008

frankie valli - our day will come/lady put the light out (collectors' choice music 929)

yes another of the frankie valli twofers that will be delightful for true frankie valli fans as this twofer includes the complete album version of "our day will come" on compact disc for the first time.  included in this cd are 8 pages of well written liner notes and this particular twofer runs (73:19).  contents:  our day will come (lp version), how'd i know that love would slip away, you can bet (i ain't goin' nowhere), heart be still, elise, carrie (i would marry you), sweet sensational love, closest thing to heaven, walk away renee, i need you, second thoughts, i could have loved you, with you, native new yorker, lady put the light out, boats against the current, rainstorm, i'm gonna love you, there's always a goodbye.


june 30, 2008

frankie valli - closeup/valli (collectors' choice music 928)

another of the frankie valli twofer cd's, this one is important because it presents the complete album version of "swearin' to god" on compact disc for the first time.  as with all of the frankie valli twofers, this cd contains 8 pages of really nice liner notes and this particular twofer runs (74:21).  contents:  i got love for you baby, why, he sure blessed you, waking up to a love, i can't live a dream, my eyes adored you, in my eyes, swearin' to god (lp version), easily, we're all alone, can't get you off my mind, so she says, lucia, boomerang, you're the song (that i can't stop singing), look at the world it's changing, where were you (when i needed you), what good am i without you.


june 30, 2008

frankie valli - solo/timeless (collectors' choice music 927)

it's about time frankiie valli got his solo albums released in their entirety on compact disc.  collectors' choice music stepped forward with a release of 8 of frankie's solo albums and they did it right by placing 2 vinyl albums on one compact disc.  there are 8 pages of liner notes included with each cd and the running time on this cd is (68:58).  contents:  my funny valentine, (you're gonna) hurt yourself, ivy, secret love, can't take my eyes off you, my mother's eyes, the sun ain't gonna shine (anymore), the trouble with me, the proud one, you're ready now, by the time i get to phoenix, expression of love, for all we know, sunny, watch where you walk, to give (the reason i live), eleanor rigby, fox in a bush, september rain (here comes the rain), make the music play, stop and say hello, donnybrook.


june 24, 2008

pat benatar - ultimate collection (capitol 17330)

here is another new capitol records anthology, this one from hard rockin' pat benatar.  pat had so many hits that a 2 cd anthology was needed to accommodate her fans and capitol didn't let you down with this package.  again let's start with the total running time on the two discs - (79:57) and (79:03).  add to that 10 pages of liner notes and you get a really sweet package with all of pat's top 40 hits and 40 tracks overall.  pat is on tour this summer so if you miss her on tour, you can still catch her vibe with this really nice package from capitol records.  contents of disc 1: heartbreaker, i need a lover, in the heat of the night, we live for love, treat me right, you better run, never wanna leave you, hit me with your best shot (lp version), hell is for children, promises in the dark, fire and ice, just like me, it's a tuff life, precious time, shadows of the night (45 version), looking for a stranger, anxiety (get nervous), little too late (45 version), the victim, lipstick lies, love is a battlefield (45 version).  contents of disc 2:  diamond field, we belong (lp version), ooh ooh song, the outlaw blues, painted desert, invincible (theme from the legend of billie jean) (45 version), sex as a weapon, le bel age, all fired up, don't walk away, one love (song of the lion), let's stay ttogether, payin' the cost to be the boss, true love, i feel lucky, the good life, everybody lay down, somebody's baby, everytime i fall back


june 24, 2008

billy idol - very best of (capitol 15142 (deluxe edition) and 15140))

i mentioned late last year that most of the capitol anthologies were some top of the line compact discs and this one is no exception.  let's start with the total running time which is (77:47) but you also get all 10 of billy's top 40 hits , 18 total tracks with 2 brand new recordings and a 10 page booklet of liner notes, some with quotes from billy himself.  this release is also available in a deluxe edition with a bonus dvd.  if you have not yet completed your collection with an anthology of billy idol, this is the compact disc you want to fill the void in your collection.  contents:  dancing with myself (with generation x), hot in the city, white wedding, rebel yell, eyes without a face, flesh for frantasy, catch my fall, to be a lover, don't need a gun, sweet sixteen, mony mony (studio version), cradle of love, l.a. woman, shock to the system, speed, world comin' down, john wayne (new track), new future weapon (new track).


june 10, 2008

kiss - platinum + plus (mercury b0010146)

here's another in the platinum + plus series that is a nice mix of singles and album tracks.  i notice this 3 cd set is on sale at circuit city this week for $15.99, a great price for a 3 cd set!  contents of disc 1 (40:47): strutter, deuce, hotter than hell, c'mon and love me, rock and roll all night (live 45 version), detroit rock city (o.s.t. detroit rock city version), beth, hard luck woman, calling dr. love (lp version), love gun, christeen sixteen, i was made for lovin' you (lp version).  contents of disc 2 (48:52) creatures of the night, i love it loud, lick it up, all hell's breakin' loose, heaven's on fire, thrills in the night, tears are falling, uh! all night, crazy crazy nights, reason to live, hide your heart, forever (45 mix).  contents of disc 3 (49:14) god gave rock 'n' roll to you ii, unholy, domino, hate, childhood's end, i will be there, comin' home (live and unplugged), got to choose (live and unplugged), psycho circus, into the void, pledge allegiance to the state of rock and roll, nothing can keep me from you.


june 5, 2008

moody blues - platinmum + plus (polydor b0010660)

here is another of the new platinum + plus cd's, this one presenting a nice balance between the group's top 40 hits and lp tracks.  all tracks on this 3 cd set are original recordings and there are no liner notes.  contents of disc 1 (49:39) tuesday afternoon (edit of the lp version), nights in white satin (lp version), r ide my see-saw, legend of my mind, voices in the sky, lovely to see you, dear diary, never comes the day, gypsy, candle of life, watching and waiting.  contents of disc 2 (63:27) question (lp version), it's up to you, melancholy man, the story in your eyes, one more time to live, you can never go home, my song, lost in a lost world, new horizons, isn't life strange, i'm just a singer in a rock 'n' roll band (lp version), remember me my friend (justin hayward & john lodge), blue guitar (justin hayward and john lodge).  contents of disc 3 (57:17) steppin' in a slide zone, had to fall in love, driftwood, the voice (lp version), gemini dream (lp version), blue world, your wildest dreams (lp version), i know you're out there somewhere (lp version), say it with love, bless the wings that bring you back, strange times, december snow.


june 5, 2008

james brown - platinum + plus (polydor b0010943)

continuing on with the new platinum + plus series of cd's, i am now mentioning the james brown package which is again a 3 cd set, with no liner notes but an almost complete anthology of james brown's top 40 hits.  as with other platinum + plus cd's this title features all original recordings and carries a suggested retail price of $29.99 but dealers are giving big discounts on these platinum + plus titles.  contents of disc 1 (38:00) please, please, please, try me, think, night train, prisoner of love, out of sight, papa's got a brand new bag, i got you (i feel good), it's a man's man's man's world, cold sweat (mono lp version), get it ttogether.  contents of disc 2 (52:08) there was a time (lp version), i can't stand myself, i got the feelin', licking stick-licking stick (parts 1 & 2), say it loud i'm black and i'm proud (parts 1 & 2), give it up or turnit a loose (stereo lp mix), i don't want nobody to give me nothing (open the door i'll get it myself) (part 1), mother popcorn (parts 1 & 2), ain't it funky now (part 1), it's a new day (edit of parts 1 & 2), get up (i feel like being a sex machine) (parts 1 & 2), super bad (parts 1 & 2 but :51 longer). contents of disc 3 (56:57) get up get into it get involved, soul power, hot pants, make it funky, i'm a greedy man, talkin' loud and sayin' nothing (parts 1 & 2 of the 45), there it is (parts 1 & 2), get on the good foot, i got ants in my pants (part 1 faded :11 early), the payback, my thang (45 version), papa don't take no mess (45 version).


june 3, 2008

various artists - classic rock: playlist + plus (hip-o b0011147)

there is a new series just marketed by universal music titled playlist + plus and i thought i would pass along a sample of what this series is all about.  these releases are greatest hits anthologies and come in 3 disc sets with no liner notes and a list price of $29.99.  contents of disc 1 (54:01): whiter shade of pale by procol harum, magic carpet ride by steppenwolf (lp version), feelin' alright by joe cocker, only you know and i know by dave mason, all right now by free (lp version), question by the moody blues (lp version), americn woman by guess who (lp version), i don't need no doctor by humble pie (live), maggie may by rod stewart (lp version), rock & roll stew by traffic.  contents of disc 2 (52:36): walk away by james gang (lp version), all the young dudes by mott the hoople (marks & sparks version), easy livin' by uriah heep, rocky mountain way by joe walsh (lp version), let it ride by bachman turner overdrive (lp version), radar love by golden earring (lp version), black water by doobie brothers, sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd (missing the opening countoff), love hurts by nazareth (lp version), do you feel like we do by peter frampton (lp version).  contents of disc 3 (44:22): cold as ice by foreigner (45 version), renegade by styx, bad case of loving you by robert palmer, no one like you by scorpions, street of dreams by rainbow, knocking at your back door by deep purple, real wild child by iggy pop, smoking gun by robert cray, get it on by kingdom come, don't know what you got by cinderella.


may 22, 2008

bobby womack - the best of the soul years (capitol 09491)

here's a nice cd from a great composer and artist as well.  remember "it's all over now", a hit for the rolling stones?  how about "i'm in love" and "midnight mover", hits for wilson picket.  those were all written by bobby womack but bobby had 4 top 40 hits of his own so it is about time we got a comprehensive package of his works.  there are 22 tracks on this cd which runs (79:47) and contains a nice 10 page booklet of liner notes.  contents: across 110th street, woman's gotta have it, i'm a midnight mover, that's the way i feel about cha (lp version), you're welcome - stop on by, lookin' for a love, i'm in love, i left my heart in san francisco, communication (45 version), fact of life/he'll be there when the sun goes down, fly me to the moon, harry hippie, i can understand it, the preacher (part 2)/more than i can stand (live), i'm through trying to prove my love for you, it's all over now (with bill withers), california dreamin', how i miss you baby, nobody wants you when you're down and out, daylight, check it out (45 version), fire and rain.


may 8, 2008

various artists - joel whitburn presents top pop treasures 1960 (curb 78968)

i've gotten many requests to review this new "joel whitburn presents top pop treasures" series of cd's which runs from 1958 to 1962 and for this review i selected the year 1960.  there's good news and there's bad news asociated with this series so let's start with the good news which is these cd's are quite affordable with most dealers selling each disc for $5.99.  the bad news is that there are only 10 tracks on each disc with running times from 23 minutes to 26 minutes and there are no liner notes.  looks like curb licensed and mastered these cd's themselves rather than working with one of the major labels and the the results show on the finished product with several songs in the series being mastered from vinyl and one song on this disc is an alternate take so buyer beware!  mono/stereo content is given for each song.  contents: three nights a week (s) by fats domino, dreamin' (s) by johnny burnette, artificial flowers (m) by bobby darin, you've got to move two mountains (s) by marv johnson (alternate take), welcome new lovers (s) by pat boone, ta ta (m) by clyde mcphatter, i really don't want to know (s) by tommy edwards, pineapple princess (s) by annette, this magic moment (m) by drifters, tracy's theme (s) by spencer ross.


april 14, 2008

argent - greatest: the singles collection (varese sarabande 302066880)

wow, 2008 hasn't been real exciting for cd releases worth mentioning but here is a nice piece released by varese sarabande that puts the entire career of argent in perspective.  appropriately titled "greatest: the singles collection", this cd contains 18 tracks and runs a very generous (76:59) and there is a nice 6 page booklet enclosed with recollections presented by group member rod argent.  contents:  liar (45 version), school girl (45 version), dance in the smoke, sweet mary (45 version), lothlorien, pleasure, celebration (45 version), cast your spell uranus, hold your head up (45 version), be my lover be my friend, i am the dance of ages, tragedy (45 version), god gave rock and roll to you (45 version), it's only money part 2 (45 version), man for all reasons (45 version), thunder and lightning (45 version), the jester, time of the season (live)


february 23, 2008

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1957: pop gold (hit parade records 12305)

for collectors, this cd is by far the most exciting cd to be released yet in 2008. this cd has a nice booklet of liner notes and runs (60:41) with 25 tracks all of which are mono except as noted below.   six top 40 hits appear on cd in the us for the first time and those are four walls by jim lowe, banana boat song by fontane sisters, the girl with the golden braids by perry como, liechtensteiner polka by will glahe, yes tonight josephine by johnnie ray, love me forever by eydie gorme, true love by jane powell and lovely one by the four voices.  other songs included are: diana by paul anka, you're my one and only love by ricky nelson, teenage crush by tommy sands, a rose and a baby ruth by george hamilton iv, dark moon by gale storm, rainbow by russ hamilton, i'm available by margie rayburn, freight train by rusty draper, little white lies by betty johnson, love me to pieces by jill corey, in the middle of an island by tony bennett, when the swallows come back to capistrano by pat boone (stereo), fascination by jane morgan (stereo rerecording), look homeward angel by the four esquires, open up your heart (and let the sunshine in) by cowboy church sunday school, he's got the whole world in his hands by laurie london.


february 23, 2008

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1957: rhythm & rock (hit parade records 12306)

there have been any cd's issued this year specifically designed with the true collector in mind until now.  hit parade records has come to the rescue with two great packages of hits from 1957.  this specific volume has a very nice 11 page booklet of liner notes, 24 mono tracks with a running time of (59:07) and a first time on cd in the us appearance of the song sittin' in the balcony by johnny dee.  contents: rock & roll music by chuck berry, oh boy! by buddy holly, good golly miss molly by little richard, bop-a-lena by ronnie self, short fat fannie by larry williams, ain't got no home by clarence "frogman" henry, little bitty pretty one by thurston harris, lucky lips by ruth brown, hand clappin' by red prysock, don't let go by roy hamilton, chain gang by bobby scott, deep purple by billy waqrd & his dominoes, without love (there is nothing) by clyde mcphatter, (i love you) for sentimental reasons by sam cooke, i'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter by billy williams, you send me by sam cooke, confidential by sonny knight, silhouettes by the rays, over the mountain across the sea by johnnie & joe, c.c. rider by chuck willis, sittin' in the balcony by johnny dee.  the fool by sanford clark, fabulous by charlie gracie, butterfly by charlie gracie.


february 17, 2008

various artists - grammy nominees 2008 (hip-o b0010630)

if you are into contemporary music, here is a cd that will blow you away.  21 tracks of music from artists that were nominated for a grammy in 2008 and boy did hip-o fill this cd up as it runs (79:59).  contents: what goes around...comes around by justin timberlake (45 version), rehab by amy winehouse, irreplaceable by beyonce, the pretender by foo fighters, makes me wonder by maroon 5 (censored version), 1,2,3,4 by feist, (you want to) make a memory by bon jovi (45 version), dance tonight by paul mccartney, candyman by christina aguilaera, say it right by nelly furtado, good life by kanye west featuring t-pain (censored version), river by herbie hancock, what you give away by vince gill, before he cheats by carrie underwood, hey there delilah by plain white t's, like a star by corinne bailey rae, working class hero by green day, it's not over by daughtry, if everyone cared by nickelback, icky thump by white stripes, instant karma by u2.


january 26, 2008

various artists - the heavy metal box (box set) (rhino 187388 and 264444)

leave it to rhino to come up with 2 different designs for this new 4 disc box set.  the first (187388) features a 3 dimensional replica of a guitar amplifier measuring 3x5x12 and the second (264444) also features a guitar amp however it is not 3 dimensional but never fear, both contain the same music content.  packaging aside, this box set comes with a very nice 76 page booklet of liner notes with commentary on each of the 70 classic heavy metal songs included.  contents of disc 1 (76:08):  in-a-gadda-da-vida by iron butterlfy (oddly enough this is the short 45 version), summertime blues by blue cheer, easy livin' by uriah heep, highway star by deep purple, billion dollar babies by alice cooper, lost johnny by hawkwind, bad motor scooter by montrose, working man by rush, man on the silver mountain by ritchie blackmore's rainbow, detroit rock city by kiss (edit of the destroyer lp version), the ripper by judas priest, cat scratch fever by ted nugent, lights out by ufo, godzilla by blue oyster cult, demolition boys by girlschool, white witch by angel witch, the phantom of the opera by iron maiden, neon knights by black sabbath.  contents of disc 2 (76:41): ace of spades by motorhead, am i evil? by diamond head, nice boys by rose tattoo, attack of the mad axeman by michael schenker group, denim and leather by saxon, blitzkrieg by blitzkrieg, gangland by tygers of pan tang, witching hour by venom, you've got another thing comin' by judas priest, the number of the beast by iron maiden, star war by raven, say what you will by fastway, black funeral by mercyful fate, animal (f**k like a beast) by w.a.s.p., mean streak by y&t, holy diver by dio, queen of the reich by queensryche, whiplash by metallica.  contents of disc 3 (78:34): rock you like a hurricane by scorpions, metal health by quiet riot, into the fire by dokken, balls to the wall by accept, round and round by ratt, i wanna rock by twisted sister, the boulevard of broken dreams by hanoi rocks, big bottom by spinal tap, midnite maniac by krokus, i'll see the light tonight by yngwie j. malmsteen's rising force, crazy nights by loudness, shake me by cinderella, watch the children pray by metal church, to hell with the devil by stryper, a little time by helloween, wrecking crew by overkill, caught in a mosh by anthrax, peace sells by megadeath.  contents of disc 4 (79:24): still of the night by whitesnake, rock me by great white, talk dirty to me by poison, bathroom wall by faster pussycat, hall of the mountain king by savatage, kiss me deadly by lita ford, hail and kill by manowar, trial by fire by testament, welcome home by king diamond, south of heaven by slayer, one by metallica, cult of personality by living colour, youth gone wild by skid row, cowboys from hell by pantera, beg to differ by prong, dead embryonic cells by sepultura.


november 21, 2007

highwaymen - the folk hits collection (varese sarabande 302066847)

as the cd title suggests, this is a nice package of the folk hits of the highwaymen.  total running time is (53:15), with 19 tracks and 6 pages of what i found to be very informative liner notes.  contents: i'll fly away, cotton fields, marching to pretoria, cindy oh cindy, michael (row the boat ashore), the sinking of the reuben james, mighty day, well well well, the gypsy rover, i know where i'm going, roll on columbia roll on, i'm on my way, ramblin' boy, red is the rose, whiskey in the jar, big rock candy mountain, good night irene, no. 1, old folk music (with some sweet rock 'n' roll)


november 21, 2007

jerry wallace - best of (varese sarabande 302066857)

this cd should really have been titled best of the country years as there are only 2 rock top 40 hits included but i don't believe there has been a country compilation of jerry's hits so if that is what you are looking for this cd is for you.  included are 16 tracks  with a running time of (47:04) and 6 pages of liner notes, with a healthy amount of quotes from jerry wallace himself.  contents: in the misty moonlight, even the bad times are good, after you, the morning after, to get to you, the greatest love, if you leave me tonight i'll cry, what's he doin' in my world, do you know what it's like to be lonesome, the song nobody sings, sound of goodbye, primrose lane (1973 rerecording), don't give up on me, my wife's house, i wonder whose baby (you are now), i wanna go to heaven.


november 21, 2007

james taylor - one man band (hear music 30516)

i got sucked into buying this cd so i am bringing this cd to your attention so that you don't fall into the same trap i did.  perhaps i should have known from the title "one man band"  that this was a live solo performance but nowhere on the cd jacket does it state "live" recordings so i thought i was buying a greatest hits package with a bonus dvd.  as it turns out this is a greatest hits package alright but all recorded live!  running time is (77:53) and includes 19 tracks and 2 pages of liner notes written by james taylor.  contents of the audio cd: something in the way she moves, never die young, the frozen man, mean old man, school song, country road, slap leather, my traveling star, you've got a friend, steamroller blues, secret o' life, line 'em up, chili dog, shower the people, sweet baby james, carolina in my mind, fire and rain, copperline, you can close your eyes.


november 8, 2007

eric clapton - complete clapton (reprise 294332)

very nice reasonably priced 2 cd overview of eric clapton's career covering 40 years with selections cross licensed from numerous labels.  there are 16 pages of liner notes, 36 tracks of music from cream, derek & the dominos, blind faith and eric's solo career up through his 2007 release "ride the river", a duet with j.j. cale.  disc 1 contents (79:49): i feel free by cream, sunshine of your love by cream, white room by cream, crossroads by cream, badge by cream, presence of the lord by blind faith, after midnight, let it rain, bell bottom blues by derek & the dominos, layla by derek & the dominos (lp version), let it grow, i shot the sheriff (lp version), knockin' on heaven's door, hello old friend, cocaine, lay down sally, wonderful tonight, promises, i can't stand it.  contents of disc 2 (76:16): i've got a rock 'n' roll heart, she's waiting, forever man, it's in the way that you use it, miss you, pretending, bad love, tears in heaven, layla (unplugged), running on faith (unplugged), motherless child, change the world, my father's eyes, riding with the king (with b.b. king), sweet home chicago, if i had possession over judgement day, ride the river (duet with j.j. cale).


october 12, 2007

amy grant - greatest hits (with bonus dvd) (sparrow/emi 02800)

continuing with their policy of issuing top notch catalog compact discs recently, emi comes up with another winner with amy grant's greatest hits.  19 tracks on this one and a total running time of (79:59) but that's not all as the 10 pages of liner notes are written by amy grant herself! the bonus dvd contains 5 music videos (lead me on, baby baby, every heartbeat, house of love, takes a little time) and a 40 minute documentary and interview.  contents: simple things, takes a little time, lucky one (lp and cassette single version), house of love, baby baby, every heartbeat (lp version),  that's what love is for (lp version), good for me (lp version), i will remember you, lead me on, saved by love, stay for a while, find a way, thy word, angels, el-shaddai, in a little while, father's eyes, old man's rubble.


september 25, 2007

crystal gayle - greatest hits (capitol 02459)

one record company has taken a new approach to releasing catalog "best of" cd's so i have to give capitol a tip of the hat for their latest round of "best of" cd's which feature 25 tracks each!  in this case you not only get 25 tracks but the total running time of this cd is (77:44) and it includes 10 pages of liner notes with many quotes from crystal gayle herself.  capitol cross licensed songs from the many labels that crystal recorded for in her career to make this a complete package of original recordings!  contents: i've cried (the blue right out of my eyes), wrong road again, beyond you, somebody loves you, i'll get over you, you never miss a real good thing (till he says goodbye), i'll do it all over again, river road, don't it make my brown eyes blue, ready for the times to get better, talking in your sleep, why have you left the one you left me for, when i dream, your kisses will, your old cold shoulder, half the way, it's like we never said goodbye, if you ever change your mind, too many lovers, you never gave up on me, you and i (with eddie rabbitt), till i gain control again, the sound of goodbye, cry, he is beautiful to me.


september 23, 2007

ringo starr - photograph: the very best of (with bonus dvd) (capitol/apple 04932)

here is an excellent overview of ringo's solo career, encompassing all of his top 40 hits, cross licensed so that you get the original hits as you remember them.  there are two different versions of this cd, one with the bonus dvd and one without but both contain the identical "photograph" audio cd which contains a 12 page booklet of liner notes with song by song commentary by ringo himself. for collectors, this cd presents you with the first time on cd 45 version of (it's all down to) goodnight vienna and also included is a duet with buck owens on the song "act naturally".   total running time is (68:06) with 20 tracks which makes for a great christmas stocking stuffer.  contents: photograph, it don't come easy, you're sixteen, back off boogaloo, i'm the greatest, oh my my (no countoff), only you (and you alone), beaucpups of blues, early 1970, snookeroo, no no song, (it's all down to) goodnight vienna (45 version), hey baby, a dose of rock 'n' roll, weight of the world, king of broken hearts, never without you, act naturally (duet with buck owens), wrack my brain, fading in and fading out


september 22, 2007

various artists - love is the song we sing - san francisco nuggets 1965-1970 (box set) (rhino 165564)

this 4 cd box set will be remembered as one of rhino's best ever, both from a packaging strandpoint and a content standpoint.  although not filled with top 40 hits, this box does represent the sound of a formative era of music in san francisco and the documentation in the booklet of liner notes is just fabulous.  actually the liner notes might better be described as a book since it is 8.5 x 11 and runs 120 pages.  contents of disc 1 (63:49): let's get together by dino valenti, i feel like i'm fixin' to die rag by country joe & the fish (ep version), you were on my mind by we five, number one by the charlatans, can't come down by the warlocks, don't talk to strangers by the beau brummels, anything by the vejtables, it's no secret by jefferson airplane, johnny was a good boy by the mystery trend, free advice by the great society, mr. jones (a ballad of a thin man) by the grass roots, stranger in a strange land by blackburn & snow, who do you love by quicksilver messenger service (demo version), she's my baby by the mojo men, coffee cup by the wildflower, live your own life by the family tree, fat city by the sons of champlin, human monkey by the frantics, bye bye bye by the tikis (warner brothers 45 version), section 43 by country joe & the fish (ep version), hello hello by the sopwith camel. contents of disc 2 (59:22):  psychotic reaction by count five, got love by the front line, satisfaction guaranteed by the mourning reign, foolish woman by the oxford circle, my buddy sin by the stained glass, streetcar by the otherside, suzy creamcheese by teddy & his patches, rubiyat by the immediate family, rumors by the syndicate of sound, sometimes i wonder by the harbinger complex, want ad reader by the new breed, i'm a good woman by the generation, no way out by the chocolate watchband, hey i'm lost by butch engle & the styx, i love you by people, america by public nuisance, fly to new york city by country weather, thing in "e" by the savage resurrection, hearts to cry by frumious bandersnatch.  contents of disc 3 (73:53):  alabama bound by the charlatans, carl street by the mystery trend, somebody to love by the great society (lp version), superbird by country joe & the fish, two days 'til tomorrow by the beau brummels, omaha by moby grape, up & down by the serpent power, the golden road to unlimited devotion by the grateful dead, codine by quicksilver messenger service, down on me by big brother & the holding family (live), think twice by salvation, white rabbit by jefferson airplane, roll with it by steve miller band, why did you put me on by notes from the underground, underdog by sly & the family stone, summertime blues by blue cheer, glue by the ace of cups, soul sacrifice by santana, the bells by the loading zone.  contents of disc 4 (60:20):  evil ways by santana, red the sign post by fifty foot hose, lemonaide kid by kak, 1982-a by the sons of champlain, how can i miss you when you won't go away by dan hicks & his hot licks, amphetamine gazelle by mad river, quicksilver girl by steve miller band, revolution by mother earth, murder in my heart for the judge by moby grape, light your windows by quicksilver messenger service, i'm drowning by flamin' groovies, portrait of the artist as a young lady by seatrain, white bird by it's a beautiful day, dark star by grateful dead (45 version), fool by blue cheer (45 version), mexico by jefferson airplane, mercedes benz by janis joplin, get together by the youngbloods.


september 2, 2007

little willie john - the very best of (collectables 2822)

this is a cd that i mention because of some first time stereo tracks on compact disc.  the disc itself runs (66:29), includes 2 pages of liner notes and stands as a good collection of  little willie john's hits on its own.  two top 40 hits, heartbreak (it's hurtin' me) and sleep, appear in stereo for the first time on compact disc.  the first 14 tracks listed below are mono and the last 11 tracks are stereo.  contnets:  all around the world, home at last, i'm sticking with you baby, need your love so bad, fever, letter from my darling, do something for me, suffering with the blues, tell it like it is, will the sun shine tomorrow, you got to get up early in the morning, person to person, talk to me talk tio me, you're a sweetheart, let them talk, let nobody love you, leave my kitten alone, a cottage for sale, flamingo, heartbreak (it's hurtin' me), sleep, walk slow, (i've got) spring fever, take my love, big blue diamonds.


august 21, 2007

various artists - vee jay the definitive collection (box set) (shout! factory 10485)

i know, you already have the vee jay box set titled "celebrating 40 years of classic hits 1953-1993" and you need to know if there is good reason to buy this new box set.  only you can answer that question but i need to fill you in on the contents of this new box first.  for openers, there are 4 discs in this set compared to 3 discs in the old set.  44 songs appear on this set that do not appear on the previous box set so you are not getting a lot of duplication.  there is a nice 38 page booklet of liner notes included that give a brief biographical scetch of each song.  contents of disc 1 (59:44):  high and lonesome by jimmy reed and his trio, baby it's you by the spaniels, goodnite sweetheart goodnite by the spaniels, ain't times hard by floyd jones and band, you don't have to go by jimmy reed and his trio, blue evening by l.c. mckinley, i wish you would by billy boy arnold, at my front door by the el dorados, hurt my feelings by morris pejoe, bad boy by eddie taylor, somewhere to lay my head by the highway qc's, hands off by jay mcshann's orchestra, fools prayer by the five echoes, oop de oop by earl phillips, i'll be forever loving you by the el dorados with al smith's orchestra, ain't that lovin' you baby by jimmy reed, fooling around slowly by al smith's combo, up on the mountain by the magnificents, big town playboy by eddie taylor, rock 'n' roll mama by camille howard, oh what a nite by the dells.

contents of disc 2 (58:09): dimples by john lee hooker, the telephone is ringing by pee wee crayton, judgment day by snooky prior, uncloudy day by the staple singers, for all we know by sonny til's orioles, mother's son by the delegates, the pleasure's all mine by billy emerson, honest i do by jimmy reed, farther along by the harmonizing four, you can make it if you try by gene allison, it hurts me too by elmore james, the twist by hank ballard & the midnighters, a rockin' good way by priscilla bowman with the spaniels, hattie malatti by lee diamond and the upsetters, blues get off my shoulder by bobby parker, for your precious love by jerry butler & the impressions, pigtails and blue jeans by leonard carbo, i love you honey by john lee hooker, leave you in the hands of the lord by the original 5 blind boys of mississippi, nobody but you by dee clark, shambalor by sheriff & the ravels, crying for my baby by harold burrage.

contents of disc 3 (54:50): mary don't you weep by the swan silvertones, steppin' out by memphis slim, just a little bit by rosco gordon, baby what you want me to do by jimmy reed, will you ever be mine by donnie elbert, will the cirlce be unbroken by the staple singers, easy lovin' by wade flemons, no shoes by john lee hooker, oh baby by j.b. lenoir, he will break your heart by jerry butler, exodus by eddie harris, big boss man by jimmy reed, raindrops by dee clark, every beat of my heart by the pips with gladys knight, old ship of zion by the sallie martin singers, bright lights big city by jimmy reed, night owl by the dukays, duke of earl by gene chandler, real gone mama by the moonglows, help me somebody by the "5" royales, boom boom by john lee hooker.

contents of disc 4 (58:23): i'm a woman by christine kittrell, make it easy on yourself by jerry butler, sherry by the four seasons, rainbow by gene chandler, shakin' fit by the pyramids, spring by birdlegs & pauline and their versatility birds, body surf by aki aleong & the nobles, you're no good by betty everett, i can see everybody's mother by the original blind boys of alabama, the shoop shoop song (it's in his kiss) by betty everett, steal away by jimmy hughes, have i the right by the honeycombs, let it be me by jerry butler & betty everett, bring your lovin' by hoyt axton, getting mighty crowded by betty everett, walk around heaven all day by the caravans, tainted love by gloria jones, billy's bag by billy preston, stay in my corner by the dells, oo wee baby i love you by fred hughes, let's do it over by joe simon, i don't know what you've got but it's got me by little richard.


august 14, 2007

dr. hook - greatest hooks (capitol 95766)

i love the title of this cd but i also love the contents because for the first time, we get a collection of dr. hook's hits cross licensed so that the columbia, capitol and casablanca hits are all included!  top this off with the hit "girls can get it" appearing on compact disc for the first time and you have one terrific compact disc release.  this is a single disc set with 20 tracks and a running time of (63:45) and 10 pages of liner notes.  don't wait to put this on your christmas wish list, buy it now!  contents: the cover of the rolling stone, sylvia's mother (lp version), carry me carrie, the millionaire, only sixteen, a little bit more (lp version), more like the movies, if not you, a couple more years, walk right in, sleeping late, all the time in the world, you want my pants want to get up and dance, sharing the night together, when you're in love with a beautiful woman, better love next time, sexy eyes (lp version), years from now, girls can get it, baby makes her blue jeans talk.


july 27, 2007

monkees - headquarters deluxe edition (rhino 77760)

rhino did a terrific job in remastering this classic monkees cd which includes the original stereo and mono versions of this album along with numerous bonus tracks. most noticeable is the appearance of the song a little bit me, a little bit you which appears in stereo with the 45 overdubs that had never been mixed to stereo before now.  there are 23 pages of liner notes included and disc 1 runs (60:32) while disc 2 runs (65:21).  highly recommended for monkees fans!  contents of the stereo cd:  you told me, i'll spend my life with you, forget that girl, banmd 6, you just may be the one, shades of gray, i can't get her off my mind, for pete's sake, mr. webster, sunny girlfriend, zilch, no time, early morning blues and greens, randy scouse git  --bonus tracks-- all of your toys (stereo remix), the girl i knew somewhere (first recorded version stereo remix), a little bit me a little bit you (45 version in stereo for the first time), she hangs out (stereo remix), love to love (stereo remix), you can't tie a mustang down (stereo remix), if i learned to play the violin (stereo remix), 99 pounds (stereo remix), the girl i knew somewhere (45 version), randy scouse git (alternate take), tema dei monkees (stereo remix).  contents of the mono cd: you told me, i'll spend my life with you, forget that girl, banmd 6, you just may be the one, shades of gray, i can't get her off my mind, for pete's sake, mr. webster, sunny girlfriend, zilch, no time, early morning blues and greens, randy scouse git --bonus tracks-- all of your toys (mono mix), the girl i knew somewhere (first recorded version mono mix), a little bit me a little bit you (mono  45 version), she hangs on (mono mix), the girl i knew somewhere (mono 45 version), nine times blue (demo version), she'll be there, midnight train (demo version), peter gunn's gun, jericho, pillow time (demo version).


july 16, 2007

various artists - hard to find 45s on cd volume 10 1960-1965 (eric 11528)

this cd was originally reviewed on april 22, 2007 but has since been remastered and i thought my comments on the remastered edition would be of interest.  sacred by the castells was a little slow on the original issue, running (2:15) and has been replaced by a better quality master that runs the correct speed of (2:11).  cherry pie by skip & flip also ran a little slow on the original cd but has been replaced by a master that runs the exact length of the 45 (2:06) but oddly enough, the timing index is off so that the music starts at :01.  if you gotta make a fool of somebody by james ray which originally appeared in mono has been replaced by a stereo master.  one has my name (the other has my heart) by barry young has been replaced by a cleaner sounding version. 

you can distinguish the remaster from the original pressing by the "stereo" notation added to the cd jacket for the song if you gotta make a fool of somebody.


july 1, 2007

four seasons - jersey beat....the music of frankie valli & the four seasons box set  (rhino 74852)

i never thought i would see yet another box set of the four seasons material but here it is and it looks pretty good.  many of the early four seasons hits are presented here for the first time in mono and there is no doubt that this is the most comprehensive four seasons project ever released and it even includes all of the frankie valli solo hits.  there are 3 audio cd's and a dvd included along with an 82 page booklet of liner notes with comments about every song in the box set.  if you do not have a four seasons box set in your collection then this may be of great interest to you.  contents of disc 1 (30 tracks with a running time of (79:42)):  sherry (m), big girls don't cry (m), walk like a man (m), ain't that a shame (45 version) (m), candy girl (m), marlena (m), peanuts (m), alone (why must i be alone) (m), stay (m), little boy (in grown up clothes) (m), dawn (go away) (m), big man's world (m), marcie (m), silence is golden (m), huggin' my pillow (m), ronnie (m), rag doll (m), save it for me (m), big man in town (m), bye bye baby (baby goodbye) (m), betrayed (m), toy soldier (m), girl come running (m), let's hang on (m), don't think twice (it's all right) (by the wonder who?) (s), the sun ain't gonna shine anymore (by frankie valli) (s), you're gonna hurt yourself (by frankie valli) (s), pity (s), you're ready now (by frankie valli) (s), cousin brucie go go (m).  contents of disc 2 (25 tracks with a running time of (79:44)):  working my way back to you (s), can't get enough of you baby (s), everybody knows my name (s), comin' up in the world (s), beggar's parade (s), opus 17 (don't you worry 'bout me) (s), i've got you under my skin (s), the proud one (by frankie valli) (s), tell it to the rain (s), beggin' (s), can't take my eyes off you (by frankie valli) (s), c'mon marianne (s), lonesome road (by the wonder who?) (s), around and around (s), i make a fool of myself (by frankie valli) (s), watch the flowers grow (s), raven (s), to give (the reason i live) (by frankie valli) (s), will you love me tomorrow (s), good-bye girl (s), saturday's father (s), electric stories (s), something's on her mind (s), idaho (s), genuine imatation life (s).  contents of disc 3 (21 tracks with a running time of (79:45)):  and that reminds me (my heart reminds me) (s), the girl i'll never know (angel's never fly this low) (by frankie valli) (s), she gives me light (s), patch of blue (s), heartaches and raindrops (s), lay me down (wake me up) (s), where are my dreams (s), sleeping man (s), the night (s), my eyes adored you (by frankie valli) (s), swearin' to god (by frankie valli) (s), who loves you (s), our day will come (by frankie valli) (s), december, 1963 (oh, what a night) (s), silver star (s), fallen angel (by frankie valli) (s), rhapsody (s), grease (by frankie valli) (s), east meets west (with the beach boys) (s), streetfighter (s), hope and glory (s).


june 4, 2007

various artists - then: ultimate rock mix ( varese sarabande 302066816)

the release schedule has been slow for 2008 for varese sarabande but here is a release of note with 16 tracks, a running time of (65:58) and 2 pages of  liner notes.  the whole theme of the cd is similar to the "jack" radio format where you hear different styles of rock back to back.  contents: whisper to a scream (birds fly) by icicle works, she's a beauty by the tubes (lp version), september gurls by big star, time of the season by the zombies, painter man by the creation, telegram sam by t. rex, ball of confusion (usa mix) by love and rockets, send me an angel '89 by real life, happiness is just around the bend by brian auger's oblivion express, baker street by gerry rafferty (45 version), the only one i know by charlatans uk, fox on the run by sweet, the politics of dancing by re-flex (45 version), whatcha gonna do by chilliwack (lp version), mississippi queen by mountain (live).


may 25, 2007

young rascals - collections, the young rascals, groovin', once upon a dream, freedom suite, see, search and nearness (collectors' choice music)

what a wonderful trend i see in compact disc releases of 60's material with record companies releasing original vinyl lp's on compact disc with both mono and stereo mixes!  as with the sly & the family stone reissues mentioned below, collectors' choice music has given us a wonderful reissue of the young rascals vinyl lp's which include the mono mixes which are infinitely better than the dreadful stereo mixes found on these releases.  each cd contains 2 pages of excellent liner notes and if you are a fan of the blue eyed soul sound of the young rascals, these cd's are an essential addition to your library.


may 14, 2007

sly & the family stone - there's a riot goin' on, stand!, fresh, small talk, dance to the music, life, a whole new thing (epic/legacy)

just a heads up that the entire sly & the family stone catalog has been issued in an expanded edition format that is just amazing.  the bonus tracks are generally the 45 versions in mono and much like the motown single mixes, the sly & the family stone single mixes are far superior to the stereo lp mixes and the only place you will find them is on this new reissue series of cd's.  each cd also includes nice liner notes amd these 7 individual cd's can also be purchased as a box set titled "the collection".


may 11, 2007

jose feliciano - light my fire: the very best of (rca/legacy 704541)

i don't know why it took so long to get jose's hit version of "hi-heel sneakers" released in the u.s. but it is now finally available on this nice compilation of hits by jose feliciano.  this cd runs (55:56), includes 10 pages of liner notes and 16 tracks.  contents:  california dreamin', hitchcock railway, light my fire, destiny, in my life, hi-heel sneakers (faster than the 45 or lp), chico and the man (main theme), the windmills of your mind, she's a woman, rain (listen to the falling rain), marley purt drive, hey! baby, yesterday, sunny, susie-q, the star spangled banner (live).


april 30, 2007

neil sedaka - the definitive collection (razor & tie 82968)

what a great concept to feature neil sedaka singing his hits and the songs that he wrote as he is truly a fabulous composer.  unfortunately this package falls a little short in several areas, especially when neil sings some of his own compositions that were hits for other artists like "where the boys are", a hit for connie francis but a disappointing vocal presentation when sung by neil himself.  razor & tie normally features only original hits by the original artists but for this package, they elected not to cross license the rca hits in favor of 1991 rerecordings.  22 tracks on this cd which runs (74:19) and includes 10 pages of excellent liner notes, some written by neil himself.  contents:  breaking up is hard to do (rerecording), oh! carol (rerecording), stairway to heaven (rerecording), calendar girl (rerecording), happy birthday sweet sixteen (rerecording), next door to an angel (rerecording), rainy day bells, going nowhere, you, laughter in the rain, the immigrant, solitaire (live), love will keep us together, bad blood, the hungry years, should've never let you go (with dara sedaka), been there done that, breaking up is hard to do (1976 version), where the boys are (demo), it hurts to be in love (demo), what a surprise, junkie for your love.


april 27, 2007

paula abdul - greatest hits straight up! (virgin 90527)

you've seen paula as a judge on american idol and now you get to peek into her past when she actually had quite as string of hits back in the late 80's and early 90's.  there are 18 tracks on this greatest hits package which includes all of her top 40 hits, runs (71:30) and includes an 8 page booklet with no liner notes, just photos and song credits.  good overview of paula's career in a 1 cd set.  contents:  forever your girl (45 version), straight up, cold hearted (45 version), (it's just) the way that you love me (45 version but missing the first :06), knocked out, one or the other, opposites attract (45 version), rush rush (45 version), the promise of a new day (45 version), blowing kisses in the wind (radio edit), vibeology (video edit), bend time back 'round, will you marry me, my love is for real (radio edit), crazy cool, if i were your girl, ain't never gonna give you up, it's all about feeling good.


april 24, 2007

doors - l.a. woman (40th anniversary expanded edition) (elektra/rhino 101155)

doors fans get an unexpected extended version of "love her madly" on this 40th anniversary reissue of "l.a. woman" which runs :20 longer than any previously issued version in the united states.  total running time is (59:29) with 2 bonus tracks making this a sweet addition to an already classic album.  contents:  the changeling, love her madly (:20 longer than any previously issued version), been down so long, cars hiss by my window, l.a. woman, l'america, hyacinth house, crawling king snake, the wasp (texas radio and the big beat), riders on the storm.  bonus tracks: orange county suite, (you need meat) don't go no further. 


april 24, 2007

doors - waiting for the sun (40th anniversary expanded edition) (elektra/rhino 101191)

here is a real treat for doors fans as this 40th anniversary edition of "waiting on the sun" not only includes 5 bonus tracks but it includes an extended version of "hello i love you" which is :21 longer than any previously issued version in the united states. this expanded edition contains 16 tracks with a total running time of (64:52).  contents: hello i love you (with :02 of studio talk and :21 longer than any previsouly issued version), love street, not to touch the earth, summer's almost gone, wintertime love, the unknown soldier (lp version), spanish caravan, my wild love, we could be so good together, yes the river knows, five to one.  bonus tracks: albinoni's adagio in g minor, not to touch the earth (dialogue), not to touch the earth (take 1), not to touch the earth (take 2), celebration of the lizard.


april 22, 2007

various artists - hard to find 45s on cd volume 10: 1960-1965 (eric 11528)

eric records does it again with the 10th volume of their "hard to find 45's" series of cd's.  eric's reputation amongst collectors has always been terrific and this release which contains 24 tracks with a total running time of (58:46) is one of their best ever releases.  can you believe 5 songs on this cd are top 40 hits that have never been released in their original hit version on cd in the united states?  to add icing to the cake, you will find "she's about a mover" for the very first time in stereo!  as usual, bountiful liner notes detailing each song on this cd are included.  contents:  venus in blue jeans by jimmy clanton (m), sacred by the castells (s), enamorado by keith colley (m), talk to me by sunny & the sunglows (m), cherry pie by skip & flip (m), stop and think it over by dale & grace (m), little band of gold by james gilreath (m) (first time on cd in the u.s.), that stranger used to be my girl by trade martin (s), it hurts to be sixteen by andrea carroll (m), baby blue by the echoes (s), (there was a) tall oak tree by dorsey burnette (s), so this is love by the castells (s), take good care of her by adam wade (m) (45 version which is the first time this version has been released in the u.s. on cd), there she goes by jerry wallace (s) (first time the original hit version has appeared on cd in the u.s.), mission bell by donnie brooks (m) (first time this song has appeared on cd in the u.s. without obnoxious reverb added), comin' down with love by mel gadson (m), mountain of love by harold dorman (m), if you gotta make a fool of somebody by james ray (m), heartbreak (it's hurtin' me) by jon thomas (m), ruby duby du by tobin mathews (m) (first time on cd in the u.s.), misery by the dynamics (m), she's about a mover by the sir douglas quintet (s) (first time in stereo in the u.s.), roses are red my love by the you know who group (s), one has my name (the other has my heart) by barry young (s) (first time on cd in the u.s.).


april 22, 2007

various artists - hard to find 45s on cd volume 9: 1957-1959 (eric 11527)

eric records has always been the champion of  authenitic hard to find 45s on compact disc and this release just strengthens their position in the marketplace.  three top 40 songs on this cd appear on compact disc for the first time in the united states and another appears in stereo for the first time. the total running time for this cd is (55:52) with great liner notes containing biographical notes about each of the 23 songs included makes this a must buy for those into obscure late 50's hits.  all songs are mono except high school u.s.a. by tommy facenda.  contents:  high school u.s.a. by tommy facenda (national version released in stereo for the first time), endless sleep by jody reynolds, breaking up is hard to do by jivin' gene & the jokers, rocking pneumonia & the boogie woogie flu by huey "piano" smith & the clowns, robbin' the cradle by tony bellus, click clack by dicky doo & the don'ts, lucky ladybug by billy & lillie, white bucks & saddle shoes by bobby pedrick jr., sandy by larry hall, rockin' little angel by ray smith, mona lisa by carl mann, honey love by narvel felts, everybody out'ta the pool by the lifeguards, teenage hayride by tender slim, the happy organ by dave "baby" cortez, philadelphia, u.s.a. by the nu tornados (first time on cd in the u.s.), i don't know what it is by the bluenotes, alone (why must i be alone) by the shepherd sisters, you by the aquatones, tear drop by santo & johnny (first time on cd in the u.s.), hideaway by the four esquires, (first time on cd in the u.s.), chanson d'amour by art & dotty todd (best sounding version on compact disc in the u.s.), a string of trumpets by the trumpeteers.


march 16, 2007

various artists - stax 50th anniversary celebration (box set) (stax 30203)

without a doubt this will be my "best buy" candidate for 2007.  i paid $11.99 for this 2 cd box set which contains 50 songs and a 51 page booklet of liner notes detailing the history of stax records.  disc 1 contains 28 songs and runs (76:08) while disc 2 contains 22 songs and runs (76:25) and all songs appear in their 45 versions.  if you couldn't afford any of the past stax box sets you can surely afford this gem!  contents of disc 1: gee whiz by carla thomas (m), last night by the mar-keys (m), you don't miss your water by william bell (m), green onions by booker t & the mg's (m), walking the dog by rufus thomas (m), i've been loving you too long by otis redding (m) (45 version), candy by the astors (m), respect by otis redding (m) (45 version), you don't know like i know by sam & dave (m), i want someone by the mad lads (m), hold on i'm comin' by sam & dave (m), let me be good to you by carla thomas (m), your good thing (is about to end) by mabel john (m), knock on wood by eddie floyd (m),   b-a-b-y by carla thomas (m), tramp by otis & carla (m), soul finger by the bar-kays (m), born under a bad sign by albert king (m), soul man by sam & dave (m) (45 version), (sittin' on) the dock of the bay by otis redding (m), i got a sure thing by ollie & the nightingales (m), soul limbo by booker t & the mg's (s), i've never found a girl (to love me like you do) by eddie floyd (m), what a man by linda lyndell (m), private number by william bell & judy clay (s), who's making love by johnnie taylor (s), i forgot to be your lover by william bell (m), i like what you're doing (to me) by carla thomas (s).

contents of disc 2: time is tight by booker t & the mg's (s) (45 version), so i can love you by the emotions (m), walk on by by isaac hayes (s) (45 version), do the funky chicken by rufus thomas (m), jody's got your girl and gone (s), mr. big stuff by jean knight (s), never can say goodbye by isaac hayes (s) (45 version), whatcha see is whatcha get by the dramatics (s) (45 version edit with string overdubs), respect yourself by the staple singers (s) (45 version), theme from shaft by isaac hayes (s) (not the true 45 version), son of shaft by the bar-kays (m), that's what love will make you do by little milton (s), i've been lonely for so long by frederick knight (s), hearsay by soul children (s), in the rain by the dramatics (s) (dj 45 edit), i'll take you there by the staple singers (s), starting all over again by mel & tim (m), dedicated to the one i love by the temprees (s), if you're ready (come go with me) by the staple singers (s) (45 version), cheaper to keep her by johnnie taylor (s), i'll be the other woman by soul children (s), woman to woman by shirely brown (s).


march 8, 2007

various artists - grammy nominees 2007 (grammy recordings/sony bmg music entertainment 703827)

wow, here is a cd that should knock your socks off if you are into current music.  hit after hit after hit on this 23 track cd which runs an amazing (79:10) and includes a 10 page booklet of liner notes.  contents:  crazy by gnarls barkley, be without you by mary j. blige (faded :14 early), put your records on by corinne bailey rae, waiting on the world to change by john mayer, dani california by red hot chili peppers, sexyback by justin timberlake (censored version faded :14 early), not ready to make nice by dixie chicks, jesus take the wheel by carrie underwood, hide and seek by imogen heap, ain't no other man by christina aguilera, unwritten by natasha bedingfield, you can close your eyes by sheryl crow, stupid girls by pink, black horse and the cherry tree by kt tunstall, you're beautiful by james blunt (censored 45 version), save room by john legend, jenny wren by paul mccartney, bad day by daniel powter, my humps by black eyed peas, i will follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie, over my head (cable car) by the fray, is it any wonder by keane, stickwitu by the pussycat dolls.


february 13, 2007

doobie brothers - very best of (warner brothers/rhino 73384)

2007 is off to a good start with some long overdue releases and here is great compilation from the doobie brothers.  this 2 cd set includes 19 pages of liner notes and 33 of the best tracks from a legendary rock and roll group.

contents of disc 1 (64:04): listen to the music (45 version), jesus is just alright (45 version), rockin' down the highway, long train runnin', china grove, south city midnight lady, another park another sunday (lp version), eyes of silver, nobody, black water, take me in your arms (rock me), sweet maxine, i cheat the hangman, takin' it to the streets (lp version), wheels of fortune, it keeps you runnin'.

contents of disc 2 (64:08): little darling (i need you), echoes of love, what a fool believes, minute by minute, dependin' on you (45 version), real love, one step closer, wynken blynken and nod, keep this train a-rollin', here to love you, you belong to me, the doctor, south of the border, need a little taste of love, dangerous, rollin' on, ordinary man.


february 12, 2007

natalie cole - love songs (elektra/rhino 74857)

valentine's day is rapidly approaching and if you are in the mood for a romantic cd that is not filled with syrupy love songs then you might want to consider this new release from natalie cole titled "love songs".  this cd runs (76:34) and includes 15 pages of liner notes that contain the lyrics to all 19 songs included.  best of all, the selections on this cd are cross licensed from the capitol, manhattan and elektra labels so you get the original versions of all songs.  contents:unforgettable (duet with nat king cole), miss you like crazy, angel on my shoulder, when i fall in love (duet with nat king cole), a smile like yours, i live for your love, inseparable, too young, i can't say no, starting over again, more than the stars, i've got love on my mind, the very thought of you, as time goes by, our love, snowfall on the sahara, our love is here to stay, this will be (an everlasting love), livin' for love.


february 11, 2007

various artists - forever changing - the golden age of elektra records 1963-1973 (box set) (rhino/elektra 74745)

here it is folks, a long overdue 5 cd box set chronicling the history of elektra records from 1963 to 1973.  the liner notes are extensive (76 pages) with a nice mix of photos and editorial comment which is quite extensive by the way, some of it written by jac holzman the founder of elektra records back in 1950.  as you maight be aware, elektra was founded as a folk label and this is born out by the artist roster included in this box set which includes 117 songs.  here are the specifics:

contents of disc 1 which features 28 tracks, running time (76:39): turn! turn! turn!/to everything there is a season by judy collins, he was a friend by dion & the greenbriar boys, flying high bird by judy henske, dink's song (fare thee well) by bob gibson, casey by dick rosmini, shady grove by dick rosmini, little brown dog by dick rosmini, linin' track by koerner, ray & glover, the even dozens by the even dozen jug band, wild child in a world of trouble by vince martin & fred neil, good luck child by "spider" john koerner, downtown blues by geoff muldaur, i ain't marching anymore by phil ochs, the last thing on my mind by tom paxton, pride of man by hamilton camp, tomorrow is a long time by judy collins, black mountain rag by the dillards with byron berline, green rocky road by kathy & carol, cocaine by phil boroff, house un-american blues activity dream by richard farina, west egg rag by dave ray, two trains running by maxwell street jimmy davis, breeze by oliver smith, joshua gone barbados by tom rush, other side to this life by fred neil, birdses by dino valente, blues with a feeling by the paul butterfield blues band, moonlight drive by the doors (early version).

contents of disc 2 which features 23 tracks, running time (76:38): my little red book by love, wings by tim buckley, so easy she goes by by david blue, i got a mind to give up living by the butterfield blues band, the magic carpet by pat kilroy, first girl i loved by the incredible string band, the invisible backwards facing grocer who rose to fame by alasdair clayre, one time and one time only by tom paxton (electric version), changes by phil ochs, hard lovin' loser by judy collins, she comes in colors by love, light my fire by the doors (lp version), black roses by clear light, once i was by tim buckley, virgo by the zodiac cosmic sounds, buy for me the rain by steve noonan, nevertheless by eclection, fields of people by ars nova, dame fortune by the holy modal rounders, girl of the seasons by bamboo, magazine lady by "spider" john koerner & willie murphy, the red sox are winning by earth opera, i want you by the waphphle.

contents of disc 3 which features 22 tracks, running time (78:21): alone again or by love, both sides now by judy collins (wildflowers lp and 45 version), no regrets by tom rush, jennifer's rabbit by tom paxton (electric version), swift as the wind by the incredible string band, frozen warnings by nico, down river by david ackles, mad lydia's waltz by earth opera, sing a song for you by tim buckley, the sun comes up each day by david stoughton, early morning blues & greens by diane hildebrand, she sang hymns out of tune by the dillards, arthur comics by stalk- forrest group, five to one by the doors, apricot brandy by rhinoceros, when the battle is over by delaney & bonnie and friends, mt. healthy blues by lonnie mack, kick out the jams by mc5, i wanna be your dog by the stooges, go back by crabby appleton, dismal day by bread, august by love.

contents of disc 4 which features 18 tracks, running time (76:05): down on the street by the stooges (45 version), louise by paul siebel, amazing grace by judy collins, that's the way i've always heard it should be by carly simon, riders on the storm by the doors (lp version), the future's not what it used to be by mickey newbury, start living by farquahr, taxi by harry chapin, true story of amelia earhart by plainsong, i hardly knew her name by the wackers, ballad of the ship of state by david ackles, the guitar man by bread, you're so vain by carly simon, you don't grow old by courtland pickett, dolphins by cyrus faryar, shadows on the wall by skymonters with hamid hamilton camp, burning love by dennis linde, keep yourself alive by queen.

contents of disc 5 which features 26 tracks, running time (79:22): sound effects of windchimes, dont' be long by the beefeaters, i'll be back by joshua rifkin, baldheaded end of the broom by the dry city scat band, we shall be happy by joseph spence, good time music by the lovin' spoonful, born in chicago by the paul butterfield blues band (folk song '65 version), crossroads by eric clapton & the powerhouse, i'll keep it with mine by judy collins, she's a woman by the charles river valley boys, sunshine sunshine by tom rush, bird song by the holy modal rounders, she's ready to be free by clear light, wayfaring stranger by tim buckley, laissez-faire by david ackles, alphabet song by david peel & the lower east side, voodoo woman by simon stokes & the nighthawks, please (mark ii) by eclection, flames by leviathan (45 version), no words between us by show of hands, listening to music by jack s. margolis, lotus by the rainbow band, the persecution & restoration of dean moriarty (on the road) by aztec two-step, p.o.w. by good thunder, all around my grandmother's floor by andy roberts, world without end by jobriath.


january 28, 2007

georgia gibbs - the complete original hits of (hit parade records 12304)

here is another winner just released by the hit parade records label that includes 23 tracks running (58:16) and containing 7 pages of liner notes.  all of georgia gibb's top 40 hits are included on this cd, 2 for the very first time -- the hula hoop song and rock right. all tracks are mono.  contents: kiss of fire, ballin' the jack (mercury version), (if i knew you were comin') i'd've baked a cake, dance with me henry, tweedle dee, seven lonely days, i want you to be my baby, i still feel the same about you, cry, so madly in love, while you danced danced danced, happiness street, tom's tune, my favorite song, good morning mister echo, play a simple melody (duet with bob crosby), sweet & gentle, somebody bad stole de wedding bell, kiss me another, tra la la, the hula hoop song, rock right, great balls of fire.


january 28, 2007

various artists - hard to find jukebox classics 1956 (hit parade records 12303)

it is a rare day when i get to review a cd with as many first time appearances on cd as thsi one!  five songs are making their cd debut and they are city of angels by the highlights, from the candy store on the corner to the chapel on the hill by tony bennett, white silver sands by the owen bradley quintet, wringle wrangle by fess parker and my boy flat top by dorothy collins.  this entire cd runs (61:57), includes 24 tracks (all top 40 hits) in good quality sound and even includes 11 pages of liner notes!  contents: green door by jim lowe, black denim trousers by the cheers, house of blue lights by chuck miller, moonlight gambler by frankie laine, in a shanty in old shanty town by somethin' smith and the redheads, it's a sin to tell a lie by somethin' smith and the redheads, city of angels by the highlights, it's almost tomorrow by the dream weavers, true love by bing crosby & grace kelly (stereo), on the street where you live by vic damone, two different worlds by don rondo, from the candy store on the corner to the chapel on the hill by tony bennett, can you find it in your heart by tony bennett, rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody by jerry lewis, moonglow and theme from picnic by morris stoloff (stereo 45 version), tonight you belong to me by patience & prudence, i dreamed by betty johnson, white silver sands by the owen bradley quintet, cinco robles (five oaks) by russell arms, cindy, oh cindy by vince martin with the tarriers, wringle wrangle by fess parker, rock island line by lonnie donegan, my boy flat top by dorothy colllins, rock & roll waltz by kay starr.


january 26, 2007

al green - the definitive greatest hits (capitol 82041 with bonus dvd or capitol 82040 without the bonus dvd)

there have been previous al green greatest hits packages released but sometimes it pays to be patient and wait for an even better package to come along.  such is the case with "the "definitive greatest hits" which is the most comprehensive single disc greatest hits package yet released by al green.  this cd has 21 tracks, 14 pages of liner notes and runs a whopping (76:58).  contents: let's stay together, tired of being alone, take me to the river, i'm still in love with you, look what you done for me, here i am (come and take me), love and happiness, keep me cryin', call me (come back home), livin' for you, let's get married (lp version), sha-la-la (make me happy), l-o-v-e (love), you ought to be with me, oh me, oh my (dreams in my arms), full of fire (lp version), back up train, i can't get next to you, belle, i can't stop, perfect to me.


january 25, 2007

roxette - a collection of roxette hits: their 20 greatest songs (capitol 73031 with bonus dvd or capitol 67978 without the bonus dvd)

it's a new year and record companies are starting to get back into the groove of releasing catalog product.  here is a good opener from capitol records dealing with the career of the duo roxette.  nice 18 page booklet of liner notes is included with this 20 track compilation that runs (79:38) .  contents: one wish, the look, dressed for success, listen to your heart (european 45 version), dangerous, it must have been love (lp version), joyride (45 version), fading like a flower (every time you leave), spending my time, how do you do!, almost unreal, sleeping in my car, crash! boom! bang!, run to you, wish i could fly, stars, the centre of the heart, milk and toast and honey, a thing about you, reveal.


december 18, 2006

various artists - legends of country: classic hits of the '50s, '60s, '70s (box set) (shout! factory 31016)

if you want to start a classic country radio station, this should be your first purchase.  a terrific 3 cd box set of country giants with a 35 page booklet of liner notes and photos included make this one of the best box sets of 2006.  to be overly critical, the title of this box set should really read classic hits of the '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s as the first two songs are from the '40s and two songs on disc 3 are from the '80s.  there is one larger error and that is the inclusion of a rerecorded version of dave dudley's "six days on the road" but overall this set is a jewel.  disc 1 runs (51:47) and includes 19 tracks: new san antonio rose by bob wills and his texas playboys, walking the floor over you by ernest tubb, i walk the line by johnny cash, jambalaya (on the bayou) by hank williams, the battle of new orleans by johnny horton, sixteen tons by tennessee ernie ford, young love by sonny james, walkin' after midnight by patsy cline, oh lonesome me by don gibson, i'm movin' on by hank snow, el paso by marty robbins, the wild side of life by hank thompson, it wasn't god who made honky tonk angels by kitty wells (this is the answer song to the wild side of life), crazy arms by ray price, six days on the road by dave dudley (rerecording), i fall to pieces by patsy cline, hello walls by faron young, walk on by by leroy van dyke, the tennessee waltz by patti page.  disc 2 runs (50:52) and includes 19 tracks: act naturally by buck owens, she thinks i still care by george jones, king of the road by roger miller, abilene by george hamilton iv, flowers on the wall by statler brothers, once a day by connie smith, big bad john by jimmy dean ("big big man" version), the three bells by the browns, ring of fire by johnny cash, i've got a tiger by the tail by buck owens, ode to billie joe by bobbie gentry, harper valley p.t.a. by jeannie c. riley, coal miner's daughter by loretta lynn, hello darlin' by conway twitty, please help me i'm falling by hank locklin, last date by floyd cramer, he'll have to go by jim reeves, make the world go away by eddy arnold, stand by your man by tammy wynette.  disc 3 runs (56:29) and includes 19 tracks: when you're hot you're hot by jerry reed, wasted days and wasted nights by freddy fender (with a :10 spoken introduction), rose garden by lynn anderson, rhinestone cowoy by glen campbell, the most beautiful girl by charlie rich, help me make it through the night by sammi smith, mammas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys by waylon & willie, kiss an angel good morning by charley pride, take this job and shove it by johnny paycheck, convoy by c.w. mccall, the gambler by kenny rogers, don't it make my brown eyes blue by crystal gayle, i will always love you by dolly parton, luckenbach texas by waylon jennings, the happiest girl in the whole u.s.a. by donna fargo, he stopped loving her today by george jones, it was almost like a song by ronnie milsap, on the road again by willie nelson, for the good times by ray price.


november 30, 2006

paris sisters - the complete phil spector sessions (varese sarabande 302066757)

never thought i would see a paris sisters cd released but here it is, all the tracks produced by phil spector for the paris sisters finally assembled on one cd.  there are 11 tracks on this cd which includes 2 pages of liner notes and a running time of (26:50).  all tracks are mono except track 11 which is a stereo mix of "i love how you love me".  contents: be my boy, i'll be crying tomorrow, i love how you love me, all through the night, he knows i love him too much, a lonely girl's prayer, let me be the one, what am i to do?, yes - i love you, once upon a while ago, i love how you love me (stereo mix which is not faithful to the hit single version).


november 29, 2006

various artists - burt bacharach & friends - gold (hip-o/mercury b0007324)

it is not often that i say a cd release is terrific but i will call this cd release terrific!  this is a 2 cd set of songs written by burt bacharach and liner notes composed by either the artists who recorded the songs on this package or by burt bacharach himself.  disc 1 has 20 tracks and a running time of (67:08) and disc 2 has 21 tracks and a running time of (72:39).  contents of disc 1: (they long to be) close to you by the carpenters (remixed 45 version), do you know the way to san jose by dionne warwick, what the world needs now is love by jackie deshannon, wishin' and hopin' by dusty springfield, what's new pussycat by tom jones (45 and o.s.t. what's new pussycat vinyl lp version), one less bell to answer by the fifth dimension, i'll never fall in love again by dionne warwick, i say a little prayer by aretha franklin, you'll never get to heaven (if you break my heart) by the stylistics, walk on by by isaac hayes (45 version), a house is not a home by luther vandross, the look of love by sergio mendes & brasil '66, baby it's you by the shirelles (mono with the 45 lyrics), message to michael by the marvelettes, trains and boats and planes by billy j. kramer & the dakotas, twenty four hours from tulsa by gene pitney, make it easy on yourself by the walker brothers, knowing when to leave by burt bacharach.  contents of disc 2: anyone who had a heart by dionne warwick, i just don't know what to do with myself by dusty springfield, mexican divorce by the drifters, wives and lovers by jack jones, only love can break a heart by gene pitney, blue on blue by bobby vinton, alfie by cher, the man who shot liberty valence by gene pitney, casino royale by herb alpert & the tijuana brass, promises promises by jerry orbach, living together growing together by the fifth dimension, arthur's theme by christopher cross, any day now by ronnie milsap, heartlight by neil diamond, on my own by patti labelle & michael mcdonald, reach out for me by olivia newton-john, always something there to remind me by naked eyes, the windows of the world by the pretenders, don't make me over by sybil, god give me strength by burt bacharach & elvis costello, that's what friends are for by burt bacharach.


november 11, 2006

duane eddy - $1,000,000 worth of twang (jamie 4036)

always nice to see the duane eddy catalog remastered and released on cd.  here is release of the original $1,000,000 worth of twang album remasterd by tom moulton running a meager (32:28) with 3 bonus tracks and 3 pages of liner notes.  contents: rebel rouser (s), cannonball (m), the quiet three (s), bonnie came back (s), because they're young (s), theme for moon children (s), moovin' and groovin' (m), the lonely one (m), forty miles of bad road (s) (remixed with reverb added that was not on the original 45 or lp), some kinda earthquake (s), first love, first tears (s), kommotion (s), the secret seven (s), lost island (s), shazam (s).


november 5, 2006

various artists - cameo parkway greatest hits (abkco 9237)

if you missed the cameo parkway box set and want to pick up on a nice sampler of the cameo and parkway record labels this cd is for you.  unlike the box set which included several mastering errors, this single cd set has those errors corrected.  all tracks are mono with a total running time of (61:59) and this cd includes 25 tracks with 6 pages of liner notes which have no editorial comments at all.  contents: twist by chubby checker, bristol stomp by the dovells, wild one by bobby rydell, mashed potato time by dee dee sharp, gravy (for my mashed potatoes) by dee dee sharp (45 version), wah-watusi by the orlons, slow twistin' by chubby checker/dee dee sharp, swingin' school by bobby rydell, we got love by bobby rydell, butterfly by charlie gracie, silhouettes by the rays, so much in love by the tymes (45 version), limbo rock by chubby checker, dinner with drac (part 1) by john zacherle, don't hang up by the orlons, you can't sit down by the dovells, south street by the orlons, pony time by chubby checker, ride! by dee dee sharp, let's twist again by chubby checker, the cha-cha-cha by bobby rydell, volare by bobby rydell, wonderful! wonderful! by the tymes, jingle bell rock by bobby rydell/chubby checker, 96 tears by ? and the mysterians.


october 13, 2006

various artists - '80s dance (hip-o b0007385)

if you wish to pump up your 12" single version library of dance music from the 80's this is a great compilation of hard to find mostly 12" single remixes.  18 pages of liner notes are included in this 2 cd set with disc 1 containing 12 tracks running (77:38) while disc 2 contains 13 tracks running (76:08).  contents of disc 1: i can't wait (long dutch mix) by nu shooz (12" single version), she works hard for the money by donna summer (lp version), venus by bananarama (12" single version), steppin' out by joe jackson (lp version), two of hearts (european dance mix) by stacey q (12" single version), relax (new york mix) by frankie goes to hollywood (u.k. 12" single version), maniac by michael sembello (dj only 12" single version), you're my one and only (true love) by seduction (12" single version), pump up the volume (u.s. remix) by m/a/r/r/s (12" single version faded :23 early), freeway of love by aretha franklin (12" single version), higher love (u.k. extended mix) by steve winwood (12" single version), don't make me over by sybil (12" single version).  contents of disc 2: let the music play by shannon (12" single version), come go with me by expose (12" single version), everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears (12" single version), breakout by swing out sister (u.k. 12" single version), poison arrow by abc (dj only 12" single version), betcha wouldn't hurt me by quincy jones featuring patti austin (12" single version), don't look any further by dennis edwards featuring siedah garrett (u.k. 12" single version), starchild by level 42 (lp version), don't you want me by jody watley (lp version), fresh (dance mix) by kool & the gang (12" single version faded :11 early), mama used to say (british party mix) by junior (12" single version), the safety dance by men without hats (12" single version), don't stop the music by yarbrough & peoples (12" single version).


september 26, 2006

george harrison - living in the material world (apple/capitol 66899)

the long anticipated remastering of the "living in the material world" cd is now out and well worth the wait!  you will find 2 bonus tracks, a 38 page booklet of liner notes and  a total running time of (50:33).  there is also a cd + dvd version of this release available as apple/capitol 70276.  contents: give me love (give me peace on earth), sue me sue you blues, the light that has lighted the world, don't let me wait too long, who can see it, living in the material world, the lord loves the one (that loves the lord), be here now, try some buy some, the day the world gets 'round, that is all, deep blue, miss o'dell.


september 24, 2006

john phillips - john phillips (john the wolfking of l.a.) (varese sarabande 302066752)

here is another cd that i never expected would see the light of day but daylight has broken and here it is!  very nice package with 18 tracks which is 8 more than the vinyl lp of the same name that was released in 1970.  this cd runs (61:41), includes the first time on cd release of the 45 version of john's hit "mississippi" and includes 6 pages of nicely written liner notes.  contents:  april anne, topanga canyon, malibu people, someone's sleeping, drum, captain (the mermaid), let it bleed genevieve, down on the beach, mississippi (lp version), holland tunnel, shady, lonely children, lady genevieve, black girl, the frenchman, 16mm baby, larry joe hal and me,mississippi (45 version mastered from vinyl).


september 16, 2006

monkees - more of the monkees (deluxe edition) (rhino 77744)

here's is another superb reissue of a classic vinyl album from the monkees.  this is a 2 cd set with disc 1 running (55:34) containing the original stereo lp plus 10 bonus tracks and disc 2 runs (49:52) containing the original mono lp plus 8 additional bonus tracks and enclosed is a booklet with 26 pages of liner notes.  contents of disc 1: she, when love comes knockin' (at your door), mary mary, hold on girl, your auntie grizelda, (i'm not your) steppin' stone, look out (here comes tomorrow), the kind of girl i could love, the day we fall in love, sometime in the morning, laugh, i'm a believer, apples peaches bananas and pears, ladies aid society (original mono mix), i'll spend my life with you (first recorded version), i don't think you know me (second recorded version), through the looking glass (first recorded version), don't listen to linda (first recorded version), kicking stones, look out (here comes tomorrow) (with peter's narration), i'm a believer (alternate mix), mr. webster (first recorded version).  contents of disc 2: she, when love comes knockin' (at your door), mary mary, hold on girl, your auntie grizelda, (i'm not your) steppin' stone, look out (here comes tomorrow), the kind of girl i could love, the day we fall in love, sometime in the morning, laugh, i'm a believer, valleri (first recorded version), words (first recorded version), look out (here comes tomorrow) (tv version), i'll be back up on my feet (first recorded version), tear drop city (alternate mix), of you (mono mix), hold on girl (first recorded version), (i prithee) do not ask for love.


september 16, 2006

monkees - the monkees (deluxe edition) (rhino 77678)

wow, i guess if you are going to reissue a classic vinyl album this is the ultimate way to do it!  this is a 2 cd set with disc 1 running (51:40) containing the original stereo lp plus 9 bonus tracks and disc 2 runs (45:53) containing the original mono lp with 8 additional bonus tracks.  there is a booklet enclosed with 26 pages of liner notes making this a complete package!  contents of disc 1: (theme from) the monkees, saturday's child, i wanna be free, tomorrow's gonna be another day, papa gene's blues, take a giant step, last train to clarksville, this just doesn't seem to be my day, let's dance on, i'll be true to you, sweet young thing, gonna buy me a dog, (theme from) the monkees (second recorded version), the kind of girl i could love (alternate mix), i don't think you know me (micky's vocal), so goes love, papa gene's blues (alternate mix), i can't get her off my mind, (i prithee) do not ask for love (alternate mix), gonna buy me a dog (backing track), monkees radio spot.  contents of disc 2: (theme from) the monkees, saturday's child, i wanna be free, tomorrow's gonna be another day, papa gene's blues, take a giant step, last train to clarksville, this just doesn't seem to be my day, let's dance on, i'll be true to you, sweet young thing, gonna buy me a dog, kellogg's jingle, all the king's horses, you just may be the one (tv version), i wanna be free (fast version), i don't think you know me (mike's vocal), i won't be the same without her (original mono mix), propinquity (i've just begun to care) (demo version), (theme from) the monkees (tv version).


september 15, 2006

various artists - teen idols: a trip down memory lane (intersound 6519)

save your money and do not even consider buying this cd as it contains 11 tracks of early 60's music recorded live but nowhere on the packaging does it mention that these tracks are recorded live.  deception is the worst form of consumer fraud.


september 14, 2006

tony bennett - tony bennett's greatest hits of the '50s (rpm records/columbia/legacy 84786)

normally i wouldn't bring this cd to your attention because it is just a rehash of what has been released on other tony bennett compilations but for the first time, you will find the correct hit version of "firefly" on this cd.  the bad news is that many of tony's top 40 hits from the '50s have yet to see the light of day on compact disc such as "from the candy store on the corner to the chapel on the hill", "happiness street" and "the autumn waltz" and they should have been included on this cd.  there are 16 tracks on this cd which runs (46:09) and includes 11 pages of liner notes that contain nothing but a few photos and song credits. contents: the boulevard of broken dreams, because of you, cold cold heart, blue velvet, rags to riches, stranger in paradise, sing you sinners, just in time, ca c'est l'amour, it amazes me, firefly, the party's over, lost in the stars, luillaby of broadway, smile, climb ev'ry mountain.


september 13, 2006

roy orbison - sings lonely and blue (remastered and expanded edition) (monument/legacy 85572)

this is one of 3 remastered roy orbison cd's and the sound on all 3 is fabulous.  throw in 7 pages of liner notes and 4 bonus tracks and you get a terrific cd with 16 total tracks and a running time of (40:57).  contents:  only the lonely, bye bye love, cry, blue avenue, i can't stop loving you, come back to me (my love), blue angel, raindrops, (i'd be) a legend in my time, i'm hurtin', twenty-two days, i'll say it's my fault, uptown, pretty one, here comes that song again, today's teardrops.

roy orbison - crying (remastered and expanded edition) (monument/legacy 85574)

this is the 2nd of three remastered roy orbison cd's with 4 bonus tracks, 7 pages of liner notes, 16 total tracks and a running time of (41:22).  contents: crying, the great pretender, love hurts, she wears my ring, wedding day, summer song, dance, lana, loneliness, let's make a memory, nite life, running scared, candy man, let the good times roll, dream baby (how long must i dream), the actress.

roy orbison - in dreams (remastered and expanded edition) (monument/legacy 85573)

this is the 3rd of three remastered roy orbison cd's and like the other two, this one features 4 bonus tracks, 7 pages of liner notes and 16 total tracks with a running time of (41:49).  unlike the other two cd's however, the printed track lineup on the cd jacket is not accurate but the printed track lineup on the cd itself is accurate.  correct contents: in dreams, lonely wine, shahdaroba, no one will ever know, sunset, house without windows, dream, blue bayou, (they call you) gigolette, all i have to do is dream, beautiful dreamer, my prayer, falling, distant drums, mean woman blues, pretty paper.


september 12, 2006

kingston trio - the essential (shout! factory 31018)

shout! factory doesn't release many cd's these days but when they do they are well thought out with good quality mastering.  this is a 2 cd set with disc 1 containing 21 tracks running (56:17) and disc 2 containing 19 tracks running (53:01).  there are 23 pages of liner notes making this an excellent buy.  contents of disc 1: tom dooley, scotch and soda, coplas, saro jane, sloop john b, bay of mexico, they call the wind maria, shady grove/lonesome traveler, when the saints go marching in, tijuana jail, m.t.a., early in the mornin', corey corey, molly dee, a worried man, haul away, el matador, raspberries strawberries, bad man's blunder, everglades, buddy better get on down the line.  contents of disc 2: bonny hielan' ladie, coast of california, coming from the mountains, reuben james, take her out of pity, jesse james, where have all the flowers gone, little light, chilly winds, oh miss mary, roddy mccorley, greenback dollar (uncensored lp version), the long black veil, honey are you mad at your man, reverend mr. black, the patriot game, hobo's lullaby, desert pete, i'm going home.


september 10, 2006

various artists - hilarious! greatest novelty hits (flashback 79718)

i rarely see novelty cd's being issued so i thought i would bring this one to your attention.  this one only has 10 tracks and a running time of (27:59) but it is a cheap release on the flashback label which is a subsidiary of rhino so the quality is good and the price is right.  contents:  hello muddah, hello fadduh by allan sherman, kookie kookie (lend me your comb) by edward byrnes and connie stevens, tip-toe through the tulips with me by tiny tim (45 version), little old man by bill cosby, pepino the italian mouse by lou monte, rubber biscuit by blues brothers, fish heads by barnes & barnes, the curly shuffle by jump n' the saddle band, eat my shorts by rick dees, i wanna be a flintstone by the screaming blue messiahs.


september 10, 2006

various artists - women & song 2 (rhino 73353)

this is an excellent compilation of female vocalists from recent years with 19 tracks and a total running time of (75:49).  contents: frozen by madonna (edit), a thousand miles by vanessa carlton, standing still by jewel, black horse and a cherry tree by kt tunstall, lovefool by cardigans, i bruise easily by natasha bedingfield, stay (i missed you) by lisa loeb, that's the way love goes by janet jackson, right to be wrong by joss stone, have you ever? by brandy (45 version), crush by jennifer paige, carnival by natalie merchant (neither the 45 nor lp version), constant craving by k.d. lang, i don't want to wait by paula cole, listen to your heart by d.h.t. featuring edmee, i love you always forever by donna lewis, kiss me by sixpence none the richer (45 version), only time by enya.


september 3, 2006

smokey robinson & the miracles - gold (motown b0007247)

there have been numerous greatest hits packages released over the years for smokey robinson & the miracles but this is probably the most complete as it contains almost all of the top 40 hits for both smokey robinson & the miracles and also smokey robinson solo. there are 40 tracks total with a 19 page booklet of liner notes.  disc 1 contains 23 tracks with a total running time of (67:42) while disc 2 contains 17 tracks with a total running time of (72:12).  contents of disc 1: bad girl, (you can) depend on me, shop around, i'll try something new, you've really got a hold on me (:14 longer than the 45 or lp), mickey's monkey (:23 longer than the 45 or lp), i like it like that (alternate take), that's what love is made of, ooo baby baby, the tracks of my tears, my girl has gone (remixed and :14 longer than the 45 or lp), going to a go-go, (come 'round here) i'm the one you need, the love i saw in you was just a mirage, more love, i second that emotion, if you can want (lp length), yester love, special occasion, baby baby don't cry, doggone right, point it out, who's gonna take the blame.  contents of disc 2: the tears of a clown (lp version), i don't blame you at all, satisfaction, we've come too far to end it now, --all songs from here on are by smokey robinson solo--baby come close (45 version), i am i am, baby that's backatcha (45 version), quiet storm, open, cruisin' (lp version), let me be the clock (lp version), being with you, ebony eyes (duet with rick james), just to see her, one heartbeat, double good everything, my world (radio mix).


august 17, 2006

various artists - doo-wop forever volume 2 (empire musicwerks 545450846)

not a lot of top 40 hits on this 2 cd set but a lot of doo-wop memories.  a 10 page booklet of liner notes is included with nicely written annotations by victor pearlin.  disc 1 contains 20 tracks running (48:17) while disc 2 contains 20 tracks running (49:50).  contents of disc 1: rama lama ding dong by edsels, out of mind out of sight by five keys (original recording but not the hit version), ko ko mo by flamingos, lovers by blendtones, long tall girl by carnations, since i fell for you by harptones, remember by velours, aurelia by pelicans, all in my mind by maxine brown, here in my heart by timetones, wedding bells by paragons, it's going to be alright by decoys, what are you doing new years eve? by dante & the evergreens, newly wed by orchids, let's go for a ride by collegians, heaven knows (i love you) by chuck & lucks, franny franny by nino & the ebbtides, gee i'm in love by elchords, no one to love by crests, searching for a new love by belmonts.  contents of disc 2: those oldies but goodies (remind me of you) by nino & the ebbtides, trickle trickle by videos, coney island baby by excellents, fat, fat, fat, mom-mi-o by chalets, p.s. i love you by classics, babalu's wedding day by eternals, gloria by five thrills, praying for a miracle by dreamtones, wine wine wine by nightcaps, sweet sixteen by colts, what time is it? by jive five, never let you go by five discs, high on a hill by scott english, now that summer is here by videls, the way love should be by nutmegs, fine little girl by arcades, teenage triangle by five satins, i'll make you understand by performers, i'm yours by flamingos, can i walk you home by velours.


august 8, 2006

various artists - buzz ballads (razor & tie 89129)

the folks at razor & tie always release top notch compilations and here is another one titled buzz ballads.  18 tracks included with a total running time of (76:31).  contents:  it's been a while by staind, lightning crashes by live, jumper by third eye blind, hemorrhage (in my hands) by fuel, glycerine by bush, if you could only see by tonic, a long december by counting crows, hanging by a moment by lifehouse, santeria by sublime, doll parts by hole, the world i know by collective soul, wasting my time by default, here's to the night by eve 6, everything you want by vertical horizon, linger by cranberries, what it's like by everlast, desperately wanting by better than ezra, someday by sugar ray.


august 8, 2006

various artists - summer beach party: songs from the classic beach movies of the '60s (varese sarabande 302066742)

the beach party movies of the 60's were generally less than impressive but the music from those movies was usually better than the movies themselves.  so why not issue a "summer beach party" cd?  here it is with 6 pages of liner notes and 19 tracks and a total running time of (40:55).  contents:  beach party by frankie avalon, secret surfin' spot by dick dale, don't stop now by frankie avalon, surfin' and a swingin' by dick dale, pajama party by annette, ride the wild surf by jan & dean, bikini beach by cast, bikini drag by pyramids, love's a secret weapon by donna loren, gotcha where i want you by exciters, record run by pyramids, surf party by astronauts, muscle bustle by donna loren, how to stuff a wild bikini by kingsmen, girls on the beach by beach boys, it only hurts when i cry by donna loren, geronimo by nancy sinatra, hot rod roadster by rip chords, dr. goldfoot & the bikini machine by beas.


august 6, 2006

delbert mcclinton - the definitive collection (hip-o b0006873)

delbert mcclinton is not a household name with only 1 top 40 hit but as the 15 pages of liner notes point out, he has been very influential in the history of rock and roll.  the definitive collection features 22 tracks with a running time of (73:22).  contents:  hey baby by bruce channel (delbert played harmonica on this hit for bruce channel), i received a letter by delbert & glen clark, honky tonkin (i guess i done me some), victim of life's circumstances, two more bottles of wine, special love song, lipstick powder and paint, pledging my love, i'm dying as fast as i can, love rustler, under suspicion, ain't what you eat but how you chew it, take it easy, "b" movie boxcar blues, a mess of blues, plain old makin' love, the jealous kind, giving it up for you love, sandy beaches, heartbreak radio, maybe someday baby, you were never mine.


july 31, 2006

various artists - rockin' bones: 1950s punk & rockabilly (box set) (rhino 73346)

here's an interesting box set dedicated primarily to rockabilly music of the 50s just as the title indicates.  this is a 4 cd set with 101 songs (all mono by the way) and many obscure titles which have never appeared on compact disc.  you will also get a generous 65 page booklet of liner notes with at least a paragraph of information on each song included.  if rockabilly is your bag, this box set is as good a history of rockabilly as you will find!

contents of disc 1 (58:50): rockin' bones by ronnie dawson, let's go baby by billy eldridge, baby let's play house by elvis presley, little girl by john & jackie, cat man by gene vincent, lobo jones by jackie gotroe, juvenile delinquent by ronnie allen, froggy went a courting by danny dell, rattlesnake daddy by joe d. johnson, down on the farm by al downing, rockin' in the graveyard by jackie morningstar, dancing doll by art adams, long blonde hair, red rose lips by johnny powers, action packed by johnny dollar, boppin' high school baby by don willis, believe what you say by ricky nelson (45 version), sunglasses after dark by dwight pullen, rumble by link wray, down the line by buddy holly & bob montgomery, pink cadillac by larry dowd, black cadillac by joyce green, who's been here by commonwealth jones, i need a man by barbara pittman, please give me something by bill allen, sinners by freddie & the hitch-hikers.

contents of disc 2 (57:24): rock around with ollie vee by buddy holly, lou lou by darrell rhodes, rock crazy baby by art adams, love bug crawl by jimmy edwards, fool i am by pat ferguson, red hot by bob luman, love me by the phantom, she's my witch by kip tyler, lordy hoody by tommy blake, bloodshot by the string kings, trouble by jackie deshannon, hot shot by ronnie pearson, long gone daddy by pat cupp, curfew by steve carl, put your cat clothes on by carl perkins, pink and black by sonny fisher, domino by roy orbison, jungle rock by hank mizell, ubangi stomp by warren smith, chicken walk by hasil adkins, chicken rock by fat daddy holmes, eeny-meeny-miney-moe by bob and lucille, shirley lee by bobby lee trammell, woman love by gene vincent, one night of sin by elvis presley.

contents of disc 3 (57:59): blue suede shoes by carl perkins, duck tail by joe clay, stack-a-records by tom tall, daddy-o-rock by jeff daniels, move by boyd bennett, brand new cadillac by vince taylor, rumble rock by kip tyler, hep cat by larry terry, cast iron arm by peanuts wilson, switch blade sam by jeff daniels, ballin' keen by bobby & terry caraway, sweet rockin' baby by sonny west, get rhythm by johnny cash, rock billy boogie by johnny burnette, crazy baby by the rockin' r's, susie-q by dale hawkins, worried 'bout you baby by maylon humphries, i love my baby by the phaetons, come on little mama by ray harris, whistle bait by lorrie and larry collins, spin the bottle by benny joy, bertha lou by dorsey burnette, real gone daddy by jim flaherty's caravan, my pink cadillac by hal willis, draggin' by curtis gordon.

contents of disc 4 (59:20): action packed by ronnie dee, shakin' all over by johnny kidd, who do you love by ronnie hawkins, summertime blues by eddie cochran (missing the reverb on the "character" responses), the way i walk by jack scott, wild wild women by johnny carroll, oooh-eeee by ric cartey, get hot or go home by john kerby, swamp gal by tommy bell, miss pearl by jimmy wages, mercy by lorrie and larry collins, rock boppin' baby by edwin bruce, rockin' daddy by eddie bond, rock it by thumper jones (george jones), rhythm and booze by corky jones (buck owens), flyin' saucers rock 'n' roll by billy lee riley, shake um up rock by benny cliff trio, red hot rockin' blues by jesse james, bang bang by janis martin, one hand loose by charlie fethers, whole lotta shakin' goin' on by jerry lee lewis, fujiyama mama by wanda jackson, i got a rocket in my pocket by jimmy lloyd, oh love by don wade, school of rock 'n' roll by gene summers, rock-n-bones by elroy dietzel.


july 30, 2006

booker t & the mg's - the definitive soul collection (atlantic/rhino 77660)

rhino has embarked on a large release of 2 cd individual artist compilations titled "the definitive soul collection" and each release contains 30 tracks and a book of liner notes that runs 15 pages.  with 30 tracks each, these really are definitive collections and the remastering was done by bill inglot who prefers mono to stereo so you can count on  more mono versions than you normally would expect.  contents of disc 1 (42:51) (all tracks mono unless noted otherwise):  green onions, behave yourself, jellybread, home grown, chinese checkers, mo' onions, tic-tac-toe, soul dressing, can't be still, terrible thing, boot-leg, outrage, be my lady, summertime (stereo), jinlge bells.  contents of disc 2 (45:39) (all tracks mono unless noted otherwise):  hip hug-her, my sweet potato, booker-loo, groovin', slim jenkins place, soul sanction (stereo), pigmy (stereo), red beans and rice (live; stereo), soul limbo, hang-em high, time is tight, mrs. robinson (stereo), slum baby (stereo), something (stereo), melting pot.


july 30, 2006

curtis mayfield - the definitive soul collection (curtom/rhino 77661)

rhino has embarked on a large release of 2 cd individual artist compilations titled "the definitive soul collection" and each release contains 30 tracks and a book of liner notes that runs 15 pages.  with 30 tracks each, these really are definitive collections and the remastering was done by bill inglot who prefers mono to stereo so you can count on  more mono versions than you normally would expect.  contents of disc 1 (67:45) (all tracks stereo unless noted otherwise):  (don't worry) if there's a hell below we're all going to go), the makings of you, move on up, get down, we got to have peace, beautiful brother of mine, freddie's dead (mono 45 version), superfly, pusherman, future shock, if i were only a child again, can't say nothin', kung fu, sweet exorcist, mother's son.  contents of disc 2 (all stereo):  so in love, only you babe, party night, show me love, do do wap is strong in here, you are you are, do it all night, between you baby and me (with linda clifford), you're so good to me, love's sweet sensation (with linda clifford), love me love me now, tripping out, she don't love nobody (but me), baby it's you, do be down.


july 30, 2006

solomon burke - the definitive soul collection (rhino 77666)

rhino has embarked on a large release of 2 cd individual artist compilations titled "the definitive soul collection" and each release contains 30 tracks and a book of liner notes that runs 15 pages.  with 30 tracks each, these really are definitive collections and the remastering was done by bill inglot who prefers mono to stereo so you can count on  more mono versions than you normally would expect.  contents of disc 1 (44:57) (all mono):  just out of reach (of my two empty arms), cry to me, down in the valley, i'm hanging up my heart for you, go on back to him, home in your heart, if you need me, can't nobody love you, you're good for me, he'll have to go, goodbye baby (baby goodbye), everybody needs somebody to love, looking for my baby, yes i do, the price, tonight's the night.  contents of disc 2 (46:46) (all mono unless noted otherwise):  got to get you off my mind, someone is watching, baby come on home, keep looking, kep a light in the window till i come home, take me (just as i am), detroit city (stereo), party people (stereo), i wish i knew (how it would be to feel free), soul meeting (released as by the soul clan), get out of my life woman (stereo), proud mary (stereo), midnight and you (stereo), you and your baby blues (stereo).


july 30, 2006

spinners - the definitive soul collection (atlantic/rhino 77667)

rhino has embarked on a large release of 2 cd individual artist compilations titled "the definitive soul collection" and each release contains 30 tracks and a book of liner notes that runs 15 pages.  with 30 tracks each, these really are definitive collections and the remastering was done by bill inglot who prefers mono to stereo so you can count on  more mono versions than you normally would expect.  contents of disc 1 (65:15) (all stereo):  it's a shame, i'll be around, how could i let you get away, could it be i'm falling in love, i could never (repay your love), one of a kind (love affair) (uncensored version), don't let the green grass fool you, ghetto child, mighty love, i'm coming home, then came you (with dionne warwicke), love don't love nobody, since i been gone, i've got to make it on my own, living a little laughing a little (lp version).  contents of disc 2 (56:30) (all stereo):  they just can't stop it (the games people play) (lp version), sadie, i don't want to lose you, love or leave, honest i do, wake up susan, the rubberband man (45 version), you're throwing a good love away, me and my music, heaven on earth (so fine), easy come easy go, if you wanna dance (all night), are you ready for love, working my way back to you/forgive me girl, cupid/i've loved you for a long time.


july 30, 2006

wilson pickett - the definitive soul collection (atlantic/rhino 77614)

rhino has embarked on a large release of 2 cd individual artist compilations titled "the definitive soul collection" and each release contains 30 tracks and a book of liner notes that runs 15 pages.  with 30 tracks each, these really are definitive collections and the remastering was done by bill inglot who prefers mono to stereo so you can count on  more mono versions than you normally would expect.  contents of disc 1 (40:14) (all mono): i found a love (this is really the version released by the falcons), it's too late, in the midnight hour, don't fight it, 634-5789 (soulsville, u.s.a.), ninety-nine and a half (won't do), land of 1,000 dances, mustang sally, everybody needs somebody to love, soul dance number three, funky broadway, i'm in love, stag-o-lee, jealous love, she's lookin' good.  contents of disc 2 (49:04) (all tracks are stereo):  i'm a midnight mover, i found a true love, a man and a half, hey jude, mini-skirt minnie, hey joe, you keep me hangin' on, sugar sugar, she said yes, engine number 9 (lp version), don't let the green grass fool you, don't knock my love part 1, call my name i'll be there, fire and water, funk factory.


july 30, 2006

otis redding - the definitive soul collection (atlantic/rhino 77663)

rhino has embarked on a large release of 2 cd individual artist compilations titled "the definitive soul collection" and each release contains 30 tracks and a book of liner notes that runs 15 pages.  with 30 tracks each, these really are definitive collections and the remastering was done by bill inglot who prefers mono to stereo so you can count on  more mono versions than you normally would expect.  contents of disc 1 (41:24) (all mono): these arms of mine, that's what my heart needs, pain in my heart, come to me, security, chained and bound, mr. pitiful, that's how strong my love is, i've been loving you too long (to stop now) (45 version), i'm depending on you, respect (45 version), i can't turn you loose, a change is gonna come, satisfaction, my lover's prayer.  contents of disc 2 (42:15) (all mono): fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad song), try a little tenderness, i love you more than words can say, tramp (with carla thomas), shake, knock on wood (with carla thomas), glory of love, (sittin' on) the dock of the bay, the happy song (dum-dum), lovey dovey (with carla thomas), amen, hard to handle, look at the girl, papa's got a brand new bag, i've got dreams to remember.


june 27, 2006

lou rawls - the very best of: you'll never find (capitol 58269)

here is a really nice package of lou rawls hits with a 10 page booklet of liner notes, 24 bit mastering and cross licensing so that hits from all different record labels that lou recorded for are included.  this cd has 21 tracks with a total running time of (78:39) and is highly recommended.  contents: dead end street (lp version), love is a hurtin' thing, trouble down here below, a natural man, your good thing (is about to end), street corner hustler blues/world of trouble (live), i can't make it alone, you can bring me all your heartaches, you made me so very happy, on broadway, righteous woman/i wanna little girl, breaking my back (instead of using my mind), the shadow of your smile (live), bring it on home, show business, down here on the ground, lady love, see you when i git there, groovy people, let me be good to you, you'll never find another love like mine.


june 7, 2006

various artists - beatlemaniacs !!! the world of beatle novelty records (ace 1075 u.k. import)
comments:with the carefrees song �we love you beatles� not readily available on u.s. cd, one is forced to turn to this excellent 24 track compilation of songs dedicated to the fab four.�most of these songs come from the 1964 heyday of beatlemania when artists were attempting to cash in on the mercurial rise of the beatles on the charts.�the songs fall in to the pro category (�i�ll let you hold my hand� by the bootles and �a beatle i want to be� by sonny curtis) and the con category (�stamp out the beatles� the hi-riders and sissy spacek as rainbo decrying his �bigger than jesus� comment in �john, you went too far this time�).�the only song that really doesn�t fit might actually be the best song here and that�s the rocked up version of �please please me� by link wray that oddly went unreleased at the time.�there was a resurgence of these sorts of records with the �paul is dead� garbage and to that end you get future grand funk manager terry knight�s �hey jude� knockoff �saint paul� not the mention �the ballad of paul� by the mystery tour.�as to the carefrees, the sound is excellent (as it is on all the tracks compared to similar quasi-legit cds like flabby road which come from vinyl).�the screaming at the end seems to quiet down a hair earlier than the 45, but that�s negligible.�the only other u.s. chart record here is the four preps clever �a letter to the beatles� which saw them scrape the bottom of the charts (the vernons girls hit the u.k. charts with �we love the beatles (beatlemania)� which is also on this cd).�the packaging is fabulous with lots of great photos of memorabilia.
posted by:george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist

june 4, 2006

instant funk - i got my mind made up: best of (salsoul/koch 5889)

chat board members will love this cd as for the first time ever in the u.s. we get the 7"  single version of the hit "i got my mind made up".  there are 15 tracks on this cd with a total running time of (77:36) and the liner notes consist of nothing but song credits.  contents:  i got my mind made up (45 version), everybody, why don't you think about me, bodyshine, the funk is on, who took away the funk, (just because) you'll be mine, no stoppin' that rockin', crying, slam dunk the funk, witch doctor, punk rockin', slap slap lickedy lap, it's cool, i got my mind made up (you can get it girl) (remix).


may 10, 2006

helen reddy - the woman i am: the definitive collection (captiol 57613)

never thought i would be recommending a helen reddy cd but i must admit, this compilation of her hits caught my attention.  22 tracks included with a total running time of 72:08 and 10 pages of liner notes written by helen reddy herself!  new higher generation master tapes were used to produce this cd which includes all 14 of her top 40 hits.  contents:  i don't know how to love him, crazy love, best friend, i am woman, peceful, delta dawn, leave me alone (ruby red dress), keep on singing, you and me against the world, think i'll write a song, angie baby, emotion (mono; 45 version), bluebird, ain't no way to treat a lady, somewhere in the night (mono), i can't hear you no more, you're my world, candle on the water, we'll sing in the sunshine, the west wind circus (live), mama (live), surrender.


may 5, 2006

various artists - fabulous fifties crooners sing their hard to find hits (hit parader records 12302)

for those of you into early and mid 50's pre-rock music, this is a great package.  23 tracks running (65:55) and an 8 page booklet of nicely written liner notes is included.  sound quality is very good with all tracks mono of course for the era involved.  you will find first time on cd appearances in the us for the songs the bible tells me so by nick noble and caribbean by mitchell torok.  contents:  something's gotta give by sammy davis jr., a kiss to build a dream on by louis armstrong, when it's sleepy time down south by louis armstrong, i apologize by billy eckstine, a blossom fell by nat king cole, take my heart by al martino, here by tony martin, no arms can ever hold you by pat boone, wanted by perry como, turn back the hands of time by eddie fisher, hold my hand by don cornell, it's almost tomorrow by snooky lanson, wish you were here by eddie fisher, till we two are one by georgie shaw, dream a little dream of me by jack owens, the bible tells me so by nick noble, he by al hibbler, crying in the chapel by rex allen, the shifting whispering sands by rusty draper, this ole house by stuart hamlen, caribbean by mitchell torok, gambler's guitar by rusty draper.


may 4, 2006

various artists - the beach music sound/sand in my shoes (varese sarabande 302066724)

the folks at varese sarabande don't put out many cd's but when they do you can count on a winner and here is another example with a beach music anthology containing 25 tracks, with 6 pages of liner notes and a total running time of (69:24).  beach music is not what many people associate with the beach boys and jan & dean surf music but rather this is east coast style music popular primarily in the carolinas, that you do a dance to called the "shag".  contents:  it will stand by the showmen (m), zing! went the strings of my heart by the coasters (s), harlem shuffle by bob & earl (s), i've got sand in my shoes by the drifters (s), i love you 1,000 times by the platters (s), it won't be this way (always) by the king pins (m), love makes a woman by barbara acklin (s), at the top of the stairs by the formations (m), i've been hurt by bill deal & the rhondells (m), i've never found a girl (to love me like you do) by eddie floyd (s), ms. grace by the tymes (s), hold back the night by the trammps (s) (45 length), across the street by lenny o'henry (m), i get the sweetest feeling by jackie wilson (s), (you've got me) dangling on a string by chairmen of the board (m), i dig everything about you by the mob (m), i'm your puppet by james & bobby purify (m), the oogum boogum song by brenton wood (s) (stereo lp version), you're no good by betty everett (s), nothing can stop me by gene chandler (m), make me yours by bettye swan (m) (truncated fade), and get away by the esquires (s) (truncated fade), too late to turn back now by cornelius brothers & sister rose (s), come go with me by del-vikings (s) (1972 rerecording), the tams medley by the tams (s) (1971 recordings).


april 23, 2006

ray stevens - box set (curb 78889)

buyer beware, this 3 cd set marks an all time low in the history of compact disc releases as the hits on this set are all rerecordings!  oddly enough, when curb released the ray stevens catalog previously, they used the original hit versions but on this package they use rerecordings.  not even worthy of giving you a track lineup as this is a complete rip off.


april 19, 2006

prince - ultimate (warner brothers 73381)

here is a modern day collectible as it was on the market for a week and then deleted so you may have a hard time finding this cd but if you can find a used copy, pick it up!  great overview of prince's career on this 2 disc set.  there are 12 pages of fold out liner notes which are nothing but photos and song credits with absolutely no editorial comments.  disc 1 runs (77:25) and here are the contents: i wanna be your lover (45 version), uptown, controversy, 1999 (45 version), delirious (45 version), when doves cry (45 version), i would die 4 u, purple rain (lp version), sign "o" the times, i could never take the place of your man, alphabet street (lp version), diamonds and pearls (45 version), gett off (lp version), money don't matter 2 night (lp version), 7 (45 version), nothing compares 2 u, my name is prince (45 version).  disc 2 runs (79:12) and here are the contents: let's go crazy (12" single version), little red corvette (remix), let's work (remix), pop life (remix), she's always in my hair (12" single version), raspberry beret (12" single version), kiss (extended version), u got the look ("long look" version), hot thing (extended remix), thieves in the temple (remix), cream ("n.p.g." mix).


april 15, 2006

bobby brown - the definitive collection (geffen b0006111)

readers of this site will be happy to know that this collection contains 2 previously unreleased 45 versions of bobby's hits rock wit'cha and get away.  18 tracks on this cd which runs (77:47) and includes 15 pages of liner notes.  contents:  mr. telephone man (by new edition), girlfriend, girl next door, don't be cruel (neither the 45 nor lp version), my prerogative (45 version), roni (45 version), every little step (45 version), on our own (45 version), rock wit'cha (45 version), she ain't worth it (with glenn medeiros), humpin' around (video edit), something in common (with whitney houston), good enough (45 version), get away (45 version), that's the way love is, you don't have to worry (lp version by new edition), feelin' inside, thug lovin' (radio edit by ja rule featuring bobby brown).


april 12, 2006

beatles - the capitol albums vol. 2 (box set)

well we have seen the british beatles lp's released on cd and here is a collection of 4 u.s. beatles lp's that were released in 1965. the early beatles, help, rubber soul and beatles vi.  capitol even went to the trouble to give us the stereo lp's and the mono lp's for each of these albums and for historical accuracy, if some of the songs were originally released in fake stereo, they were released on this box set in fake stereo with no doctoring.  the box set comes with a 58 page booklet of liner notes and the packaging is better than the capitol albums vol. 1 box set but still could be improved.  as many of you already know, the first pressings of the box set contain one error and that is for the mono versions of the lp's "rubber soul" and "beatles vi", the true mono mixes were not used but rather a fold down of the stereo mixes.  this problem has already been recognized by capitol and they are now pressing corrected mono versions of those two lp's.  supposedly capitol will exchange the incorrect pressings at some point in the future.  as far as quality goes, i was surprised at the noise that is noticeable on almost every track of every cd, i guess due to the deterioration of the master tapes in the past 41 years.  contents of "the early beatles" (52:25): love me do, twist and shout, anna, chains, boys, ask me why, please please me, p.s. i love you, baby it's you, a taste of honey, do you want to know a secret.  contents of "help" (59:07): help (mono and stereo lp version with james bond introduction), the night before, from me to you fantasy (instrumental), you've got to hide your love away, i need you, in the tyrol (instrumental), another girl, another hard day's night (instrumental), ticket to ride, the bitter end/you can't do that (instrumental), you're gonna lose that girl, the chase (instrumental).  contents of "beatles vi" (56:01):  kansas city, eight days a week, you like me too much, bad boy, i don't want to spoil the party, words of love, what you're doing, yes it is, dizzy miss lizzie, tell me what you see, every little thing.  contents of "rubber soul" (59:01):  i've just seen a face, norwegian wood (this bird has flown), you won't see me, think for yourself, the word, michelle, it's only love, girl, i'm looking through you, in my life, wait, run for your life.


april 10, 2006

doors - love/death/travel (box set) (rhino hand made 7895)

very limited edition numbered box set (5,000 copies) all of which say (for promotional use only) because according to the brief liner notes "this box set was created to raise awareness of the doors catalog in the eyes of music supervisors, film and tv, licensing reps, and agencies that are looking to expand the influence and exposure of the doors into new, previously untraveled territory."  so this is essentially a publishing demo which is being legally sold! this is a 3 cd set plus a dvd and a note to music collectors - there are no single versions of the doors songs on this box set.  contents of disc 1 (65:47): break on through (to the other side), light my fire (lp version), love me two times (lp version), l.a. woman, people are strange, love her madly, riders on the storm (lp version), hello i love you, touch me (lp version), roadhouse blues, the end, when the music's over. contents of disc 2 (58:06): peace frog, moonlight drive, soul kitchen, waiting for the sun, five to one, love street, spanish caravan, wild child, the crystal ship, i looked at you, my eyes have seen you, strange days, take it as it comes, the changeling, the unknown soldier (lp version), we could be so good together, end of the night, you're lost little girl.  contents of disc 3 (78:42): the wasp (texas radio and the big beat), not to touch the earth, indian summer, you make me real, easy ride, shaman's blues, been down so long, ship of fools, unhappy girl, i can't see you face in my mind, maggie m'gill, queen of the highway, cars hiss by my window, l'america, wishful sinful (lp mix), summer's almost gone, tell all the people, the spy, hyacinth house, blue sunday, yes the river knows.


april 9, 2006

santana - santana iii legacy edition (columbia/legacy 90270)

nice upgrade of the santana iii cd with 4 bonus tracks including the first time cd release of the 45 version of no one to depend on and a bonus cd which was recorded live at the fillmore west in 1971.  disc 1 runs (66:43) and the live cd runs (57:53) and a nice 18 page booklet of liner notes is included.  disc 1 contents: batuka, no one to depend on (lp version), taboo, toussaint l'overture, everybody's everything, guajira, jungle strut, everything's coming our way, para los rumberos, gumbo (previously unreleased studio version), folsom street one (previously unreleased studio version), banbeye (previously unreleased studio version), no one to depend on (45 version).  disc 2 contents (all live): batuka, no one to depend on, toussaint l'overture, taboo, jungle strut, black magic woman/gypsy queen, incident at neshabur, in a silent way, savor, para los rumberos, gumbo.


april 6, 2006

pretenders - pirate radio 1979-2005 (box set) (warner brothers/rhino/sire 73270)

i have nothing but good things to say regarding this box set from the pretenders.  sound quality is great and there are 4 cd's each running 77 minutes or better and a bonus dvd is included.  not to mention a 61 page booklet of liner notes, photos and song credits.  there seems to be a nice balance between previously released material and some new alternate versions, demos, previously unreleased songs and live tracks.  contents of disc 1: precious (regent park demo), stop your sobbing, the wait (45 version), kid, tattoed love boys, mystery achievement, brass in pocket, porcelain, talk of the town, message of love, cuban slide, what you gonna do about it, the adultress, bad boys get spanked, i go to sleep, day after day, birds of paradise, the english roses, time the avenger, watching the clothes (denmark street demo), show me.  contents of disc 2: back on the chain gang, thumbelina, thin line between love and hate, my city was gone, middle of the road, tequila (previously unreleased), 2000 miles, when i change my life (alternate version), my baby, worlds within worlds (previously unreleased), don't get me wrong, hymn to her, tradition of love, room full of mirrors, reconsider me (previously unreleased), hold a candle to this (alternate version), windows of the world, never do that, no guarantee, not a second time.  contents of disc 3: sense of purpose, downtown akron, how do i miss you, bold as love, when will i see you, hollywood perfume, night in my veins, 977, all my dreams, angel of the morning (original version), money talk, rebel rock me, i'll stand by you, every mother's son (demo), love colours, private life (live), lovers of today (live), creep (live), criminal (live), revolution (live).  contents of disc 4: everyday is like sunday, human (class mix), popstar, back down (previously unreleased), california (previously unreleased), the needle and the damage done, from the heart down (alternate version), who's who, biker, nails in the road, legalize me, the homecoming (live), up the neck (live), fools must die (live), nothing breaks like a heart, lie to me, complex person, you know who your friends are, i should of, the losing.


april 4, 2006

fancy - wild thing (collectables 7770)

good news and bad news here folks.  first the good news and that is that for the first time in the us, two more top 40 hits appear on cd for the first time and those are the songs touch me and wild thing.  the bad news is that the cd appears to be more than likly mastered from a relatively clean vinyl lp.  noise at the end of each track sounds suspiciously like vinyl.  a meager 10 tracks on this cd which runs just (35:19).  contents: wild thing, love for sale, move on, i don't need your love, one night, touch me, u.s. surprise, between the devil and me, i'm a woman, feel good.


march 21, 2006

various artists - tommy boy presents: hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 9, 10, 11, 12 (tommy boy 1641, 1642, 1643, 1644)

the final four installments of this series are now available and like the previous 8 volumes, all cd's contain a 4 page foldout of editorial comment and photos.   there are some very hard to find songs on each volume and tommy boy has chosen to use the censored version of the hits in this series.  volume 9 has 12 tracks running (59:41).  contents: it's my thing by epmd, it's funky enough by the doc, psk what does it mean? by schooly d, can i kick it? by a tribe called quest, goin' way back by just ice, have a nice day by roxanne shante, p is free by boogie down productions, treat 'em right by chubb rock, girls ain't nuthin' but trouble by dj jazzy jeff & fresh prince, let's talk about sex by salt-n-pepa, breakin' bells by crash crew, unity by afrika bambaataa & james brown. 

volume 10 has 12 tracks and runs (59:25).  contents: top billin' by audio two, la raza by kid frost, it's a demo by kool g rap & dj polo, it's like that by run-dmc, the adventures of super rhymes by jimmy spicer, pickin' boogers by biz markie, eric b. is president by eric b & rakim, the bridge is over by boogie down productions, do this my way by kid 'n play, jazzy sensation by afrika bambaataa & the jazzy jive, the power by chill rob g, catch the beat by t-ski valley.

volume 11 has 12 tracks and runs (56:49).  contents: opp by naughty by nature, words i manifest by gang starr, vapors by biz markie, i cram 2 understand u by mc lyte, spoonin' rap by spoonie gee, i know you got soul by eric b. & rakim, i got it made by special ed, body rock by treacherous three, wild thang by 2 much, possee on broadway by sir mix-a-lot, 8th wonder by sugar hill gang, fresh is the word by mantronix.

volume 12 has 12 tracks and runs (59:06).  contents: the breaks by kurtis blow, hold it now, hit it! by beastie boys, looking for the perfect beat by afrika bambaataa & the soul sonic force, rock box by run-dmc, cold getting dumb by just ice, the bridge by mc shan, me, myself & i by de la soul, live at the barbeque by main source, played like a piano by king tee, we got our own thang by heavy d & the boyz, it's magic by fearless four, weekend by cold crush brothers.


march 18, 2006

bob crewe generation - best of (varese sarabande 302066703)

here's another cd that i never thought i would see released, the best of the bob crewe generation.  19 tracks, with a running time of (58:19) and 2 pages of liner notes written by bob crewe himself who explains how the group got their name!  i always say that if you are going to do a cd, do it right and varese sarabande did it right by including both the album version and the 45 version of the hit "music to watch girls by".  contents: theme from a man and a woman, a lover's concerto, anna, a felicidade (theme from black orpheus), let's hang on, music to watch girls by (lp version), concrete and clay, theme for a lazy girl, barbarella, winter warm, melancholy serenade, the song from moulin rouge, i will wait for you, brother dan, wives and lovers, streetcar, miniskirts in moscow, winchester cathedral, music to watch girls by (45 version).


march 16, 2006

martha & the vandellas - gold (hip-o/motown b0005226)

i've been asked to review this cd since every martha & the vandellas cd is different in that there are a number of possible 45 vs lp version combinations.  this is a 2 cd set with 19 pages of liner notes.  disc 1 includes 20 tracks and runs (56:31) while disc 2 has 22 tracks and runs (66:34).  contents of disc 1:  i'll have to let him go, come and get these memories, (love is like a) heat wave (neither the 45 nor lp version), a love like yours (don't come knocking everyday), quicksand (neither the 45 nor lp version), darling, i hum our song, live wire, in my lonely room, dancing in the street, there he is at my door, wild one, nowhere to run, motoring, you're been in love too long, love (makes me do foolish things), my baby loves me, what am i going to do without your love, i'm ready for love, third finger left hand, it's easy to fall in love (with a guy like you).  contents of disc 2: jimmy mack (stereo 45 version but remixed), love bug leave my heart alone, one way out, honey chile, show me the way, i promise to wait my love, forget me not, i can't dance to that music you're playing, sweet darlin', (we've got) honey love, taking my love (and leaving me), i should be proud, love guess who, i gotta let you go, bless you, in and out of my life, tear it on down, willie d (martha reeves & the sweet things), power of love (martha reeves), wild night (martha reeves), love blind (martha reeves), free again (martha reeves).


march 12, 2006

various artists - another lost decade - the '80s: hard to find hits (time-life m19133)

like the title says, there are plenty of hard to find hits on this cd which includes 15 tracks and runs (59:13) and there are 6 pages of liner notes.  contents: when smokey sings by abc (45 version), the honeythief by hipsway, heaven help me by deon estes with george michael, method of modern love by hall & oates (45 version), lay your hands on me by thompson twins (this is a dj 45 - not the commercial 45), the flame by arcadia (remix), no more "i love you's" by the lover speaks, deeper and deeper by the fixx, 10-9-8 by face to face, downtown by one 2 many, strange but true by times two (remix), sugar free by wa wa nee (45 length), out of mind out of sight by the models, whirly girl by oxo, i can't break away by big pig.


march 3, 2006

various artists - monster ballads platinum edition (razor & tie 89107)

you may have seen the tv commercial for this cd and if you are looking for a nice compilation of "power ballads" you will probably like this piece which includes 18 tracks with a running time of (79:47). collectors should make note that the 45 version of "love song" by tesla makes its us debut on this cd.  contents:  i remember you by skid row, heaven by warrant, every rose has its thorn by poison, fly to the angels by slaughter, don't know what you got (till it's gone) by cinderella, when the children cry by white lion, headed for a heartbreak by winger, forever by kiss, love of a lifetime by firehouse, high enough by damn yankees, is this love by whitesnake, love song by tesla (45 version), to be with you by mr. big, don't close your eyes by kix, carrie by europe, more than words by extreme, wind of change by scorpions, silent lucidity by queensryche.


february 25, 2006

association - and then...along comes the association (collecors' choice music 647)

continuing the reissue series of original association albums comes this one which contains the first 2 hits for the group.  twelve tracks in all with a running time of (32:27) and a couple of pages of liner notes.  contents: enter the young, your own love, don't blame it on me, blistered, i'll be your man, along comes mary, cherish, standing still, message of our love, round again, remember, changes.


february 24, 2006

fixx - the twenty-fifth anniversary anthology (rainman 05082)

great idea to release a 25th anniversry salute to this british group and on the surface, all the mechanics are in place to make this a recommended cd but unfortunately this is a cd to avoid.  this is a 2 cd set with disc 1 running (73:08) and disc 2 running (78:04) with 6 pages of nice liner notes.  unfortunately this cd is a mix of studio versions and live versions of the group's hits and one of their top 40 hits, "the sign of fire" is noticeably missing.  sloppy mastering as the timing index for track 1 of disc 1 goes :06 into track 2.  contents of disc 1:  stand or fall (lp version), the feel, red skies, shuttered room, lost planes, one thing leads to another (live), deeper and deeper (live), saved by zero (lp version faded :06 early), are we ourselves (live), secret separation (live), built for the future, driven out, precious stone, calm animals, shred of evidence, cause to be alarmed, all is fair (live), how much is enough, no one has to cry.  contents of disc 2: woman on a train (acoustic), cameras in paris (acoustic), one jungle (acoustic), freeman, mayfly, two different views, we once held hands, happy landings, these boots are made for walkin', want that life, are you satisfied, you don't have to prove yourself, no hollywood ending, touch, saved by zero (acoustic).


february 22, 2006

kenny g - the essential (arista/legacy 75487)

for those looking for a post valentine's day romantic cd this one should fill the bill.  this is a 2 cd set with 10 pages of liner notes containing kenny g's personal memoirs of each song included.  disc 1 includes 16 songs with a running time of (77:28) and disc 2 includes 15 tracks with a running time of (77:25).  disc 1 contents: songbird, sade, slip of the tongue, don't make me wait for love, silhouette, against doctor's orders, what does it take (to win your love), brazil, theme from dying young, we've saved the best for last, forever in love, midinight motion (live), by the time this night is over (radio edit but :11 longer), loving you, have yourself a merry christmas, sentimental.  disc 2 contents: what a wonderful world, morning, sister rose, even if my heart would break, the moment, summertime, missing you now, pick up the pieces, my heart will go on, beautiful, havana, going home, the way you move, deck the halls/the twelve days of christmas, auld lang syne.


february 20, 2006

heart - love songs (epic/legacy 94825)

heart has always been one of my favorite groups but this cd release broke my "heart". epic should have titled this cd "heart live" as 5 of the 12 tracks are live with a total running time of 51:11 and a few pages of liner notes that are all song credits.  contents:   sweet darlin', alone (live), magic man (live), one word, love song (live), lighter touch, these dreams (live), no other love, how can i refuse, unchained melody (live), love alive, what about love.


february 19, 2006

righteous brothers - gold (polydor b0005329)

there have been two righteous brothers compilations issued in the past 6 months and i keep getting asked which one is a better value for the consumer.  well the answer is the "gold" compilation which is a 2 cd set versus the "retrospective" cd which is a single cd.  "gold" has 14 pages of liner notes with disc 1 running (64:55) and disc 2 running (74:12) and another benefit of the "gold" disc is that almost all songs are stereo while the "retrospective" disc has a mix of mono and stereo. there is also a nice cross section of the solo material recorded by both bill medley (7 selections) and bobby hatfield (5 selections) on the "gold" cd.  disc 1 contents: little latin lupe lu (m), hot tamales (s), gotta tell you how i feel (m) (bill medley solo), my babe (s), koko joe (s), let the good times roll (s), try to find another man (s), i just want to make love to you (s), something's got a hold on me (s), this little girl of mine (s), bring your love to me (s), fannie mae (s), you can have her (s), justine (s), georgia on my mind (s), you've lost that lovin' feelin' (s), the angels listened in (s), just once in my life (s), see that girl (s), unchained melody (s), hung on you (s), ebb tide (s), (i love you) for sentimental reasons (s), the white cliffs of dover (s).  disc 2 contents (you're my) soul & inspiration (s), stand by (s), he (s), go ahead and cry (s), something you got (s), on this side of goodbye (s), a man without a dream (m), melancholy music man (s), stranded in the middle of no place (s), that lucky old sun (m) (bill medley solo), hang-ups (m) (bobby hatfield solo), brothers (s) (bobby hatfield solo), i can't make it alone (s) (bill medley solo), brown eyed woman (s) (bill medley solo), peace brother peace (s) (bill medley solo), this is a love song (s) (bill medley solo), only you (and you alone) (s) (bobby hatfield solo), my prayer (s) (bobby hatfield solo), answer me my love (bobby hatfield solo), woman, man needs ya (s), someone is standing outside (s) (bill medley solo), rock and roll heaven (s), give it to the people (s), dream on (s).


february 18, 2006

brenda lee - the definitive collection (mca nashville/decca b0004738)

this is a 1 cd anthology that is a bargain for the price as it runs (75:20) and contains 28 tracks with 15 pages of liner notes.  note that the song "your used to be" appears on this collection for the very first time in the us.  the only down side is that there are still 3 top 40 hits by brenda that have yet to appear on cd in the us and this would have been the perfect time and place to include those 3 hits which are "it started all over again", "think" and "rusty bells".  all songs are stereo with the exception of "your used to be" which is mono.  contents:  dynamite, sweet nothin's, i'm sorry, that's all you gotta do, i want to be wanted, emotions, i'm learning about love, you can depend on me, dum dum, fool #1, anybody but me, break it to me gently, everybody loves me but you, heart in hand, all alone am i, your used to be, losing you, my whole world is falling down, i wonder, the grass is greener, as usual, is it true?, too many rivers, coming on strong, nobody wins, big four poster bed, tell me what it's like, rockin' around the christmas tree.


february 16, 2006

david bowie - the platinum collection (virgin 31304)

i call this package to your attention because it is not only delightful but for collectors it contains for the first time ever on cd in the us, the 45 version of "day-in day-out".  in fact most of the tracks on this 3 cd set are the single versions.  there are 14 pages of liner notes included with no editorial comments, just track listings, credits and photos. i should note that discs 1 and 2 in this set have been previously released with the titles "the best of david bowie 1969/1974" and "the best of david bowie 1974/1979".   disc 1 has 20 tracks and runs (77:46) - contents: the jean genie, space oddity, starman, ziggy stardust, john i'm only dancing, rebel rebel, let's spend the night together, suffragette city, oh! you pretty things, velvet goldmine, drive-in-saturday, diamond dogs, changes, sorrow, the prettiest star, life on mars?, aladdin sane, the man who sold the world, rock 'n' roll suicide, all the young dudes.  disc 2 has 18 tracks and runs (69:33) - contents: sound and vision, golden years (45 length), fame (lp version), young americans (45 version), john i'm only dancing (again), can you hear me, wild is the wind, knock on wood (live), the secret life of arabia, dj, beauty and the beast, breaking glass, boys keep swinging, heroes (45 version).  disc 3 has 19 tracks and runs (77:14) - contents: let's dance (45 version), ashes to ashes (45 version), under pressure (with queen), fashion (45 version), modern love (45 version), china girl (45 version), scary monsters (and super creeps) (45 version), up the hill backwards, alabama song, drowned girl, cat people (putting out fire) (film version single edit), this is not america (with the pat metheney group), loving the alien (lp version), absolute beginners (45 version), when the wind blows, blue jean, day-in day-out (45 version), time will crawl, underground (45 version).


february 15, 2006

whitesnake - the definitive collection (geffen b0003945)

here is an excellent compilation of whitesnake hits running (79:23) with 14 pages of liner notes and photographs and 18 tracks.  contents: don't break my heart again, walking in the shadow of the blues, ain't no love in the heart of the city, ready an' willing, slide it in, love ain't no stranger, slow an' easy, fool for your loving, judgment day, the deeper the love, now you're gone, looking for love, give me all your love, is this love, here i go again (lp version), still of the night, pride and joy, we wish you well.


february 14, 2006

linda ronstadt - the best of: the capitol years (capitol 60751)

this package is a two disc set of linda's 4 solo lp's for capitol records: hand sown...home grown (with 1 bonus track), silk purse (with 1 bonus track), linda ronstadt (with 3 bonus tracks) and heart like a wheel.  10 pages of liner notes are included and disc 1 runs (66:56), disc 2 runs (73:48).  a good anthology of linda's capitol solo years but i wish they would have also included the stone poneys albums.  disc 1 contents: (from "hand sown...home grown") baby you've been on my mind, silver threads and golden needles, bet no one ever hurt this bad, a number and a name, the only mama that'll walk the line, the long way around, break my mind, i'll be your baby tonight, it's about time, we need a whole lot more of jesus (and a lot less rock & roll), the dolphins, it wont' be easy (bonus track)/// (from "silk purse") lovesick blues, are my thoughts with you?, will you love me tomorrow?, nobody's, louise, long long time (lp version), mental revenge, i'm leavin' it all up to you, he darked the sun, life is like a mountain railway, he darked the sun (nashville version - bonus track).  disc 2 contents: (from "linda ronstadt") rock me on the water, crazy arms, i won't be hangin' round, i still miss someone, in my reply, i fall to pieces, ramblin' round, birds, i ain't always been faithful, rescue me, can it be true, kate (live), long long time (live) (the last 3 songs are bonus tracks)///(from "heart like a wheel") you're no good, it doesn't matter anymore, faithless love, the dark end of the street, heart like a wheel, when will i be loved, willing, i can't help it (if i'm still in love with you), keep me from blowing away, you can close your eyes.


february 10, 2006

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 8 (tommy boy 1641)

see my review below of volume 5 for specifics of this ongoing anthology series of "hip hop essentials".  volume 8 contains 12 tracks with a total running time of (58:09).  contents: funk you up by sequence, the message by grandmaster flash & the furious five, gucci time by schooly d, colors by ice-t, push it by salt-n-pepa (remix), the gas face by 3rd bass, slow down by brand nubian, mr. big stuff by heavy d & the boys, check the rhyme by a tribe called quest, buffalo gals by malcolm mclaren & the world's famous supreme team, buddy ("native tongue decision" version) by  de la soul, if i ruled the world by kurtis blow.


february 10, 2006

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 7 (tommy boy 1640)

see my review below of volume 5 for specifics of this ongoing anthology series of "hip hop essentials".  volume 7 contains 12 tracks with a total running time of (58:10).  contents: i'm your pusher by ice-t, talkin' all that jazz by stetasonic, planet rock by afrika bambaataa, the bubble bunch by jimmy spicer, my mic sounds fine by salt-n-pepa, fight the power by public enemy, walk this way by run-dmc, joy & pain by rob base & dj e-z rock, sweet black p***y by dj quick, wrath of my madness by queen latifah, on the radio by crash crew, doowutchyalike by digital underground.  


february 10, 2006

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 6 (tommy boy 1639)

see my review below of volume 5 for specifics of this ongoing anthology series of "hip hop essentials".  volume 6 contains 12 tracks with a total running time of (63:42).  contents: the godfather by spoonie gee, children's story by slick rick, my philosophy by boogie down productions, new york, new york by grandmaster flash & the furious five, just to get a rep by gang starr, my melody by eric b. & rakim, king of rock by run-dmc, wild thing by tone loc, just a friend by biz markie, the lover in you by sugar hill gang, funk box party by masterdon committee, we want some p by 2 live crew.


february 10, 2006

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 5 (tommy boy 1638)

for those of you that missed my review of volumes 1-4 of this series of "hip hop essentials" you can reference those reviews by scanning back to december 4, 2005.  the second installment which covers volumes 5 through 8 is now available and like the first four volumes, each volume contains a 4 page fold out of liner notes with either photos or editorial comment on each side.  there are some very hard to find songs on each volume and tommy boy has chosen to use the censored version of the hits in this series.  volume 5 has 12 tracks running (68:49).  contents: that's the joint by funky 4+1, freedom by grandmaster flash, bring the noize by public enemy, it takes two by rob base and dj e-z rock, wild wild west by kool moe dee, fat boys by fat boys, making cash money by busy bee, ring ring ring (ha ha hey) by de la soul, jim browski by jungle brothers, ladies first by queen latifah, hey dj by world famous supreme team, money (dollar bill y'all) by jimmy spicer


february 6, 2006

various artists - love songs gold (hip-o b0006072)

it's that time of the year when thoughts turn to a nice valentine's day present and this cd would make an excellent romantic gift.  this is perhaps the best of all romantic cd's released yet this year and there are 2 cd's in this package with disc 1 running 79:00 and disc 2 running 79:55 with a 23 page booklet of liner notes.  disc 1 contents (all songs stereo):  the shoop shoop song by cher (2:49), (you're my) soul and inspiration by righteous brothers (3:05), my girl by temptations (2:42), ain't nothing like the real thing by marvin gaye & tammi terrell (2:12), dedicated to the one i love by mamas & papas (2:56), you wear it well by rod stewart (4:19), nassau/baby i love your way by peter frampton (studio recording which is not the hit version) (5:50), the things we do for love by 10cc (3:27), true by spandau ballet (5:30), baby, come to me by patti austin with james ingram (3:34), just once by quincy jones with james ingram (4:30), will you still love me by chicago (4:11), breathe again by toni braxton (4:28), get here by oleta adams (4:33), save the best for last by vanessa williams (3:38), incomplete by sisqo (4:31), all my life by k-ci & jojo (5:25), i'll make love to you by boyz ii men (4:03), up where we belong by joe cocker & jennifer warnes (3:51), at last by etta james (2:58).  disc 2 contents (all songs stereo): can't get enough of your love babe by barry white (3:48), feels good by tony! toni! tone! (4:56), if it isn't love by new edition (3:43), best of my love by emotions (3:39), could it be magic by donna summer (3:52), let's stay together by al green (3:52), let's get it on by marvin gaye (4:50), you are so beautiful by joe cocker (2:40), touch me in the morning by diana ross (3:24), reunited by peaches & herb (3:56), always by atlantic starr (4:44), cherish by kool & the gang (5:38), still by commodores (3:39), being with you by smokey robinson (4:04), truly by lionel richie (3:17), more than words by extreme (5:32), stay by lisa loeb (3:00), i honestly love you by olivia newton-john (3:35), always on my mind by willie nelson (3:28), i got you babe by sonny & cher (3:05).


february 1, 2006

various artists - now #1's (umg recordings b0005959)

for those of you interested in a terrific compilation of contemporary hits this cd should be of great interest.  20 tracks with a total running time of 74:35, this cd culls the best from the previously released volumes of the now series.  all tracks are the censored versions with the exception of hey ya by outkast.  contents:  hot in herre by nelly (3:48), hey ya! by outkast (uncensored version) (3:53), hollaback girl by gwen stefani (3:18), survivor by destiny's child (3:59), love don't cost a thing by jennifer lopez (3:40), all for you by janet jackson (4:21), bye bye bye by nsync (3:17), baby one more time by britney spears (3:29), bump, bump, bump by b2k featuring p. diddy (3:52), i try by macy gray (3:53), i knew i loved you by savage garden (4:07), pieces of me by ashlee simpson (3:35), again by lenny kravitz (3:45), all star by smash mouth (3:19), absolutely (story of a girl) by nine days (3:11), kryptonite by 3 doors down (3:53), how you remind me by nickelback (3:42), with arms wide open by creed (3:52), hanging by a moment by lifehouse (3:33), the reason by hoobastank (3:50)


january 25, 2006

various artists - casey kasem presents america's top ten hits 1990s: rock's greatest hits (top sail prductions 71904)

this is the 3rd and final cd release of 2005 for ttop sail productions and just like the other two, it is highly recommended.  20 stereo tracks with a total running time of 79:40 with a 6 page booklet of liner notes that contain some interesting trivia questions like "the proclaimers released the song "i'm gonna be (500 miles)" in 1988 but it didn't become a hit until 1993 when the song appeared in what movie?".  contents: two princes by spin doctors, one week by barenaked ladies, run-around by blues traveler, wonderwall by oasis, kiss me by sixpence none the richer (lp version), i'm gonna be (500 miles) by proclaimers, semi-charmed life by third eye blind (45 version), carnival by natalie merchant (dj 45 edit), breakfast at tiffany's by deep blue something, hands by jewel (lp version faded :16 early), sex and candy by marcy playground, follow you down by gin blossoms (hard to find 45 version), i'll be by edwin mccain, linger by cranberries, the freshman by the verve pipe (45 version), damn i wish i was your lover by sophie b hawkins (dj 45 edit), lullaby by shawn mullins (dj 45 edit), runaway train by soul asylum, nothing compares 2 u by sinead o'connor, suicide blonde by inxs.


january 25, 2006

various artists - casey kasem presents america's top ten hits 1980s: rock's greatest hits (top sail prductions 71903)

this is the 2nd of three cd releases in 2005 for the folks at top sail productions and this time we get 20 more stereo tracks with a total running time of 79:20 and a 6 page booklet of liner notes which are interesting in that they make some very thought provoking music trivia statements like the "invisible touch" album by genesis was the first album by a group to generate 5 top ten singles.  contents: cum on feel the noize by quiet riot, wait by white lion, 18 and life by skid row, i want to know what love is by foreigner, run to you by bryan adams, centerfold by j. geils, sister christian by night ranger (45 version), owner of a lonely heart by yes (45 length), here i go again by whitesnake (45 version), heaven by warrant (45 version), touch of grey by grateful dead (45 version), keep on loving you by reo speedwagon, tonight, tonight, tonight by genesis (45 version), hit me with your best shot by pat benatar (lp version), every rose has its thorn by poison, keep your hands tto yourself by georgia satellites, come dancing by kinks, sussudio by phil collins, amanda by boston, shake it up by cars.


january 25, 2006

various artists - casey kasem presents america's top ten hits 1970s: rock's greatest hits (top sail prductions 71902)

very nice package here from the folks at top sail productions who only release a few cd's each year but they are worth the wait.  20 stereo tracks on this volume with a total running time of  79:21 and a 6 page booklet of liner notes which are interesting in that they ask some very thought provoking music trivia questions like "in 1973, grand funk railroad shortened their name to grand funk - how long did they stick with the name grand funk?"  contents: hot blooded by foreigner (lp version), i want you to want me by cheap trick (studio version from the "in colour" lp), bang a gong by t-rex, evil ways by santana, don't look back by boston, feel like makin' love by bad company, joker by steve miller (45 version), long train runnin' by doobie brothers, frankenstein by edgar winter group (45 version), love is alive by gary wright (lp length), spill the wine by eric burdon & war, lady by styx, some kind of wonderful by grand funk, magic man by heart, mama told me not to come by three dog night (lp version), me and bobby mcgee by janis joplin (lp version), i hear you knockin' by dave edmunds, miracles by jefferson starship (45 version), school's out by alice cooper (lp version), long cool woman by the hollies.


january 22, 2006

neil diamond - the essential greatest hits collection: 2005 usa tour edition (columbia 95110)

very strange release here as the packaging indicates this is is an expanded version of the 2001 release "the essential" but this is not the case.  instead of following the printed track lineup, columbia decided to cut corners and simply include the previous "the essential" and add a bonus dvd.  even the cd's inside this package state that this is "the essential"  and not "the essential greatest hits collection: 2005 tour edition".  buyer beware - you will not get what the printed packaging states.  instead you will get exactly the 2001 "the essential" release which consists of 2 cd's with the first cd containing 19 tracks running 66:15 and the second cd containing 19 tracks running 75:16 plus a bonus dvd.  disc 1 contents:  solitary man (m), cherry cherry (m), i got the feelin' (m), kentucky woman (m), girl, you'll be a woman soon (m), you got to me (m), red red wine (m), thanks the lord for the night time (m), i'm a believer (m), sweet caroline (s), song sung blue (s), holly holy (s), i am...i said (s), cracklin' rosie (s), play me (s) (live), morningside (s) (live), crunchy granola suite (s) (live), brooklyn roads (s) (live), soolaimon (s) (live).  disc 2 contents:  america (s) (lp version), hello again (s) (45 version), love on the rocks (s), captain sunshine (s) (live), he ain't heavy...he's my brother (s) (live), medley: yes i will/lady magdeline (s) (live), shilo (s) (live), brother love's traveling salvation show (s) (live), if you know what i mean (s), beautiful noise (s), you don't bring me flowers (s) (duet with barbra streisand), desiree (s), forever in blue jeans (s) (lp length), september morn (s), yesterday's songs (s), heartlight (s), headed for the future (s), you are the best part of me (s).


january 5, 2006

oliver - good morning starshine: best of (taragon 1104)

taragon always aims to please with their cd releases and this is another interesting release of theirs.  12 tracks on this cd with a total running time of 43:10 and not only is the sound excellent but we get oliver's top 40 hit "sunday mornin'" on cd for the first time in the us.  contents: good morning starshine, jean, sunday mornin', angelica, young birds fly, buddy, come softly to me (released as by billy 'n sue who are really oliver and lesley gore), i can remember, light the way, early mornin' rain, walkin' down the line, why you been gone so long? (released as by bill oliver swofford).


january 4, 2006

paris sisters - best of (curb 78861)

curb records has always had a bad reputation for releasing "best of" cd's that are full of rerecorded material and here is another example of a cd release that fails to mention on the packaging that the contents are rerecorded.  11 rerecorded tracks on this cd, all mono, running a whopping (24:33).  contents: i love how you love me, i don't even care, won't you help me, i came a long way to nowhere, can't help falling in love, be my boy, i don't give a darn, together, yesterday, he knows i love him too much, always waitin'.


december 18, 2005

harry belafonte - the essential (rca/legacy 69242)

legacy has done a good job of taking over the rca catalog until now.  when an artist has only 6 top 40 hits, how can you issue two of those six as live recordings and a 3rd as a rerecording?   two discs in this package with disc 1 running (75:34) and disc 2 running (78:16) and 12 pages of liner notes.  disc 1 contents :  midnight special (s), island in the sun (m), zombie jamboree (s), delia (s), cocoanut woman (s) (rerecording), danny boy (s) (live), jamaica farewell (m), turn the world around (s), the first time ever i saw your face (s), cu cu ru cu cu paloma (m), i'm just a country boy (m), venezuela (m), hava nageela (m), scarlet ribbons (m), man smart (woman smarter) (m), shenandoah (m), angelina (s), matilda (m), empty chairs (s), jump in the line (s).  disc 2 contents: jerry (this timber got to roll) (m), waly waly (s), in that great gettin' up mornin' (m), cotton fields (s) (live), and i love you so (s), those three are on my mind (s), goin' down jordan (s), abraham, martin & john (s), on top of old smokey (s), my lord what a mornin' (s), jump down, spin around (m), mary's boy child (m) (lp version), mama look a boo boo (s) (live), (there's a) hole in the bucket (s), take my mother home (m), try to remember (s), banana boat song (day-o) (s) (live).


december 18, 2005

***this review has been modified as i have recently discovered the preview disc mailed to me for review was not what was issued commercially.

ricky nelson - best of (capitol 12262)

yet another reissue of ricky nelson's top 40 hits, this one to coincide with the 20th anniversary of his death.  this cd contains 25 of ricky's top 25 hits on one cd which is good but even with 25 songs, the running time is only 58:46.  for those looking for any first time stereo you won't find any on this disc.  contents: travelin' man (s) (ends cold), hello mary lou (s), poor little fool (m), lonesome town (s), believe what you say (m) (45 version), i'm walkin' (m), waitin' in school (m), everlovin' (m), fools rush in (s), teenage idol (m), stood up (m), be bop baby (m) (45 version), my bucket's got a hole in it (m), it's late (s), never be anyone else but you (s), i got a feeling (s), sweeter than you (s), young emotions (m), a wonder like you (m), just a little too much (s), it's up to you (s) (:13 longer than the 45), young world (m), i wanna be loved (s), you are the only one (s), garden party (s).


december 9, 2005

sam cooke - best of (rca/legacy 69550)

well it was a good idea releasing a single cd of sam cooke's greatest hits and this had the potential for being a superb cd but....a total running time of 38:51?  we do get 10 pages of liner notes and 14 top 40 hits plus 1 low charting flip side but sam had quite a few additional hits that could have been included.  contents:  you send me (m), only sixteen (s), everybody loves to cha cha cha (s), (i love you) for sentimental reasons (m), wonderful world (m), summertime (m), chain gang (s), cupid (s), twistin' the night away (s), sad mood (s), having a party (s), bring it on home to me (s), win your love for me (m), you were made for me (m), nothing can change this love (s).


december 4, 2005

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 4 (tommy boy 1637)

for an overview of this whole series, see my review of volume 1.  here are the specifics of volume 4 which has 12 tracks and a total running time of 63:24.  contents: white lines by grand master flash, roxanne roxanne by utfo, don't believe the hype by public enemy, ego trippin' by ultramagentic mcs, raw by big daddy kane, mentirosa by mellow man ace, around the way girl by ll cool j, it's yours by t-la rock, sucker mcs by run-dmc, 8 million stories by kurtis blow, go see the doctor by kool moe dee, me so horny by 2 live crew.


december 4, 2005

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 3 (tommy boy 1636)

for an overview of this whole series, see my review of volume 1.  here are the specifics of volume 3 which has 12 tracks and a total running time of 56:18.  contents: microphone fiend by eric b & rakim, bonita applebaum by a tribe called quest, parents just don't understand by jazzy jeff & fresh prince, gold digger by epmd, f**k the police by n.w.a., the 900 number by 45 king, bitch betta have my money by amg, this cut's got flavor by latee, ain't no half-steppin' by big daddy kane, humpty dance by digital underground, pee wee's dance by joeski love.


december 4, 2005

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 2 (tommy boy 1635)

for an overview of this whole series, see my review of volume 1.  here are the specifics of volume 2 which has 12 tracks and a total running time of 52:46.  contents: rebel without a pause by public enemy, last night by kid n play, nobody beats the biz by biz markie, paper thin by mc lyte, goin' back to cali by ll cool j, plug tunin' by de la soul, bust a move by young mc, looking at the front door by main source, cinderfella by dana dane, be a father to your child by ed o g & the bulldogs, just buggin' by whistle, f**k compton by tim dog.


december 4, 2005

various artists - tommy boy presents hip hop essentials 1979-1991 volume 1 (tommy boy 1634)

it is about time a label put together a history of hip hop music and tommy boy comes out of the chutes first.  there are 4 initial volumes of the "hip hop essentials" to be followed by 4 additional volumes in late january and yet 4 more coming in march.  all songs are the original versions so obviously there is a lot of cross licensing on these volumes and each volume comes with fold open liner notes consisting of 4 pages with either photos or editorial comment on each side. volume 1 features 12 tracks with a total running time of 72:10.  contents: rockin' it by fearless four, hey ladies by beastie boys (missing the last :02), south bronx by boogie down productions, egypt egypt by egyptian lover, tramp by salt n pepa, the symphony by marley marl, la di da di by doug e fresh, rapper's delight by sugarhill gang (slight edit of the 12" single long version), genius rap by dr. jeckel, the ghetto by too short, scorpio by grand master flash, supersonic by j.j. fad.


november 22, 2005

joe cocker - mad dogs & englishmen (deluxe edition) (a&m b0005531)

here's a very interesting cd that just came to my attention because it contains for the very first time on compact disc, the 45 version of "the letter" not to mention the 12 bonus tracks that did not appear on the vinyl lp "mad dogs & englishmen".  if you are a joe cocker fan, this cd is truly a deluxe edition that you should consider essential.  disc 1 has 12 tracks with a running time of 57:25.  contents: honky tonk women, she came in through the bathroom window, the weight, sticks and stones, bird on a wire, cry me a river, superstar, feelin' alright, something, darling be home soon, let it be, further on up the road.  disc 2 has 14 tracks with a running time of 79:32.  contents: let's go get stoned, space captain, hummingbird, dixie lullaby, the letter, delta lady, give peace a chance, blue medley: (i'll drown in my own tears, when something is wrong with my baby, i've been loving you too long), with a little help from my friends, girl from the north country, and four studio sessions: under my thumb, the letter, space captain, the ballad of mad dogs & englishmen.


november 17, 2005

peppermint rainbow - will you be staying after sunday (collectors' choice 611)

another surprise release from collectors' choice music is this 11 track lost artifact from 1969 running 30:18.  interesting tidbit of trivia involves the song "green tambourine", track 9 on this disc which is the exact same instrumental track that the lemon pipers used on their hit single of the same name in 1968.  the common connection is their producer paul leka who produced both groups.  contents: will you be staying after sunday/if we can make it to monday, pink lemonade, and i'll be there, run like the devil, jamais, don't wake me up in the morning michael, walking in different circles, sierra (chasin' my dream), green tambourine, rosemary, i found out i was a woman.


november 16, 2005

cowsills - we can fly (collectors' choice music 612)

you can never predict what the collectors' choice music company will release next and this is truly a surprise release!  who would ever have thought that this vinyl lp would show up on cd?  well here it is, a straight reissue of the vinyl lp with 11 tracks running 32:09.  now there are some problems with the printed tray card that i must mention: first the jacket only lists 10 songs when there are 11 on the cd just like the vinyl lp; second, the order of the tracks is not correct on the cd jacket; lastly the cd jacket states that "we can fly" is the mono lp version and therefore the 45 version but this is not true.  "we can fly" is the stereo mix and does not include the chuckling at the very end of the song that you will find on the mono 45.  a frequent reader of this review section has just emailed me to point out that the entire cd is recorde out of phase which i didn't catch upon first listen but he is correct!  so with all of this as background, here is the true track lineup:  we can fly (stereo mix), gray sunny day, heaven held, a time for remembrance, gotta get away from it all, what is happy baby (not even listed on the tray card), in need of a friend, yesterday's girl, beautiful beige, mister flynn, one man show.


november 11, 2005

various artists - girl group sounds: lost & found (4 cd box set) (rhino 74645)

for those into early 60's girl groups, this is an absolutely essential box set.  4 discs with 30 tracks on each, a 201 page booklet of liner notes plus a superb old style hat box  to hold the cd's and superb mastering make this box set one of the best of 2005.  disc 1 contents: needle in a haystack by the velvelettes (m), he's got the power by the exciters (m), no one knows what's goin' on (in my mind but me) by the chiffons (m), i'd much rather be with the girls by donna lynn (m), keep your hands off my baby by little eva (m), nothing but a heartache by the flirtations (m), you don't know by ellie greenwich (s), boys by the shirelles (s), big bad world by cathy saint (m), out in the streets by shangri-las (m), is it true by brenda lee (s), please don't wake me by the cinderellas (m), i'll keep holding on by the marvelettes (m), oh no not my baby by maxine brown (s), may my heart be cast into stone by the toys (m), magic garden by dusty springfield (m), i never dreamed by the cookies (m), he's a bad boy by carole king (m), happy, that's me by little frankie (m), dream boy by jackie deshannon (s), try the worryin' way by the fabulettes (m), i can't let go by evie sands (m), go now by bessie banks (m), you're no good by dee dee warwick (m), opportunity by the jewels (m), life and soul of the party by mally page (m), break-a-way by irma thomas (s), what am i gonna do with you by lesley gore (s), he did it by the ronettes (s), baby that's me by the cake (m).  disc 2 contents: i adore him by the angels (m), the train from kansas city by the shangri-las (s), please go away by the shirelles (s), let me get close to you by the chiffons (s), i have a boyfriend by the chiffons (m), i'm into somethin' good by earl-jean (m), i'll come running by lulu (s), if there's anything else you want (let me know) by roddie joy (m), when the lovelight starts shining through his eyes by the supremes (s) (this version first appeared on teh vinyl lp "a collection of 16 big hits volume 2"), it comes and goes by sadina (m), baby, baby i still love you) by the cinderellas (m), girl don't come by sandie shaw (m), that's when the tears start by the blossoms (m), what a lonely way to start the summertime by the bitter sweets (m), don't drop out by dolly parton (m), the one you can't have by the honeys (m), i'm nobody's baby now by reparata & the delrons (m), you're so fine by dorothy berry (m), when you're young and in love by ruby & the romantics (s), my one and only, jimmy boy by the girlfriends (m), a friend of mine by the geminis (m), chico's girl by the girls (m), cause i love him by alder ray (s), bye bye baby by mary wells (m), the first cut is the deepest by p.p. arnold (s), i won't tell by tracey dey (m), egyptian shumba by the tammys (s), i sold my heart to the junkman by the starlets (credited on the record label to the blue belles) (m), walking in different circles by goldie & the ginerbreads (m), the hideaway by the young generation (m).  disc 3 contents: the trouble with boys by little eva (m), lookin' for boys by the pin-ups (m), dream baby by cher (m), condition red by the goodees (s), should i cry (alternate take) by jackie deshannon (s), i'm blue (the gong-gong song) by the ikettes (m), i've been wrong before by cilla black with george martin's orchestra (m), love's gone bad by chris clark (m), nightmare by the whyte boots (m), she don't deserve you by the honey bees (m), will you be my love by the four j's (m), take me for a little while by evie sands (m), funnel of love by wanda jackson (m), i'm gonna destroy that boy by the what four (m), terry by twinkle (m), untrue unfaithful (that was you) by nita rossi (m), sophisticated boom boom by the goodies (m), saturday night didn't happen by reparata & the delrons (m), don't ever leave me by connie francis (m), don't forget about me by barbara lewis (m), wanna make him mine by the emeralds (m), only to other people by the cookies (m), big-town boy by shirley matthews and the big town girls (m), daddy you gotta let him in by the satisfactions (m), after last night by the rev-lons (m), how can i tell my mom and dad by the lovelights (s), too hurt to cry, too much in love to say goodbye by the darnells (m), up down sue by the luv'd ones (m), when i think of you by twiggy (m), good, good lovin' by the blossoms (s).  disc 4 contents: when the boy's happy (the girl's happy too) by the four pennies (m), don't drag no more by susan lynne (m), i'm afraid they're all talking about me by dawn (m), that's how it goes by the breakaways (m), some of your lovin' by the honey bees (m), peanut duck by marsha dee (m), thank goodness for the rain by peanut (m), steady boyfriend by april young (m), he was really sayin' somethin' by the velvelettes (s), i know you love me not by julie driscoll (m), whatever happened to our love by maxine brown (s), heart by petula clark (m), i can't give back the love i feel for you by syreeta wright (m), he makes me so mad by the hollywood jills (m), i can't wait until i see my baby's face by dusty springfield (s), crying in the rain by carole king (m), we don't belong by sylvan (m), you don't love me no more by madeline bell (m), hey, tell me boy by marie knight (m), brink of disaster by lesley gore (s), who do you love by the sapphires (m), i'm 28 by toni basil (m), they never taught that in school by gayle harris (m), dressed in black by the pussycats (m), ain't gonna kiss ya by the ribbons (m), every little bit hurts by brenda holloway (original version but not the hit version) (m), mister loveman by yvonne carroll (m), make the night a little longer by the palisades (m), mixed up, shook up girl by patti & the emblems (live) (m), good night baby by the butterflys (m).


october 28, 2005

john fogerty - the long road home (fantasy 9689)

who could have ever imagined that john fogerty would be happily reunited with fantasy records in 2005?  here is a 25 track best of package running 77:02 of john's solo efforts and a lot of creedence clearwater revival hits.  it's nice to get johns combined efforts on one disc but fantasy did collectors no favors in the remastering as songs that were previously released in very narrow stereo are still in very narrow stereo.  there are 4 previously unreleased tracks included but they are all live recordings.  all songs are technically stereo but.....  contents: creedence clearwater revival releases -born on the bayou, bad moon rising, who'll stop the rain, fortunate son, lookin' out my back door, up around the bend, down on the corner (lp version), have you ever seen the rain, sweet hitch-hiker, lodi, green river, run through the jungle, travelin' band, proud mary.  john fogerty solo recordings - centerfield, rambunctious boy, almost saturday night (live), the old man down the road, rockin' all over the world (live), deja vu (all over again), hot rod heart.  previously unreleased ccr live recordings - bootleg (live), hey tonight (live), keep on chooglin' (live), fortunate son (live).


october 22, 2005

? and the mysterians - best of cameo parkway 1966-1967 (abkco 9232)

and here it is folks, the 7th of 7 individual artist cd's just released by abkco from the vaults of the cameo parkway label.  each of these cd's has an 11 page liner note booklet and this cd has 27 tracks running 67:58.  contents: i need somebody (m), stormy monday (s), you're telling me lies (s), ten o'clock (s), set aside (m), up side (m), "8" teen (m), don't tease me (s), don't break this heart of mine (s), why me (s), midnight hour (m), 96 tears (m), girl (you captivate me) (s), can't get enough of you baby (m), got to (s), i'll be back (s), shout (part 1 & 2) (s), hangin' on a string (s), smokes (s), it's not easy (s), don't hold it against me (m), just like a rose (m), do you feel it (s), do something to me (m), love me baby (cherry july) (m), midnight hour (s) (previously unreleased version), 96 tears (s) (previously unreleased version)


october 22, 2005

dovells - best of cameo parkway 1961-1965 (abkco 9226)

here is disc 6 of the individual artist series just released by abkco from the vaults of the cameo parkway label.  11 pages of liner notes come with this cd which contains 21 tracks running 51:49 and all tracks are mono except 1-2-3 by len barry which is stereo.  contents: bristol stomp, no no no, foot stompin', mope-itty mope, do the new continental, the actor, bristol twistin' annie, your last chance, kissin' in the kitchen, the jitterbug, you can't sit down, baby workout, hey beautiful, betty in bermudas, dance the froog, stop monkeyin' around, don't come back, little white house, hearts are trump, 1-2-3 (by len barry).


october 22, 2005

tymes - best of cameo parkway 1963-1964 (abkco 9234)

here is disc 5 of the individual artist series just released by abkco from the vaults of the cameo parkway label. 11 pages of liner notes come with this cd which contains 22 tracks running 53:27 and all tracks are mono.  contents:  so much in love (lp version with a :10 introduction not found on the 45), wonderful! wonderful! (45 version), come with me to the sea, stranger in paradise, malibu, words written on water, anymore, somewhere, here she comes, hello young lovers, way beyond today, one little kiss, address unknown, wonderland of love, to each his own, chances are, my summer love, the magic of our summer love, the lamp is low, and that reminds me, view from my window, goodnight my love.


october 22, 2005

orlons - best of cameo parkway 1961-1966 (abkco 9227)

the one thing that abkco did right was price their individual artist cd's at a great price and here is another cd in their historic first time on cd reissue series with 20 tracks, 11 pages of liner notes and a running time of 48:32.  all tracks are mono.  contents: i'll be true, the wah-watusi, don't hang up, the conservative, south street, cement mixer, not me, crossfire!, don't throw your love away, bon-doo-wah, everything nice, shimmy shimmy, rules of love, heartbreak hotel, knock! knock! (who's there?), goin' places, envy (in my eyes), don't you want my lovin', spinning top, mr. twenty one.


october 22, 2005

dee dee sharp - best of cameo parkway 1962-1966 (abkco 9233)

very nice compilation of the original cameo parkway hits for dee dee sharp with all songs presented in mono, 24 tracks, 11 pages of liner notes and a running time of 58:03.  contents: mashed potato time (low fidelity), gravy (for my mashed potatoes) (45 version), baby cakes, you are my sunshine, ride!, do the bird, slow twistin' (with chubby checker but primarily with dee dee sharp doing singing the lead which was not the hit version), you ain't nothin' but a nothin', just to hold my hand, rock me in the cradle of love, wild!, why doncha ask me, never pick a pretty, willyam willyam, where did i go, deep dark secret, there ain't nothin' i wouldn't do for you, (that's what) my mama said, let's twine, standing in the need of love, it's a funny situation, i really love you, (it's wonderful) the love i feel for you, to know him is to love him.


october 22, 2005

bobby rydell - best of cameo parkway 1959-1964 (abkco 9230)

continuing on with my look at the cameo parkway artists recently released for the first time on compact disc, here is one from bobby rydell which contains 25 tracks, runs 59:58, contains 11 pages of liner notes and is all mono with the exception of the track "that old black magic" which is stereo.  contents: please don't be mad, all i want is you, we got love, kissin' time, i dig girls, wild one, ding-a-ling, swingin' school (opening word corrected from the version found on the cameo parkway box set), little bitty girl, volare, sway, that old black magic, i wanna thank you, butterfly baby, good time baby, i've got bonnie, i'll never dance again, the third house (in from the right), wildwood days, the cha-cha-cha, the best man cried, forget him, a world without love, jingle bell rock (duet with chubby checker), a message from bobby.


october 21, 2005

chubby checker - best of: cameo parkway 1959-1963 (abkco 9225)

some historic cd's have just been issued by abkco with lots of first time on cd songs included so i will review them all for you starting with this one by chubby checker which contains 24 tracks and runs 57:56 with all songs appearing in mono and a nice booklet of liner notes which runs 11 pages.  contents: dancin' party, the twist, toot, the class, twistin' usa, the hucklebuck, whole lotta shakin' going on, pony time, dance the mess around, good good lovin', let's twist again, the fly, slow twistin' (45 version), popeye the hitchhiker, limbo rock (neither the 45 nor lp version with added drum beats on the ending), let's limbo some more, hooka tooka, loddy lo, hey bobba needle, birdland, surf party, twist it up, twistin' around the world, jingle bell rock (with bobby rydell).


october 16, 2005

righteous brothers - retrospective 1963-1974 (abkco 9235)

a nice package here even if it is a little heavy on the mono content.  20 tracks with a total running time of 60:14 and 11 pages of liner notes.  i must note that the bill medley solo hit "brown eyed woman" is included here for the first time at the correct speed and length.  contents: unchained melody (m), my babe (m), justine (m), see that girl (m), just once in my life (m), you've lost that lovin' feelin' (m), hung on you (m), on this side of goodbye (s), little latin lupe lu (m), georgia on my mind (s), he (s), the white cliffs of dover (m), ebb tide (m) (with 45 version reberb), (i love you) for sentimental reasons (m), go ahead and cry (s), (you're my) soul and inspiration (s), hang ups (m), browne eyed woman (bill medley solo) (first appearance on cd with the correct speed and length), melancholy music man (m), rock and roll heaven (s).


october 14, 2005

tony orlando & dawn - to be with you (r2 entertainment 7306)

another in the tony orlanmdo & dawn reissue series, thjis cd runs 49:22 with 14 tracks and includes 6 pages of liner notes which contain commentary, photos and cong credits.  this is one of 6 cd's in the reissue series and the reason i am mentioning this particular disc is that it contains for the first time on cd in the u.s., the top 40 hit "you're all i need to get by".  contents: cupid (lp version), to be with you, caress me pretty music, selfish one, happy man, midnight love affair, talk to me, you're all i need to get by, (you're) growin' on me, when the party's over, don't let go, i count the tears, bring it on home to me, save the last dance for me.


october 14, 2005

tony orlando & dawn - new ragtime follies (r2 entertainment 7305)

a new label has undertaken a tony orlando & dawn reissue program with favorable results.  this cd running 46:00 with 15 tracks includes for the first time in the u.s., the 45 version of  steppin' out (i'm gonna boogie tonight) which all other labels to date have ignored in favor of the lp version.  there are 6 pages of liner notes which include commentary, photos and song credits.  contents: overture, steppin' out (i'm gonna boogie tonight) (lp version), say, has anybody seen my sweet gypsy rose, if it wasn't for you dear, sweet summer days of my life, who's in the strawberry patch with sally, daydream, atlanta, ukulele man, you say the sweetest things, jolie, personality, come back billie jo, steppin' out (i'm gonna boogie tonight) (45 version), reprise: strawberry patch.


october 12, 2005

michael mcdonald - the ultimate collection (warner brothers/rhino 73167)

very nice package here of hits for michael both with the doobie brothers, various duets and solo releases.  19 tracks with a running time of 77:55 and an 11 page booklet of liner notes with both commentary, photos and song credits.  contents: ain't no mountain high enough, what a fool believes (doobie brothers), i keep forgettin' (every time you're near), yah mo b there (with james ingram) (45 version but :12 longer), takin' it to the streets (doobie brothers) ( 45 version but :23 longer), sweet freedom (45 version), minute by minute (doobie brothers), on my own (with patti labelle), you belong to me (doobie brothers), real love (doobie brothers), i stand for you, it keeps you runnin' (doobie brothers), take it to heart, no love to be found, i gotta try, no lookin' back, blink of an eye, open the door (urban remix), lost in the parade.


october 11, 2005

peter, paul and mary - very best of  (warner brothers/rhino 73161)

absolutely fabulous package of hits from peter, paul and mary with 25 tracks running 79:49.  45 versions are included and all in stereo along with 19 pages of excellent liner notes.  better yet, solo tracks are included making this a must buy cd for those interested in 60's folk music.  contents:  early in the morning, 500 miles, lemon tree, if i had a hammer (45 version), where have all the flowers gone, puff the magic dragon, the cruel war, this land is your land, blowin' in the wind, stewball, don't think twice it's all right, for lovin' me, for baby (for bobbie), the times they are a changin' (live), early mornin' rain, leaving on a jet plane, i dig rock and roll music, too much of nothing, the great mandella (the wheel of life), day is done (45 version), el salvador, wedding song (there is love) (solo by paul stookey), follow me (solo by mary travers), weave me sunshine (solo by peter yarrow), don't laugh at me.


october 9, 2005

john lennon - working class hero: the definitive collection (capitol 40391)

here is a 2 cd set, reasonably priced that includes all of john lennon's hit singles and much more.  liner notes are minimal with the liner notes consisting of photos and song credits only.  disc 1 includes 19 tracks running 74:26 and disc 2 also has 19 tracks running 77:12.  disc 1 contents: (just like) starting over, imagine, watching the wheels, jealous guy, instant karma, stand by me, working class hero, power to the people, oh my love, oh yoko, nobody loves you (when you're down and out), nobody told me, bless you, come together (live), new york city, i'm stepping out, you are here, borrowed time, happy xmas (war is over).  disc 2 contents: woman, mind games, out of the blue, whatever gets you thru the night, love, mother, beautiful boy (darling boy), woman is the nigger of the world, god, scared, #9 dream, i'm losing you, isolation, cold turkey, intuition, gimme some truth, give peace a chance (with countoff), real love, grow old with me.


october 2, 2005

duane eddy - best of (bmg special products 48924)

not too often will i mention a special products cd but this one deserves mention for one reason.  stereo collectors will find a stereo version of "ballad of paladin" on this cd which has never been released in stereo on cd previously in the united states.  in fact, that song has only appeared on one other cd in the u.s. period.  budget priced, 10 tracks and a total time of 23:21.  contents: rebel rouser (s) (rerecording albeit a good rerecording), (dance with the ) guitar man (s), boss guitar (e), the ballad of paladin (s), your baby's gone surfin' (s), the son of rebel rouser (s), deep in the heart of texas (s), twangsville (s), lonely boy, lonely guitar (s), shindig (s).


september 28, 2005

cannibal & the headhunters - land of 1000 dances (varese sarabande 302066675)

here is another tasty surprise that i never thought would get released on cd - a reissue of the cannibal & the headhunters 1965 vinyl lp land of 1000 dances with 6 bonus tracks for a total of 18 tracks running 45:52. modest liner notes are included and the packaging correctly distinguishes the mono versus stereo content.  contents: land of 1000 dances (s) (lp length with one extra line on the introduction "c'mon everybody just clap with me"), the boy from new york city (s), my girl (s), don't let her go (s), searchin' (s), out of sight (s), devil in disguise (s), shotgun (s), strange world (s), here comes love (s), get your baby (s), the fat man (s), land of 1000 dances (m) (complete session version running 2:47), i'll show you how to love me (m), nau ninny nau (m), follow the music (m), i need your loving (m), please baby please (m).


september 19, 2005

tab hunter - young love: the best of  (eric 11526)

never thought i would see a tab hunter's greatest hits package but hot off the stampers is this release from eric records with 17 tracks and 18 pages of liner notes and photos.  chart positions are given on the cd jacket as well as mono/stereo content.  gee whiz if all record companies followed suit with this vital information, there would be no need for my book.  contents: young love (m), red sails in the sunset (m), ninety-nine ways (m), don't get around much anymore (m), jealous heart (m), (i'll be with you in) apple blossom time (s), there's no fool like a young fool (s), moonlight bay (s), i ain't got nobody (s), time after time (s), i'll never smile again (s), again (s), my baby just cares for me (s), candy (s), when i fall in love (s), i'm so lonesome i could cry (s), hey good lookin' (s).


september 6, 2005

joey dee - peppermint twist (collectables 9928)

i normally would not recommend a cd with 10 tracks running 30:22 but this cd is a budget priced cd from collectables and it contains the stereo version of "hey let's twist" which is the first time in the u.s. that the hit version of this song has appeared on cd in stereo.  contents: peppermint twist part 1 (s), peppermint twist part 2 (s), ya ya (s), c.c. rider (m), everytime (i think about you) (s), what kind of love is this (s), hey let's twist (s), kansas city (e), (hot pastrami with) mashed potatoes (s), i lost my baby (s).


august 26, 2005

herb alpert - herb alpert's ninth (shout! factory 33466)

here is another of those good news/ bad news cd releases.  first the bad news - can you imagine in the year 2005 that a record company would release a cd that runs only 29:20? enough said there, let's get to the good news and that is for the first time ever on cd in the us you can now find herb alpert's top 40 hit "the happening".  contents: a banda, my heart belongs to daddy, the trolley song, the happening, bud, love so fine, the love nest, with a little help from my friends, flea bag, cowboys and indians, carmen.


august 17, 2005

various artists - the best of shel silverstein (columbia/legacy 94722)

what a great concept for a cd - releasing the hits that shel silverstein wrote for a host of other artists!  shel is best known as an author and illustator but he was also a prolific composer as well as singer.  this is a 1 cd set with 25 tracks running 61:31.  contents: shel silverstien "a light in the attic", shel silverstein "a front row to hear old johnny sing", dr. hook "freakin' at the freakers' ball", shel silverstein "monster's i've met", irish rovers "the unicorn", shel silverstein "the dragon of grindly grun", bobby bare "marie lavaux", shel silverstein "sarah cynthia sylvia stout", dr. hook "sylvia's mother", kris kristofferson "the taker", shel silverstein "homework machine", shel silverstein "ickle me, pickle me, tickle me too", shel silverstein "crowded tub", shel silverstein "rock 'n' roll band", dr. hook "cover of the rolling stone", bobby bare "daddy what if", shel silverstein "zebra question", shel silverstein "plastic", waylon jennings and willie nelson "a couple more years", shel silverstein "peanut-butter sandwich", dr hook "queen of the silver dollar", shel silverstein "the generals", shel silverstein "i got stoned and i missed it", johnny cash "a boy named sue", shel silverstein "boa constrictor".


august 17, 2005

marty robbins - the essential (coumbia/legacy 92569)

marty is one of the greatest western story tellers to ever record so it is a treat to see this cd released by columbia/legacy.  two discs are in this set with disc 1 containing 20 tracks and running 55:25 while disc 2 has 20 tracks and runs 66:32.  if you are into marty robbins and his recording style you should check out the "el paso" trilogy on this set which consists of "el paso, "faleena" and "el paso city".  for the first time i have been able to hear the two sequals to "el paso" that give you the entire story that marty started with el paso.  do you know whatever happened to faleena that caused the fuss in "el paso"?  well the only way you are going to find out is by picking up this disc and following the "el paso" story to its conclusion.  contents of disc 1: i'll go on alone, i couldn't keep from crying, that's all right, i can't quit (i've gone too far), singing the blues, mister teardrop, knee deep in the blues, a white sport coat (and a pink carnation), the story of my life, she was only seventeen (he was one year more), just married, stairway of love, ain't i the lucky one, the hanging tree, el paso, big iron, ballad of the alamo, don't worry, devil woman, ruby ann.  disc 2 contents: cigarettes and coffee blues, begging to you, ribbon of darkness, the cowboy in the continental suit, faleena (from el paso), tonight carmen, the shoe goes on the other foot tonight, i walk alone, you gave me a mountain, my woman, my woman, my wife, this much a man, walking piece of heaven, love me, el paso city, among my souvenirs, i don't know why (i just do), don't let me touch you, return to me, some memories just won't die, honkytonk man.


august 16, 2005

various artists - 20 greats from the golden decade of power pop (varese sarabande 302066668)

the 70's werent' all about disco music as this cd will demonstrate.  this is a nice 20 track compilation of the rock side of the 70's running 64:53.  of particular interest is the first time release on compact disc in the us of the 45 version of "good girls don't" by the knack.  contents: raspberries "go all the way" (poor stereo separation), big star "in the street", romantics "what i like about you", todd rundgren "couldn't i just tell you", flamin' groovies "shake some action", paley brothers "come out and play", spongetones "better take it easy", cheap trick "surrender", the pop "you oughta know", 20/20 "yellow pills", pezband "stop! wait a minute", scruffs "she say yea", phil seymour "precious to me", the beat "rock and roll girl", searchers "it's too late", dwight twilley band "i'm on fire", knack "good girls don't" (45 version), shoes "too late", dirty looks "let go", badfinger "baby blue" (live).


august 13, 2005

various artists - the motown box (motown b0004999)

some folks are going to love this box set and others are going to hate it.  if you are a motown purist, this box is not for you as there are 30 songs newly remixed out of the 72 total songs included.  disc 1 contents: miracles "shop around" (s) (2:48) (first time stereo mix), marvelettes "please mr. postman" (s) (3:02) (remixed; neither the 45 nor lp version), contours "do you love me" (s) (2:52) (first time stereo mix of the hit version), mary wells "two lovers" (s) (2:44), miracles "you've really got a hold on me" (s) (3:10) (:14 longer than any previously issued version), marvin gaye "hitch hike" (s) (2:27), stevie wonder "fingertips part 2" (s) (3:08) (remixed), martha & the vandellas "(love is like a) heat wave" (s) (3:41) (complete session length; neither the 45 nor lp version), martha & the vandellas "quicksand" (s) (2:45) (remixed), miracles "mickey's monkey" (s) (3:10) (:22 longer than any previously released version), marvin gaye "can i get a witness" (s) (2:47) (noise at 2:47), marvelettes "too many fish in the sea" (s) (2:27), four tops "baby i need your loving" (s) (2:48), temptations "the way you do the things you do" (s) (2:38), supremes "when the lovelight starts shining through his eyes" (s) (3:00), supremes "where did our love go" (s) (2:38), temptations "don't look back" (s) (2:49), elgins "heaven must have sent you" (s) (3:06), marvin gaye "you're a wonderful one" (s) (2:43), supremes "come see about me" (s) (2:43).  disc 2 contents: martha & the vandellas "dancing in the street" (s) (2:37), temptations "get ready" (s) (2:36), kim weston "take me in your arms (rock me a little while) (s) (2:49), supremes "back in my arms again" (s) (3:07) (remixed), miracles "going to a go go" (s) (2:57) (remixed; :12 longer than any previously issued stereo version), miracles "the tracks of my tears" (s) (3:58) (remixed; 1:13 longer than any previously issued version), jr. walker & the all stars "shotgun" (s) (3:17) (remixed with the "hit" shotgun sound effect; :17 longer than any previously issued version), four tops "it's the same old song" (s) (3:12) (remixed), isley brothers "this old heart of mine" (s) (2:36), jimmy ruffin "what becomes of the broken hearted" (s) (3:11) (remixed; neither the 45 nor lp version), spinners "i'll always love you" (s) (2:41), marvin gaye "i'll be doggone" (s) (2:46), stevie wonder "uptight (everything's alright)" (s) (3:17), temptations "ain't too proud to beg" (s) (2:41) (remixed with strings added; ends cold), four tops "i can't help myself (sugar pie, honey bunch) (s) (3:22) (remixed with added background vocals), four tops "something about you" (s) (2:40), supremes "stop! in the name of love" (s) (remixed; :23 longer than any previously issued version), mary wells "my guy" (s) (3:02) (remixed), temptations "my girl" (s) (3:08) (remixed with cold ending), miracles "my girl has gone" (s) (3:06) (remixed; :16 longer than any previously issued version).  disc 3 contents: martha & the vandellas "nowhere to run" (s) (2:45), temptations "since i lost my baby" (s) (2:48) (remixed; the cd jacket states that this is an alternate lead vocal - i disagree), temptations "you're my everything" (s) (2:55), miracles "(come 'round here) i'm the one you need" (s) (2:28), supremes "my world is empty without you" (s) (2:31), supremes "i hear a symphony" (s) (2:40) (original stereo lp version which has an alternate vocal take), four tops "reach out i'll be there" (s) (4:22) (remixed; neither the 45 nor lp version), four tops "standing in the shadows of love" (s) (2:36), stevie wonder "a place in the sun" (s) (2:48), four tops "shake me, wake me (when it's over)" (s) (2:38), supremes "love is like an itching in my heart" (s) (3:17) (:22 longer than any previously issued version), marvin gaye & tammi terrell "if i could build my whole world around you" (s) (2:19), martha & the vandellas "jimmy mack" (s) (3:09) (remixed), four tops "bernadette" (s) (3:01), stevie wonder "i was made to love her" (s) (2:34), marvelettes "don't mess with bill" (s) (2:49) (if there was any song on this box set that needed remixing it was this one but instead we get the same old grungy, distorted stereo mix that has been released previosuly), marvin gaye & tammi terrell "ain't no mountain high enough" (s) (2:37) (remix; :10 longer than any previously issued version), gladys knight & the pips "i heard it through the grapevine" (s) (2:43), marvin gaye "i heard it through the grapevine" (s) (4:58) (this extended version made its debut on the original "big chill" soundtrack"), diana ross & the supremes "reflections" (s) (3:16) (:26 longer than any previously issued version).  disc 4 contents: miracles "i've been good to you" (s) (2:45), stevie wonder "purple raindrops" (s) (3:17), marvin gaye "pretty little baby" (s) (2:45) (the cd jacket states that this is a first time stereo mix - i disagree), supremes "let me go the right way" (s) (2:28), temptations "you'll lose a precious love" (s) (2:47), chris clark "love's gone bad" (s) (2:17), martha & the vandellas "third finger, left hand" (s) (3:10), gladys knight & the pips "steppin' closer to your heart" (s) (3:04), four tops "since you've been gone" (s) (2:28), andantes "(like a) nightmare" (s) (3:04) (with a :negative index countoff), brenda holloway "just look what you've done" (s) (3:04), marvelettes "forever" (s) (2:43).


july 25, 2005

rip chords - shut 'em down again (collectables 6742)

it isn't often that i come across a cd that is total trash but this one certainly qualifies.  14 tracks of either newly recorded versions of their hits or live versions is nothing short of a rip off and even though the live tracks are marked live on the cd, the newly recorded tracks are not marked as such.  contents: hey little cobra (newly recorded), walk away renee (newly recorded), cobra beach (newly recorded), three window coupe (newly recorded), solitary man (newly recorded), hot rod days (newly recorded), hey little cobra (live), 409 (live), mustang sally (live), little girl (live), warm california sun (live), three window coupe (live), rock 'n roll star (live), santa's got a cobra (newly recorded)


july 15, 2005

michael jackson - the essential (epic/legacy 94287)

this 2 cd set contains many of the 45 versions or attempts to recreate the 45 versions of michael's hits while other anthologies have focused on the album versions. please note that the printed track lineup on the back of the cd is correct while the printed contents on disc 1 itself is incorrect.  disc 1 contains 21 tracks and runs 78:58 while disc 2 includes 17 tracks and runs 78:52 so legacy really filled both cd's to the max.  liner notes are included but the biographical portion oddly enough only runs 1 page with the rest of the notes being song credits and photos.  there is plenty of cross licensing as we get a sampling of the jackson five, the jacksons and michael jackson solo material.  disc 1 contents: i want you back (2:58) (lp version), abc (2:56), the love you save (3:02), got to be there (3:21), rockin' robin (2:31), ben (2:43), enjoy yourself (3:20) (remix with some additional vocals), blame it on the boogie (3:30), shake your body (down to the ground) (3:44) (45 version), don't stop til you get enough (5:51) (45 length), rock with you (3:22) (45 version), off the wall (3:45) (edit of the lp version in an unsuccessful attempt at recreating the 45 version), she's out of my life (3:36), can you feel it (3:49), the girl is mine (3:41), billie jean (4:52), beat it (4:17), wanna be startin' somethin' (4:16) (edit of the lp version in an unsuccessful attempt at recreating the 45 version), human nature (3:44) (edit of the lp version in an unsuccessful attempt at recreating the 45 version), p.y.t. (3:57), thriller (5:11) (dj 45 edit).  disc 2 contents: bad (4:06), i just can't stop loving you (4:11) (dj 45 version with no spoken introduction), leave me alone (4:38), the way you make me feel (4:25) (this is a remix like the 45 version but edited in an unsuccessful attempt at recreating the 45 version), man in the mirror (5:18) (lp version), dirty diana (45 mix and length), another part of me (45 mix and length), smooth criminal (4:16) (misssing the heavy breathing that appeared on the original 45, "bad" vinyl lp and the first pressings only of the "bad" cd), black or white (3:20) (45 version), heal the world (6:24), remember the time (3:59), in the closet (4:46) (45 version), who is it (3:57) (45 version), will you be there (3:38) (45 version), dangerous (6:57), you are not alone (4:54) (45 version), you rock my world (5:05) (without the :32 introduction).


july 11, 2005

tears for fears - chronicles (mercury b0004797-02)

universal music has rolled out a new series of compact dics titled "chronicles".  contrary to what i thought this series would bring us, each of the titles in this series is a box set with 3 previously released cd's.  in the case of tears for fears the 3 cd's included are "the hunting", "songs from the big chair" and "the seeds of love".  each box set in this series carries a list price of $31.99 and the liner notes are the same liner notes that originally came with each cd included.  some other titles in this series:

allman brothers band     chronicles (box set) includes the allman brothers band, idlewild south and at fillmore east

toby keith    chronicles (box set) includes toby keith, boomtown and blue moon

george strait    chronicles (box set) includes right or wrong, does fort worth ever cross your mind and something special

kiss    chronicles (box set) includes kiss, hotter than hell and dressed to kill

aerosmith    chronicles (box set) includes permanent vacation, pump and get a grip

b.b. king    chronicles (box set) includes live at the regal, blues is king and live in cook county jail

styx    chronicles (box set) includes crystal ball, the grand illusion and pieces of eight

lynyrd skynyrd    chronicles (box set) includes pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd, second helping and nuthin' fancy


july 8, 2005

various artists - then classic rock totally oldies 8 (varese sarabande 302066656)

this is the 8th volume in the varese sarabande "totally oldies" series and this one features 16 tracks of  classic rock tracks with a total running time of 74:00.  contents: deep purple "smoke on the water" (live version from the "made in japan" vinyl lp), jefferson airplane "somebody to love" (stereo lp mix), mountain "mississippi queen", blue oyster cult "(don't fear) the reaper" (lp version), yes "owner of a lonely heart" (lp length), george thorogood "move it on over", golden earring "twilight zone" (lp version), canned heat "going up the country", climax blues band "couldn't get it right", grand funk "we're an american band", foghat "slow ride" (lp version), lou reed "walk on the wild side" (lp version), norman greenbaum "spirit in the sky", zombies "time of the season", billy idol "eyes without a face" (lp version), procol harum "a whiter shade of pale" (mono).


july 6, 2005

various artists - forever 90s (razor & tie 89097)

here is a breath of fresh air, a compilation of hits from the 90s (mostly) that includes only rock songs from that decade.  forever 90s has 18 tracks with a total running time of 73:30.  contents: natalie imbruglia "torn", sophie b. hawkins "as i lay me down", eve 6 "here's to the night", sarah mclachlan "i will remember you" (live), third eye blind "how's it going to be", 98 degrees "the hardest thing", shawn mullins "lullaby", tal bachman "she's so high", natalie merchant "wonder", duncan sheik "barely breathing", cardigans "lovefool", edwin mccain "i'll be", sixpence none the richer "kiss me" (lp version), fastball "out of my head", o-town "all or nothing", cranberries "dreams", barenaked ladies "pinch me" (lp version with the first :07 of the introduction truncated), corrs "breathless"


july 3, 2005

various artists - heaven must have sent you: the holland./dozier/holland story (box set) (hip-o/motown b0004845)

what we have here is a way overdue retrospective of one of the greatest songwriting teams of the rock and roll era, holland/dozier/holland.  this is a 3 cd box set with 27 pages of terrific liner notes and lots of cross licensing.

disc 1 has 26 tracks with a total time of 69:45; disc 2 has 22 tracks with a total running time of 66:10; disc 3 has 16 tracks with a total running time of 75:25. almost all of disc 1 and 2 are mono, the way holland/dozier/holland intended them to be.  disc 1 contents (all mono): eddie holland " jamie", marvelettes "locking up my heart", martha & the vandellas "(love is like a) heat wave", miracles "mickey's monkey", mary wells "you lost the sweetest boy", marvin gaye "can i get a witness", miracles "i gotta dance to keep from crying", martha & the vandellas "quicksand", eddie holland "leaving here", martha & the vandellas "in my lonely room", dusty springfield "when the lovelight starts shining through his eyes", eddie holland "just ain't enough love", supremes "where did our love go", four tops "baby i need your loving", eddie holland "candy to me", marvin gaye "baby don't you do it", supremes "baby love", supremes "come see about me", marvin gaye "how sweet it is (to be loved by you)", martha & the vandellas "nowhere to run", supremes "stop! in the name of love", supremes "back in my arms again", four tops "i can't help myself", four tops "it's the same old song", kim weston "take me in your arms (rock me a little while)", supremes "i hear a symphony".  disc 2 contents (all mono except as noted): supremes "my world is empty without you" (missing the 45 rpm reverb), elgins "darling baby", isley brothers "this old heart of mine (is weak for you)", kim weston "helpless", jr. walker & the all stars "(i'm a) road runner", supremes "love is like an itching in my heart", chris clark "love's gone bad", supremes "you can't hurry love", four tops "reach out i'll be there", elgins "heaven must have sent you", martha & the vandellas "i'm ready for love", supremes "you kep me hanging on", smokey robinson & the miracles "(come 'round here) i'm the one you need", four tops "standing in the shadows of love", supremes "love is here and now you're gone", martha & the vandellas "jimmy mack", four tops "bernadette", supremes "reflections", chairmen of the board "give me just a little more time", freda payne "band of gold", flaming ember "westbound #9", politicians featuring mckinley jackson "free your mind" (s), band "don't do it" (s).  disc 3 contents: holland-dozier featuring brian holland "don't leave me starvin' for your love" (m), holland-dozier featuring lamont dozier "why can't we be lovers" (m), holland-dozier featuring eddie & brian holland "where did we go wrong" (m), lamont dozier "out here on my own" (s), lamont dozier "trying to hold on to my woman" (s) (lp version), lamont dozier "fish ain't bitin'" (s) (lp version), michael jackson "just a little bit of you" (s), originals "good lovin' is just a dime away" (s), jackson 5 "forever cme today" (s), eddie kendricks "get the cream off the top" (s), supremes "i'm gonna let my heart do the walking" (s), lamont dozier "going back to my roots" (s), shalamar "uptown festival part 1" (s), doobie brothers "little darling (i need you)" (s), lamont dozier "my world is empty without you" (s), simply red "you've got it" (s).


july 2, 2005

connie francis - gold (polydor/universal b0004022)

previously, the only way to get all of connie's top 40 hits was to buy her "souvenirs" box set which was an expensive way to complete your collection because "souvenirs" included 4 cd's.  now you can get all of connie's top 40 hits on a 2 cd set titled "gold".  yes there are 19 pages of photos and liner notes included and disc 1 contains 25 tracks with a running time of 65:12, disc 2 contains 25 tracks with a running time of 65:28. in case you are wondering, there is no new stereo content over what was previously released.   disc 1 contents: who's sorry now (m), i'm sorry i made you cry (m), stupid cupid (m), fallin' (m), my happiness (s), if i didn't care (m), lipstick on my collar (s), frankie (s), you're gonna miss me (m), among my souvenirs (e), god bless america (s), mama (s), teddy (m), everybody's somebody's fool (s), jealous of you (s), my heart has a mind of it's own (s), malaguena (s), many tears ago (s), where the boys are (s), breakin' in a brand new heart (s), together (s), he's my dreamboat (s), hollywood (m), when the boy in your arms (is the boy in your heart) (s), baby's first christmas (s).  disc 2 contents: don't break the heart that loves you (s), second hand love (s), vacation (s), i was such a fool (to fall in love with you) (m), i'm gonna be warm this winter (m), al di la (s), follow the boys (s), if my pillow could talk (m), drownin' my sorrows (m), your other love (m), in the summer of his years (s), blue winter (m), be anything (but be mine) (m), looking for love (m), don't ever leave me (m), whose heart are you breaking tonight? (m), for mama (s), forget domani (s), jealous heart (s), when the boys meet the girls (s), spanish nights and you (m), time alone will tell (s), born free (s), the wedding cake (s), zingara (s).


july 1, 2005

asia - gold (geffen b0004521)

this cd is a straight  reissue of the former 2002 "anthologia" cd which is a 2 cd set with disc 1 containing 18 tracks, running time 79:58 and disc 2 containing 18 tracks, running time 79:28.  the written liner notes are also the same liner notes used for anthologia but there are some new photos included with the "gold" cd release.  contents of disc 1:  heat of the moment, only time will tell, sole survivor, one step closer, time again, wildest dreams, without you, cutting it fine, here comes the feeling, ride easy, don't cry, the smile has left your eyes, never in a million years, my own time (i'll do what i want), the heat goes on, eye to eye, the last to know, true colors.  disc 2 contents:  midnight sun, open your eyes, daylight, lyin' to yourself, go, voice of america, hard on me, wishing, rock and roll dream, countdown to zero, love now till eternity, too late, suspicion, after the war, am i i n love?, summer (can't last too long), prayin' 4 a miracle, days like these.


july 1, 2005

olivia newton-john  gold (hip-o b0004684)

at last we get a rather complete anthology of olivia newton-john's work and the only top 40 hit not included is her duet with andy gibb "i can't help it".  this is a 2 cd set with disc 1 containing 22 tracks and a total time of 74:07, disc 2 contains 18 tracks with a total time of 73:10.  disc 1 contents: if not for you, banks of the ohio, let me be there, if you love me (let me know), i honestly love you, have you never been mellow, please mr. please, something better to do, let it shine, come on over, don't stop believin', every face tells a story, sam, making a good thing better, hopelessly devoted to you, summer nights, you're the one that i want, a little more love, deeper than the night, dancin' 'round and round, totally hot, fool country.  disc 2 contents: xanadu, magic, suddenly, physical, make a move on me, landslide, heart attack, tied up, twist of fate, livin' in desperate times, soul kiss, the best of me, can't we talk it over in bed, the rumour, reach out for me, deeper than a river, grease megamix, i honestly love you (with babyface).


june 27, 2005

john denver - back home again (rca/legacy 68964)

here is a reissue cd that should set the standard for all future reissues.  back home again is not only remastered by bob irwin, it is expanded (2 bonus tracks) and has 14 pages of new liner notes added.  the original cd contained 12 tracks with a running time of 38:42 and zero liner notes while this reissue contains 14 tracks with a running time of 45:28 and 14 pages of liner notes.  a tip of the hat to the folks at rca/legacy for this marvelous reissue.  contents: back home again, on the road, grandma's feather bed, matthew, thank god i'm a country boy, the music is you, annie's song, it's up to you, cool an' green an' shady, eclipse, sweet surrender, this old guitar, and the bonus tracks matthew (alternate version), this old guitar (alternate take).


june 27, 2005

john denver - greatest hits (rca/legacy 69376)

before john denver passed away, he made his home in colorado which is where i have lived for the past 33 years and i can tell you that his popularity is just as great today as it was in 1973 when this vinyl album was released.  this cd has 14 tracks with a total running time of 48:40 and is a remastered (by bob irwin) and expanded version of the original cd.  that original cd contained 11 tracks and ran 40:22 and did not contain the bonus tracks "i guess he'd rather be in colorado", "daydream" and "friends with you" that are included on this new release.  contents: take me home country roads, follow me, starwood in aspen, for baby (for bobbie), rhymes & reasons, leaving on a jet plane, the eagle and the hawk, sunshine on my shoulders (lp version), goodbye again, poems prayers and promises, rocky mountain high, and the bonus tracks: i guess he'd rather be in colorado, daydream and friends with you.


june 16, 2005

cameo parkway box set - abkco 9223

we've waited an eternity to see the cameo parkway catalog issued on compact disc and here it is.  nice liner notes from jeff tamarkin in a 44 page booklet.  contents (all mono unless noted otherwise): disc 1 total time 74:12 34 tracks charlie gracie "butterfly", charlie gracie "fabulous", jerry arnold and the rhythm captains "race for time", bernie lowe orchestra " sing sing sing", billy scott "you're the greatest", playboys "over the weekend", pete antell "night time", hippies "memory lane", rays "silhouettes", rays "daddy cool", timmie rogers "back to school again", chubby checker "the class", storey sisters "bad motorcycle", mike pedicin quintet "shake a hand", john zacherle "dinner with drac part 1", applejacks "mexican hat rock", george young and the rockin' bocs "nine more miles the "faster-faster" song ", temptations "birds n' bees", georgie young and the rockin' bocs "two weeks with pay", apple jacks "rocka-conga", bobby rydell "kissin' time", bobby rydell "we got love", chubby checker "the twist", bobby rydell "wild one", bobby rydell "swingin' school" (with a brief portion of the first word truncated), chubby checker "pony time", bobby rydell/chubby checker "teach me to twist", chubby checker "let's twist again", dovells "bristol stomp", orlons "wah-watusi", cameros "merry christmas".  disc 2 total time 73:06 29 tracks chubby checker/dee dee sharp "slow twistin'" (missing the sax break), dee dee sharp "mashed potato time" (no high end), dee dee sharp "gravy" (45 version), orlons "don't hang up", dee dee sharp "ride!", dovells "do the new continental", don covay "popeye waddle", chubby checker "limbo rock", bobby rydell "the cha-cha-cha", bobby rydell "volare", carroll brothers - "sweet georgia brown", jerry blavat & the yon teenagers "one more time back to school", jo ann campbell "(i'm the girl on) wolverton mountain", clint eastwood " rowdy",  bobby rydell "forget him", jo ann campbell "mother please!", billy abbott and the jewels "come on and dance with me", billy abbott and the jewels "groovy baby", bobby gregg and his friends "the jam part 1", dovells "you can't sit down", orlons "south street", taffys "everybody south street", dee dee sharp "do the bird", orlons "not me", orlons "cross fire!", marlins "(everybody do) the swim part 1", candy and the kisses "the 81", dreamers "daydreamin' of you", swans "the boy with the beatle hair", bobby rydell/bobby rydell.  disc 3 total time 72:22 29 tracks tymes "so much in love" (45 version), tymes "wonderful! wonderful!", johnny maestro "i'll be true", dreamlovers "when we get married", tymes "somewhere", billy abbott and the jewels "hey good lookin'", sparkletones "just one chance", patti labelle and her blue belles "you'll never walk alone" (stereo), patti labelle and her blue belles "danny boy", sounds orchestral "cast your fate to the wind", joe brown and the bruwers "it only took a minute", kinks "long tall sally", peter best "boys", kinks "you still want me", ivy league "funny how love can be", ivy league "tossing & turning", screamin' lord such & the savages "she's fallen in love with the monster man", senator bobby "wild thing", len barry "little white house", joey and the flips "fool, fool, fool", gto's "girl from new york city", rag dolls "society girl", candy and the kisses "soldier boy of mine", christine cooper "s.o.s. heart in distress", frankie beverly and the butlers "because of my heart", christine cooper "heartaches away my boy", vickie baines "got to run", stylettes "my boy", bobby the poet "white christmas (3 o' clock weather report)". disc 4 total time 70:16 35 tracks evie sands "angel of the morning", evie sands "the love of a boy", eddie holman "this can't be true", five stairsteps "world of fantasy", five stairsteps "come back", eddie holman "am i a loser (from the start)", five stairsteps "danger! she's a stranger", bobby marchan "meet me in church", delfonics "you've been untrue", persians "get a hold of yourself", delfonics "he don't really love you", chris bartley "the sweetest thing this side of heaven", lonnie youngblood "the grass (will sing for you)", terry knight and the pack "i (who have nothing)", ohio express "beg, borrow and steal" (lp version remixed and folded to mono), ? and the mysterians "96 tears", ? and the mysterians "i need somebody", bob seger "east side story", ? and the mysterians "can't get enough of you baby", rationals "respect", bobby marchan "shake your tambourine", bunny sigler "let the good times roll & feel so good", bob seger and the last heard "heavy music part 1", bunny sigler "lovey dovey/you're so fine", bob seger and the last heard "sock it to me santa".


june 12, 2005

duran duran - greatest (capitol 73378)

capitol records has reissued an earlier version of the "greatest" cd, this one with a bonus dvd disc included.  total running time is (78:23) with 19 tracks and includes a number of hard to find 45 versions.  contents: is there something i should know (4:08), the reflex (4:22) (45 version), a view to a kill (3:33), ordinary world (4:39) (45 version), save a prayer (3:44) (45 version), rio (4:43) (this is neither the dj 45, the commercial 45 nor the lp version), hungry like the wolf (3:23) (this is one of the dj edits of the 45), girls on film (3:26), planet earth (3:54), union of the snake (4:20), new moon on monday 4:14), wild boys (4:15), notorious (3:58) (45 version), i don't want your love (3:46) (45 version), all she wants is (4:25), electric barbarella (4:16), serious (3:55), skin trade (4:24), come undone (4:14) (radio edit).


june 9, 2005

herb alpert & the tijuana brass - s.r.o. (shout! factory 30858)

never previously released in the u.s., shout! factory has just released herb alpert's s.r.o. cd which contains 12 tracks and runs just 30:09 which begs the question as to why this cd was not released as a two-fer with another title or at least released with some bonus tracks.  on the positive side, the liner notes are 20 pages long with 2 pages written by herb alpert himself.  contents: our day will come, mexican road race, i will wait for you, bean bag, the wall street rag, the work song, mame, blue sunday, don't go breaking my heart, for carlos, freight train joe, flamingo.

june 9, 2005

herb alpert & the tijuana brass - going places (shout! factory 30765)

this is another in the herb alpert reissue series with a release date of 6/7/05 and it contains 12 tracks with a running time of 30:23.  skimpy running time by today's standards and would have been a perfect candidate for a two-fer release with s.r.o. mentioned above.  liner notes are nice, 20 pages long with 2 pages written by herb alpert himself.  contents: tijuana taxi, i'm getting sentimental over you, more and more amore, spanish flea, mae, 3rd man theme, walk, don't run, felicia, and the angels sing, cinco de mayo, a walk in the black forest, zorba the greek.

june 9, 2005

herb alpert & the tijuana brass - what now my love (shout! factory 30849)

this is the 3rd of the herb alpert catalog cd's with a release date of 6/7/05 and it contains 12 tracks with a running time of 31:33.  you've got to really be a hard core herb alpert fan to be pleased with the meager running time of all 3 of these herb alpert cd's released on 6/7/05, none of which have bonus tracks.  liner notes are 20 pages long with the first 2 pages written by herb alpert.  contents: what now my love, freckles, memories of madrid, it was a very good year, so what's new, plucky, magic trumpet, cantina blue, brasilia, if i were a rich man, five minutes more, the shadow of your smile.


may 28, 2005

power station - the power station (capitol 66315)

now here is a reissue that is done right!  this cd was originally issued in 1985 when it contained 8 tracks with a running time of (34:18) and the reissue contains 15 tracks with a total time of (64:54) plus you get a bonus dvd.  the bonus tracks on this reissue include the 45 version of both get it on (bang a gong), communication and some like it hot, a very unusual but welcome situation where you get both the lp version and the 45 version on the same cd.  contents: some like it hot (5:04) (lp version), murderers (4:17), lonely tonight (3:57), communication (3:35), get it on (bang a gong) (5:29) (lp version), go to zero (4:57), harvest for the world (3:36), still in your heart (3:06), someday, somehow, someone's gotta pay (4:30), the heat is on (3:17), communication (remix) (4:39), get it on (bang a gong) (3:44) (45 version), some like it hot and the heat is on (6:35), communication (45 version) (3:50), some like it hot (3:43) (45 version).


may 27, 2005

dion - the essential (columbia/legacy 92670)

at first glance, one would wonder why do we need another dion greatest hits package but if you look closer you will see that for the first time, most of dion's columbia chart hits are presented in their mono mixes which many folks prefer.  the liner notes are 12 pages long with a nice mix of commentary and photos.  contents: the wanderer (m), runaround sue (m), lovers who wander (m), ruby baby (s), can't we be sweethearts (s), this little girl of mine (s), donna the prima donna (m), no one's waiting for me (m), drip drop (m), this little girl (m), sweet sweet baby (s), kickin' child (m), time in my heart (s), abraham, martin and john (m).


may 25, 2005

title:cameo parkway 1957-1967
label:abkco 0x01-92232 (boxset)
comments:well, somebody finally came to their senses and put out a large chunk of the cameo-parkway label on four cds.�of course there will be people questioning why certain tracks are missing ("the fly" by chubby checker, for instance) and others are included ("sing sing sing" by bernie lowe orchestra), the box does a pretty good job of presenting the hits and the rarities.�how nifty is it to have screaming lord sutch doing "she's fallen in love with the monster man" and peter best's "boys" on cd?�everything from the gtos cover of the beach boys song "the girl from new york city" to bob seger's "heavy music" is here.�with only a small sampling of applejacks ("rocka-conga" and "mexican hat dance") and dovells ("you can't sit down," "bristol stomp" and "do the new continental") you know that you will have to buy separate releases on each act later on.�for now this is a pretty good sample.�the sound is no better or worse than bootlegs the have appeared over the years except that there is little stereo (which is odd since there is a little box on the back cover touting that stereo sound).�indeed, the only track in stereo is patti labelle & her blue belles "you'll never walk alone." not a tragedy on most of the music as very little was in stereo and a couple of the stereo mixes on old songs like "limbo rock" were horrible.�one could quibble with mono, however, on the eddie holman tracks and the ohio express' "beg. borrow and steal" which sound great in stereo on old records.�the booklet does a nice job of detailing the history of the label.�there could have been more pictures, but why grouse.
posted by:george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist


may 23, 2005

barry manilow - the essential (arista/legacy 68227)

barry manilow fans will welcome this 2 cd set of greatest hits titled "the essential".  disc 1 has 17 tracks with a total time of 63:35 and disc 2 has 17 tracks with a total time of 72:26.  this would have been the perfect opportunity to include the song "oh julie" which has yet to appear in the u.s. on compact disc but unfortunately it is not included here either. liner notes consist of  10 pages of song credits and small photos of barry's vinyl lp covers.  disc 1 contents:  mandy, it's a miracle (neither the 45 or lp version), could it be magic (45 version), i write the songs (lp length), bandstand boogie, tryin' to get the feeling again, beautiful music, this one's for you, weekend in new england, jump shout boogie, looks like we made it, daybreak, new york city rhythm, can't smile without you, even now, copacabana, ready to take a chance again (poor stereo separation).  disc 2 contents:  somewhere in the night, ships, when i wanted you, i don't want to walk without you, one voice, i made it through the rain, lonely together, the old songs, somewhere down the road, memory, some kind of friend, read 'em and weep, when october goes, i'm your man (club mix), brooklyn blues, hey mambo, i'd really love to see you tonight (up tempo mix).


may 22, 2005

various artists - absolutely the best of the 50s (fuel 2000 302061463)

a member of the chat board asked about the contents of this cd so here you go.  20 tracks with a total running time of 48:38, this cd was produced for fuel 2000 by emi music special products so all of the tracks are from the capitol/emi vaults.  contents:  believe what you say by ricky nelson (m) (2:02), blueberry hill by fats domino (m) (2:18), let the good ttimes roll by shirley & lee (m) (2:21), be-bop-a-lula by gene vincent (m) (2:33), peter gunn theme by ray anthony (m) (1:48), memories are made of this by dean martin (m) (2:15), tom dooley by kingston trio (m) (3:01), come softly to me by fleetwoods (m) (2:22), if i may by nat king cole (m) (3:01), 26 miles by four preps (m) (2:26), unchained melody by les baxter (m) (2:30), young love by sonny james (e) (2:28), love potion #9 by clovers (m) (1:52) 45 version, willie and the hand jive by johnny otis (m) (2:34), teenage crush by tommy sands (m) (2:21), chipmunk song by chipmunks (e) (2:19) stereo lp version, little bitty pretty one by thurston harris (m) (2:21), summertime blues by eddie cochran (m) (1:57) ends cold and missing the reverb on the "character" responses, a teenager in love by dion & the belmonts (s) (2:34), sixteen tons by tennessee ernie ford (m) (2:34).


may 15, 2005

title:the beau brummels - magic hollow
label:rhino handmade rhm2 7892
comments:113 songs by one of the great u.s. hopes in the battle for the airwaves in the face of british domination circa 1964.�this new four cd box is chock-o-block in rare tracks.�that is at once the strength and the weakness of this set depending on your perspective.�it makes sense to put out a rarities package on a band when all their albums are available on cd, but when they are not (which is the case with the beau brummels) then first order of business should be to clean up the catalog.�if, however, you already own the 1987 greatest hits cd on rhino and the three cd san fran sessions box on sundazed, then this is up your alley.�many tracks are from the import cd autumn of their years, but a good portion of the demos, previously unreleased songs and alternate versions have never been released at all.�the set starts with three songs from their initial demo sessions including an interesting version of "still in love with you baby" with prominent handclaps over a song obviously fully formed (compare it to the single version on the same disc).�a hit like "just a little" is here, but so is an alternate version and a backing track.�as is usual with rhino, you get mostly mono mixes which are punchier than the stereo on the early autumn sides but are found lacking on the later warner brothers material (such as "are you happy").�punchier is a misnomer, however, as their sound is still thin and cries out for a remix that may not be possible unless session tapes are available.�there are a few stereo versions, thankfully, including perhaps their best song "deep water" which appears in two different and equally excellent versions.�for this reviewer, the biggest treasure trove of new material is from mid '66 to early '67 with great songs like "let me in", "galadriel" and "stand up" (a del shannon writing credit).�at that point, singer sal valentino sounds less flat and more playfully secure in this abilities while the arrangements are more mature.�the booklet is an exhaustive history full of new quotes, rare photos and session details (one never knew how many songs valentino didn't sing and that he didn't play the harmonica - that was handled by dec mulligan on early goodies like "laugh laugh" and less nimbly by ron meagher after mulligan left - "you tell me why").�an excellent package for huge brummels fans, but one is still left waiting for the rest of the catalog to appear with bonus tracks on better sound (especially their opus triangle).
posted by:george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist


may 12, 2005

various artists - lost & found in the seventies - disco (liberty 64427)

here is another in a series of cd's that have been issued by the now active liberty records label, this one titled "lost & found in the seventies - disco" which has 12 tracks with a total running time of 53:31.  all tracks are stereo and there are no liner notes but this is a mid price cd with good sound quality.  contents:  you sexy thing by hot chocolate (4:01) (lp length), heart of glass by blondie (extended version from the vinyl lp "best of blondie"), boogie oogie oogie by a taste of honey (3:42) (45 version), boogie fever by sylvers (3:25), movin' by brass construction (8:37) (lp version), funky town by lipps inc. (3:58) (45 version), i will survive by gloria gaynor (3:15) (45 version), haven't stopped dancing yet by gonzales (3:41) (45 version), turn the beat around by vicki sue robinson (4:04) (neither the 45 or lp length), rock the boat by hues corporation (3:06) (45 length), heaven must be missing an angel by tavares (6:28) (lp version), hustle by van mccoy (4:06) (lp length).


may 8, 2005

smokey robinson - my world: the definitve collection (motown b0004130)

you'll never find a 1 cd set that is truly the "definitive" smokey robinson collection but this will do.  21 tracks with a total time of 74:38 and 2 of the 21 tracks are new releases.  the liner notes feature 2 pages of biographical information and 8 more pages of photos and song credits.  contents: my world (s) (3:15) new recording, fallin' (s) (3:52) new recording, cruisn' (s) (5:52) lp version, just to see her again (s) (3:58), the tears of a clown (s) (2:58) lp version, you've really got a hold on me (s) (3:09) :13 longer than the 45 or lp, going to a go-go (s) (2:44), mickey's monkey (s) (3:10) :22 longer than the 45 or lp, shop around (m) (2:46), the tracks of my tears (s) (2:53), being with you (s) (4:05), baby that's backatcha (s) (3:38) 45 version, i second that emotion (s) (2:45), more love (s) (2:45), yester love (s) (2:16), ooo baby baby (s) (2:43), baby come close (s) (3:26), i've made love to you a thousand times (s) (4:19), quiet storm (s) (4:00), let me be the clock (s) (5:12), one heartbeat (s) (4:02).


may 7, 2005

wayne newton - mr. las vegas! (capitol 60144)

here is another in the "las vegas centennial" collection but unlike most of the others, this one is mainly a studio collection.  21 tracks with a total time of 50:25 and 19 of those 21 tracks are studio recordings with 6 pages of liner notes and photos.   interesting enough, the two live tracks were not recorded in las vegas!  contents: danke schoen, as long as i'm singing, strangers in the night, they can't take that away from me, shangri-la, volare, toot toot tootsie goodbye, call me irresponsible, more, hello dolly, wives and lovers, i've got the world on a string, l-o-v-e, my kind of girl, these boots are made for walking, i'm looking over a four leaf clover, i left my heart in san francisco, charade, bye bye blackbird -- live tracks are you're nobody 'til somebody loves you and mack the knife.


may 7, 2005

elvis presley - elvis live from las vegas (rca/emi 77440)

well if you didn't have nough money to buy the 2001 elvis box set titled "live in las vegas", you get a 2nd chance by picking up this new single cd which is an abridged version of disc 3 from the above mentioned box set.  the original disc 3 of the box set had 23 tracks and this one has 15 tracks with a total time of 47:32.  you will be hearing a lot about the "centennial series" of cd's now being pushed by capitol/emi records because of the 100th birthday of las vegas.  capitol/emi is paying tribute to the artists that helped make vegas what it is today and elvis was certainly a huge draw (but not originally as the liner notes point out).  contents: see see rider, release me, sweet caroline, the wonder of you (this is the top 40 hit version), polk salad annie, proud mary, walk a mile in my shoes, let it be me, i can't stop loving you, never been to spain, you gave me a mountain, it's impossible, it's over, the impossible dream, an american trilogy.


april 30, 2005

billy swan - greatest hits (collectors' choice music 541)

whew, the boys at collectors' choice music have had quite a release schedule in 2005 so let's hope they keep up the good work.  this billy swan "greatest hits" cd includes 20 tracks with a total running time of (64:58) and 2 pages of liner notes, with many quotes from billy swan himself.  contents: i can help (lp version), everything's the same (ain't nothing changed), your true love, don't be cruel, lover please, still thinkin' bout you, stranger, pardon me, number one, match box, blue love (in my heart), rock and roll moon blues, shake rattle and roll, vanessa, go on home girl, overnite thing (usually), stuck right in the middle of your love, with their kind of money and our kind of love, do i have to draw a picture, california song (for marlu).


april 30, 2005

everly brothers - both sides of an evening (collector's choice music 550)

another of the many everly brothers vinyl lp's recently released on compact disc by collectors' choice music, this one includes 14 tracks with a total running time of 32:46 and there are 2 pages of new liner notes plus the liner notes that were included on the original vinyl lp.  there is one top 40 hit on this cd which is "don't blame me" but this is not the hit version of this song that charted back in 1961.  contents: my mammy, muskrat, my gal sal, grandfather's clock, bully of the town, chloe, mention my name in sheboygen, hi-lili hi-lo, the wayward wind, don't blame me (not the hit version), now is the hour, little old lady, when i grow too old to dream, love is where you find it.


april 30, 2005

everly brothers - a date with (collectors' choice music 549)

this is a reissue of the highest charting everly brothers vinyl album (charting at #9) with 12 tracks and a total running time of 27:57.  interesting that this should be the highest charting everly brothers vinyl album since it only included one top 40 hit, "cathy's clown".  contents:  made to love, that's just too much, stick with me baby, baby what you want me to do, sigh cry almost die, always it's you, love hurts, lucille, so how come (no one loves me), donna donna, a change of heart, cathy's clown.


april 30, 2005

everly brothers - it's everly time (collectors' choice music 548)

here is another of the many warner brothers vinyl albums released recently by collectors' choice music.  as was so common with the everly brothers albums, this one had just one top 40 hit "so sad (to watch good love go bad)" with a total of 12 tracks running 27:08.  there are 2 pages of new liner notes combined with the liner notes from the original vinyl lp.  contents: so sad (to watch good love go bad), just in case, memories are made of this, that's what you do to me, sleepless nights, what kind of girl are you, oh true love, carol jane, some sweet day, nashville blues, you thrill me (through and through), i want you to know.


april 30, 2005

everly brothers - gone gone gone (collectors' choice music 553)

the everly brothers were always a singles oriented group and not huge album seller.  here is another of their many noncharting albums with only one top 40 hit included which was the title track, gone gone gone.  this cd is a straight reissue of the vinyl lp, with 12 tracks running 26:25 and 2 pages of new liner notes plus the liner notes from the back of theoriginal vinyl lp.  contents: donna donna, lonely island, the facts of life, ain't that lovin' you baby, love is all we need, torture, the drop out, radio and tv, honolulu, it's been a long dry spell, the ferris wheel, gone gone gone.


april 30, 2005

everly brothers - the everly brothers sing (collectors' choice music 560)

collectors' choice music has decided to release most of the everly brothers warner brothers years albums on compact disc so here is just one of the many you can choose from.  two pages of new liner notes plus the original liner notes from the vinyl lp jacket are included with this 12 track cd running 34:04.  contents: bowling green, a voice within, i don't want to love you, it's all over, deliver me, talking to the flowers, mary jane, i'm finding it rough, do you, somebody help me, a whiter shade of pale, mercy, mercy, mercy.


april 30, 2005

jump 'n the saddle band - jump 'n the saddle band (collectors' choice music 546)

who would have predicted that this one hit wonder would ever make it to compact disc!  well the folks at collectors' choice music seem to think this group deserves another chance so here we go with a straight reissue of the vinyl lp from 1984 - 10 tracks with a total time of 35:31.  two pages of liner notes adeuately describe the history of the band.  contents: the curly shuffle, it should've been me, deep in the heart of texas, dime-a-dance romance, play that fast thing (one more time), can't let go, let me go home whiskey, jump for joy, the chicken song (ain't nobody here but us chickens), night life.


april 29, 2005

old school soul party (box set) - shout! factory 33717 (3 cd set)

shout! factory has released a nice fold open type box set of 70's r&b material.  the only drawback i would say

would be the 31 page booklet that features nothing but song credits and photos.  contents: disc 1 (79:58) play that funky music by wild cherry (4:56) (lp version), will it go round in circles by billy preston (4:26) (lp version), she's a bad mama jama by carl carlton (3:54) (45 version), give up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker) by parliament (5:43) (lp version), i feel for you by chaka khan (4:04) (45 version), you and i by rick james (3:06) (45 version), word up by cameo (4:17) , you dropped a bomb on me by gap band (4:00) (45 version), the payback (parts i & ii) by james brown (7:39) (lp version), love rollercoaster by ohio players (2:51) (45 version), papa was a rollin' stone by temptations (6:56) (45 version), smiling faces sometimes by undisputed truth (3:14), slide by slave (3:21) (45 version), strokin' (part ii) by leon haywood (3:45), funky nassau by the beginning of the end (3:11), dazz by brick (3:21), slippin' into darkeness by war (3:45) (dj 45 edit), last dance by donna summer (3:17) (45 version), sukiyaki by a taste of honey (3:41), disc 2 (78:16) jack and jill by raydio (4:33), could it be i'm falling in love by spinners (4:11), ain't no woman (like the one i've got) by four tops, that lady by isley brothers (5:34) (parts 1 & 2), i want your love by chic (3:29) (45 version), got to be real by cheryl lynn (3:48) (45 version but with :05 of tuneup and a countoff), second time around by shalamar (3:41) (45 version), ladies night by kool & the gang (3:26) (45 version), bad luck by harold melvin and the bluenotes (3:13) (45 version), back stabbers by o'jays (3:02), and the beat goes on by whispers (4:51) (neither the 45 or lp version), use me by bill withers (3:41), groovy situation by gene chandler (3:11), love or let me be lonely by friends of distinction (3:19) (lp length), street life by crusaders (5:29) (neither the 45 or lp version), strawberry letter 23 (4:57) (lp version), solid by ashford & simpson (5:06) (lp version), sha-la-la (make me happy) by al green (2:56), let's do it again by staple singers (3:26), lead me on by maxine nightingale (2:44) (mono), disc 3 (78:01) sexual healing by marvin gaye (3:58) (lp version), shining star by manhattans (4:39) (lp length), with you i'm born again by billy preston & syretta (3:36), didn't i (blow your mind this time) by delfonics (3:19), o-o-h child by five stairsteps (3:15), hey there lonely girl by eddie holman (3:33) (lp version), three times a lady by commodores (6:38) (lp version), best thing that ever happened to me by gladys knight & the pips (3:42), have you seen her by chi-lites (5:06), slow hand by pointer sisters (3:53), i do love you by gq (4:48) (lp version), (if loving you is wrong) i don't want to be right by luther ingram (3:24) (mono), baby, come to me by patti austin with james ingram (3:33), our love by natalie cole (5:24) (lp version), always by atlantic starr (4:44), tonight, i celebrate my love by peabo bryson & roberta flack (3:28), you are everything by stylistics (2:53), natural high by bloodstone (3:59) (45 version faded :05 early), lovin' you by minnie riperton (3:21) (45 version).

april 27, 2005

title: herb alpert & the tijuana brass - whipped cream & other delights
label: shout! factory�dk 32868
comments: the art of the great instrumental hit is long gone.� too bad as instrumental music had to have a great tune that left you humming along - a lost art.�this album from 1965 has been harder than hen's teeth to find on cd, but now shout is redoing all the early tjb with spiffed up packaging and sound.� this release even has two bonus tracks (no great shakes) and a poster of that great cover with the seemingly well endowed lady covered in shaving cream (the liner notes also ruin the whole thing by telling you she was 3 months pregnant).� the songs are trumpet driven mostly "up" latino versions of goodies like "a taste of honey" and "love potion #9."�"peanuts" sounds oddly germanic, but memorable while "whipped cream" brings back memories of the old tv show the dating game .�"tangerine," "lollipops and roses," "butterball,"�- lotsa good muzak with a kick.
posted by: george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist�


april 24, 2005

motels - essential collection (capitol 63706)

15 track collection running 52:25.  contents: suddenly last summer (3:39), shame (4:09), counting (4:33), take the l (3:39), kix (2:13), total control (3:50), remember the nights (3:09), celia (3:05), mission of mercy (3:00), careful (3:28), so l.a. (3:34), tables turned (3:32), danger (3:23), change my mind (3:18), only the lonely (3:16).


april 23, 2005

glass tiger - no turning back (capitol 64203)

new greatest hits package from glass tiger  with 17 tracks and a total time of  70:24 which contains for the first time in the us, the 45 version of "i will be there" and the radio edit of "i'm still searching".  contents: no turning back (3:33), give it away (4:11), don't forget me (when i'm gone) (4:03), someday (3:34) listed on the cd jacket as the 45 version but i hear no difference between this version and the lp version, thin red line (4:00), you're what i look for (3:48), i will be there (3:09) (45 version), diamond sun (4:25), i'm still searching (3:50) (radio edit - not the 45 version as stated on the cd jacket), my town (4:p48), the tragedy (of love) (4:29), animal heart (3:48), rescued (by the arms of love) (4:12), watching worlds crumble (4:51), my song (3:22), rhythm of your love (4:35), diamond sun (4:43) french version.


march 29, 2005

various artists - rock & roll the first 50 years: the late '60s 25 top 10 hits (varese sarabande 302066637)

here is the latest volume in the "rock & roll the first 50 years" series, this one running 74:56 with 25 tracks.  note that 24 of the tracks are the original 45 versions of these hits, requiring some to appear in mono and there is some debate as to whether the casino's "then you can tell me goodbye" is the original hit version (see chat board).  contents: mony mony by tommy james & the shondells (s) (2:50), kind of a drag (original mix) by buckinghams (s) (2:06), backfield in motion by mel & tim (s) (2:31), get together by youngbloods (s) (4:35), aquarius by fifth dimension (s) (4:46), then you can tell me goodbye by casinos (s) (3:05) (stereo mix which differs from the mono 45 mix), the horse by cliff nobles (s) (2:38), spooky by classics iv (s) (2:49), hooked on a feeling by b.j. thomas (m) (2:44), love (can make you happy) by mercy (s) (3:11) (sundi version), gimme little sign by brenton wood (s) (2:15) (with hum on the introduction but not as bad as most appearances of this song on cd), little woman by bobby sherman (s) (2:25), happy together by turtles (s) (2:52), if i were a carpenter by bobby darin (m) (2:20), western union by five americans (s) (2:34),  sugar town by nancy sinatra (s) (2:22), expressway to your heart by soul survivors (s) (2:23), soulful strut by young-holt unlimited (s) (2:59), skinny legs and all by joe tex (s) (3:04), groovin' by young rascals (m) (2:27), color him father by winstons (s) (3:03), time of the season by zombies (s) (3:31), sugar sugar by archies (s) 2:43), venus by shocking blue (m) (3:03), you've made me so very happy by blood, sweat & tears (s) (3:28).


march 24, 2005

new edition - best of: 20th century masters (geffen b0001766)

just released is this 1 cd set from new edition with 11 tracks and a running time of 44:25.  this cd is an abridged version of the 2004 new edition release which is titled "hits".  the good news regarding this release is that if you didn't pick up the "hits" cd, you will find 2 of their top 40 hits show up in their hard to find 45 version (a little bit of love and i'm still in love).  contents: cool it now (4:08; 45 version), mr. telephone man (3:57), lost in love (4:01; 45 length), a little bit of love (3:30; 45 version), earth angel (3:59), if it isn't love (3:43), hit me off (4:20), i'm still in love with you (3:45; 45 version), count me out (4:05), with you all the way (3:33), can you stand the rain (4:45).


march 13, 2005

various artists - motown classics: gold (motown b0003120)

this 2 cd set was just issued under the "gold" series of cd's being issued by universal music but was previously issued in the year 2000 under the title "motown - the classic years" by utv records 012159466.  disc 1 has 20 tracks with a total time of 56:51 while disc 2 has 20 tracks with a total time of 69:12.  the reason i am posting this review is due to the large number of top 40 hits included (40 out of 40 tracks).   the quality is typical of motown product from the 60's with a lot of hum, buzz and grunge on the tracks.  contents: money by barrett strong (m) (2:35), shop around by the miracles (m) (2:47), please mr. postman by the marvelettes (s) (2:28), do you love me by the contours (m) (2:51), you beat me to the punch by mary wells (s) (2:43), fingertips part 2 by stevie wonder (e) (3:09), (love is like a) heat wave by martha & the vandellas (s) (2:43) (neither the 45 or lp version), my guy by mary wells (s) (2:50), where did our love go by the supremes (s) (2:28) (hum noticeable on the introduction), dancing in the street by matha & the vandellas (s) (2:36), how sweet it is by marvin gaye (s) (2:57), my girl by temptations (s) (2:55), shotgun by jr. walker & the all stars (s) (3:03) (stereo lp version), stop! in the name of love by supremes (s) (2:52), i can't help myself by four tops (s) (2:43), tracks of my tears by miracles (s) (2:54), uptight by stevie wonder (s) (2:51), going to a go-go by miracles (s) (2:44), aint' too proud to beg by temptations (s) (2:30), what becomes of the broken hearted by jimmy ruffin (s) (2:58) (stereo lp mix), you can't hurry love by supremes (s) (2:44) (hum noticeable on the ending), reach out i'll be there by four tops (s) (2:44), jimmy mack by martha & the vandellas (m) (2:51) (45 version), your precious love by marvin gaye & tammi terrell (s) (3:01), i heard it through the grapevine by gladys knight & the pips (s) (2:45), i heard it through the grapevine by marvin gaye (s) (3:13), my whole world ended by david ruffin (s) (3:27), i can't get next to you by temptations (s) (2:51), i want you back by jackson 5 (s) (2:58) (lp version), someday we'll be together by diana ross & the supremes (s) (3:31) (lp version), up the ladder to the roof by supremes (s) (3:10), ball of confusion by temptations (s) (4:04) (lp version; hum noticeable on the introduction),  signed, sealed, delivered by stevie wonder (s) (2:38), it's a shame by spinners (m) (3:06), war by edwin starr (s) (3:19), tears of a clown by smokey robinson & the miracles (s) (2:59) (lp version), what's going on by marvin gaye (s) (3:51) (lp version), smiling faces by undisputed truth (s) (3:15), papa was a rolling stone by temptations (s) (7:00) (45 version; hum noticeable on the introduction; timing index stops at (6:57) but the music continues on for :03 additional), neither one of us by gladys knight & the pips (s) (4:20)


february 21, 2005

various artists - #1 country hits (fuel 2000 302061445)

this cd is a repackaged 2 cd set of the previously released titles "kings of classic country" 14 tracks (37:42) (fuel 2000 302061295) and "the sweetest thing: the lovely ladies of country music" 15 tracks (44:08) (fuel 2000 302061244).  there are a lot of crossover hits in this package and they are all original hit recordings.  contents: okie from muskogee by merle haggard, wichita lineman by glen campbell, wings of a dove by ferlin husky, so round, so firm, so fully packed by merle travis, only the lonely (know the way i feel) by sonny james, smoke! smoke! smoke! that cigarette by tex williams, shotgun boogie by tennessee ernie ford, easy loving by freddie hart, don't let the stars get in your eyes by skeets mcdonald, honey by bobby goldsboro, it's such a pretty world today by wynn stewart, hello walls by faron young, i don't believe you've met my baby by the louvin' brothers, wake up irene by hank thompson, when will i be loved by linda ronstadt, sweetest thing (i've ever known) by juice newton, don't it make my brown eyes blue by crystal gayle, queen of the house by jody miller, i'm not lisa by jessi colter, just another love by tanya tucker, right or wrong by wanda jackson, lesson in leavin' by wanda jackson, ode to billie joe by bobbie gentry, sing a little song of heartache by rose maddox, i wish that i could fall in love today by barbara mandrell, hall of shame by melba montgomery, satisfied mind by jean shepard, mr. walker, it's all over by billie jo spears, drive south by suzy bogguss.


february 21, 2005

vanilla fudge - then and now (fuel 2000 302061439)

just a word of warning that isn't stated on the cd packaging - all catalog titles on this cd are rerecordings plus 3 new selections.  contents: you keep me hangin' on, tearin' up my heart, shotgun, people get ready, take me for a little while, good good livin', i want it that way, need love, eleanor rigby, she's not there, season of the witch, do ya think i'm sexy.


february 21, 2005

various artists - the soul troubadors (fuel 2000 302061447)

just a word of warning that isn't stated on the cd packaging - all tracks on this cd are rerecrdings!  essentially this is intended to be a greatest hits package of 3 soul artists, percy sledge, eddie floyd and clarence carter.  contents: when a man loves a woman by percy sledge, knock on wood by eddie floyd, warm & tender love by percy sledge, patches by clarnece carter, raise your hand by eddie floyd, it tears me up by percy sledge, i've never found a girl (to love me like you do) by eddie floyd, slip away by clarence carter, try a little tenderness by percy sledge, bring it on home by eddie floyd, another night with you by clarence carter, i've been loving you too long by percy sledge, things get better by eddie floyd, too weak to fight by clarence carter, my special prayer by percy sledge, mr. blue by eddie floyd, what was i supposed to do by clarence carter, tell it like it is by percy sledge.


february 16, 2005

various artists - 2005 grammy nominees (capitol 60944)

for those interested in contemporary music, the cd "2005 grammy nominees" is as good as it gets!  21 tracks with a total running time of 79:53 makes this cd "sweet".  contents: let's get it started by black eyed peas (3:37),  here we go again by ray charles with norah jones (3:56), american idiot by green day (2:53), heaven by los lonely boys ((3:35) which is the cd version faded :11 early), if i ain't got you by alicia keys (3:48), burn by usher (3:48), through the wire by kanye west (lp version running (3:41)), she will be loved by maroon 5 ((4:00) which is the cd version faded :15 early), you had me by joss stone (3:58), redneck woman by gretchen wilson (3:40), the first cut is the deepest by sheryl crow (3:44), sunrise by norah jones (3:18), you raise me up by josh groban (4:00), daughters by john mayer (3:56), cinnamon girl by prince (3:56), love's divine by seal (4:03), my immortal by evanescence ((4:32) and this is not the cd version), good vibrations by brian wilson (4:34), monkey to man by elvis costello & the imposters (3:54), vertigo by u2 (3:12), ch-check it out by beastie boys (3:11).


february 10, 2005

various artists - sex and the '60s (varese sarabande 302066612)

here's a cool cd that brings back memories other than just the hit songs of the 60's as we actually get some old commercials from the 60's mixed in with some hits and some sexy misses from that decade. 21 tracks with a total running time of 51:01.  contents: goldfinger by shirley bassey (45 version, (m), 2:48), music to watch girls by by bob crewe generation (45 version, (m), 2:48), girl don't come by sandie shaw (m, 2:09), big spender (muriel cigar commercial) by edie adams, sex and the single girl by fran jeffries, over and over by twiggy, guide for the married man by the turtles, another day another man (1967 sexploitation movie promo), love's a secret weapon by donna loren, come and stay with me by jackie deshannon, little things mean a lot by jayne mansfield, take it off take it all off! the stripper (noxema shaving cream commercial), the swinger by ann-margret, the avengers (main title) by the london studio orchestra, bad time to stop loving me by linda thorson, barbarella by bob crewe generation, the sex machine (philadelphia nightclub), 99 by barbara feldon, alfie by cilla black, the girl from u.n.c.l.e. by teddy randazzo, how does that grab you darlin'? by nancy sinatra (s) 2:28.


february 3, 2005

chicago - love songs (rhino 78451)

with valentine's day approaching, there are a large number of "love song" collections being released and here is another one from chicago which includes 18 tracks with a total time of 76:55.  contents: you're the inspiration, if you leave me now (live featuring philip bailey from earth, wind .& fire), hard to say i'm sorry/get away (lp version), here in my heart, call on me, colour my world, just you 'n' me, after the love has gone (live with earth, wind & fire featuring bill champlin of chicago), hard habit to break, look away (45 mix), beginnings, happy man, will you still love me?, no tell lover, i don't wanna live without your love, never been in love before, what kind of man would i be, wishing you were here.


february 2, 2005

various artists - i love my new wave (razor & tie 89093)

nothing unusual or rare on this cd which has 18 tracks running 69:15, it is just as the title indicates, a good compilation of new wave hits from the past focusing on the better selling end of the new wave spectrum.  contents: i want candy by bow wow wow , turning japanese by the vapors (lp version), girls on film by duran duran, one way or another by blondie, love my way by psychedelic furs, i know what boys like by waitresses, mexican radio by wall of voodoo, boys don't cry by cure, i got you by split enz , this charming man by smiths, rock lobster by b-52's, goody two shoes by adam ant, save it for later by english beat, i melt with you by modern english, the metro by berlin, (i can't get no) satisfaction by devo, the killing moon by echo & the bunnymen, pump it up by elvis costello.


february 1, 2005

neil diamond - gold (geffen b0002906)

here's another of the new "gold" cd's that you might find worthwhile with a nice set of liner notes included.  this is a 2 cd set with disc 1 running 69:07, (20 tracks) and disc 2 running 67:57 (21 tracks). material is all original recordings from the uni and mca years with live recordings or rerecordings from neil's bang years (there are no columbia era recordings on this set at all).  contents: disc 1 - two-bit manchild, brooklyn roads, shilo (rerecording), brother love's travelling salvation show, juliet, and the grass won't pay no mind, glory road, if i never knew your name, memphis streets, sweet caroline, mr. bojangles, smokey lady, holly holy, both sides now, and the singer sings his songs, cracklin' rosie, coldwater morning, done toosoon, he ain't heavy he's my brother, soolaimon    disc 2 - i am... i said, the last thing on my mind, chelsea morning, crunchy granola suite, stones, suzanne, i think it's gonna rain today, song sung blue, porcupine pie, canta libre, play me, captain sunshine, walk on water, prelude in e major, morningside, kentucky woman (live), thank the lord for the night (live), solitary man (live), cherry, cherry (live 45 version from "hot august night" with audience applause over the introduction which is not found on the 45 and the audience applause at the end does not fade out completely like the applause on the 45), red red wine (live), girl you'll be a woman soon (live).


january 27, 2005

various artists - bring it! (razor & tie 89092)

since i have never mentioned a razor & tie cd before on this web site i should comment that the quality of their releases is excellent and they always use the original recording on their compilation compact disc releases.  with that being said, here is a cd titled "bring it!" that contains some hits that are pretty hard to find on cd but beware that these songs are all the "clean" versions.  contents:  get ur freak on by missy "misdemeanor" elliott, shake it fast by mystikal (the uncensored version of this song is called "shake ya ass"), can't deny it by fabolous, i'm a thug by trick daddy, put your hands where my eyes could see by busta rhymes, grindin' by clipse, deja vu (uptown baby) by lord tariq & peter gunz, superwoman part ii by lil mo, raise up by petey pablo, never scared by bonecrusher, ante up (robbing hoodz theory) by m.o.p., superthug by noreaga, crush on you by lil kim, get money by junior m.a.f.i.a., cold rock party (bad boy remix) by mc lyte, my baby daddy by b-rock & the biz, we tryin' to stay alive by wyclef jean and got your money by ol' dirty bastard.  18 tracks in all with a total running time of 77:41.


january 26, 2005

temptations - gold (motown b0003099)

2005 is off to a good start with a series of 2 cd anthologies from universal music enterprises titled "gold".  this particular disc blew me away because of the liner notes included which are 27 pages filled with annotations of each song written by original group member otis williams.  disc 1 features 19 tracks running 57:58 and disc 2 features 17 tracks running 74:45.  disc 1 contents: dream come true, i want a love i can see, the way you do the things you do, my girl, it's growing, since i lost my baby, don't look back, get ready, ain't too proud to beg, beauty is only skin deep (with the usual noise on the introduction), (i know) i'm losing you, all i need, you're my everything, i wish it would rain, i could never love another (after loving you), cloud nine, i'm gonna make you love me (supremes & temptations), runaway child running wild (45 version).....disc 2 contents: psychedelic shack, ball of confusion, just my imagination (running away with me), superstar (remember how you got where you are), papa was a rollin' stone, masterpiece, hey girl (i like your style) (45 version), let your hair down, shakey ground, power, standing on the top part 1 (temptations with rick james), treat her like a lady, the jones' (12" single mix), some enchanted evening, stay, i'm here (metro mix), lady.


january 26, 2005

nat king cole - the world of (capitol 74712) release date 1/25/05

capitol records has just issued a single cd set titled "the world of nat king cole" to mark the 40th anniversary of his passing. in 1942, nat king cole was one of the first artists signed to capitol records and his voice is one i will never forget.  the cd itself features 28 tracks with a total running time of 77:37.  considering the fact that nat had 150 charting singles on the pop, r&b and country charts, we just get introduced to nat's output, begging for a volume 2 to be issued at a later date.  contents:  smile (1961 stereo rerecording), it's only a paper moon (nat king cole trio), straighten up and fly right (nat king cole trio), (get your kicks on) route 66 (nat king cole trio), (i love you) for sentimental reasons (nat king cole trio), nature boy (nat king cole trio), too young, unforgettable, walkin' my baby back home, orange colored sky (nat king cole trio), send for me, a blossom fell, mona lisa, quizas quizas quizas, on the street where you live, almost like being in love, darling je vous aime beaucoup, ramblin' rose, let there be love, you stepped out of a dream, when i fall in love, l-o-v-e, let's face the music and dance, just one of those things, day in - day out, thous swell, unforgettable (duet with natalie cole - audience applause from the previous track bleeds over the introduction), stardust.


january 20, 2005

elvis presley - love, elvis (rca 67001) release date 1/25/05

while in the love songs mode, i should mention this great release from elvis presley due out 1/25/05 titled "love, elvis", whic contains 24 tracks and runs 72:14!  sound quality is excellent and here are the contents:  are you lonesome tonight, can't help falling in love, always on my mind, it's now or never, love me tender, i want you, i need you, i love you, don't, (now and then there's) a fool such as i, any way you want me, surrender, hawaiian wedding song, doin' the best i can, fever, it hurts me, i just can't help believin', the wonder of you, let it be me, it's impossible, for the good times  (alternate take), there goes my everything (45 version), and i love you so, you don't have to say you love me, unchained melody, if i can dream (45 version).


january 19, 2005

nina simone - love songs (rca/legacy 66952)

another of the bmg/sony "love songs" series for 2005, this one contains 14 tracks, runs 54:35 and contains her only top 40 hit but in a live version.  contents: i loves you porgy (live), seems i'm never tired lovin' you, suzanne, who knows where the time goes, in the dark, i get along without you very well, cherish, to love somebody, in love in vain, black is the color of my true love's hair, the look of love, just like a woman, my man's gone now, let it be me.


january 19, 2005

neil sedaka - love songs (rca/legacy 66950)

another of the bmg/sony "love songs" series for 2005, this one contains 14 tracks, runs 37:51 and contains 3 of neil sedaka's top 40 hits.  this cd contains no material from neil's rocket or elektra records years.  i just want to reprint the brief liner notes that were written by neil sedaka himself:  "i love this collection because it combines some of the best songs i've written over the years with some great american standards.  the 50's and 60's were a very creative time for me.  i'm very proud of my vocals, as in those years people really never heard me sing in this style.  these tracks were buried in the vaults.  also, listen to the great howard greenfield lyrics like "i found my world in you".  he was a master.  it's about time that we included these lesser known songs of mine that still stand up today.  thank you sony bmg for putting this together."  now the contents: without a song, you mean everything to me, breaking up is hard to do, as long as i live, walk with me, we kiss in a shadow, i must be dreaming, i found my world in you, oh! carol, all the way, because of you, another sleepless night, one-way ticket, i'll be seeing you.


january 19, 2005

dionne warwick - love songs (arista/legacy 66956)

another of the bmg/sony "love songs" series for 2005, this one contains 14 tracks, runs 56:24 and contains 10 of dionne warwick's top 40 hits.  this is a really good compilation if you are a dionne warwick fan as it contains original hits from both the scepter and arista labels.  contents:  alfie, i'll never love this way again, deja vu, walk on by, how many times can we say goodbye, i say a little prayer, that's what friends are for, love will find a way, friends in love, heartbreaker, no night so long, 10,000 words, jobim medley, fragile.


january 19, 2005

gladys knight & the pips - love songs (buddah/legacy 66949)

another of the bmg/sony "love songs" series for 2005, this one contains 14 tracks, runs 61:06 and contains only 2 of the numerous top 40 hits for gladys knight & the pips.  contents:  tenderness is his way, feel like makin' love, the makings of you, best thing that ever happened to me, midnight train to georgia, all the time, landlord, still such a thing, a friend of mine, walk softly, what if i should ever need you, sorry doesn't always make it right, love find its own way, to make a long story short.


january 19, 2005

delfonics - love songs (arista/legacy 66931)

another of the bmg/sony "love songs" series for 2005, this one contains 14 tracks, runs a meager 44:26 and contains 5 of the 6 top 40 hits for the delfonics.  contents: somebody loves you, la-la means i love you, can you remember, ready or not here i come (can't hide from love), didn't i (blow your mind this time), trying to make a fool of me, everytime i see my baby, over and over, when you get right down to it, break your promise, hey! love, i'm sorry, i gave to you, hot dog (i love you so).


january 19, 2005

air supply - love songs (arista/legacy 66934)

there have been an exceptionally large number of catalog cd issues so far in january and with valentine's day upcoming, there have been a lot of "love song" titles issued.  this particular "love song" cd is a good one running 63:08 with 14 tracks and it includes all of air supply's top 40 hits.  contents:  every woman in the world (lp version), the one that you love, all out of love, sweet dreams, lost in love, making love out of nothing at all, young love, here i am (just when i thought i was over you), even the nights are better, just as i am, two less lonely people in the world, the power of love, i can wait forever, miracles (new recording).


december 19, 2004

john lennon - rock 'n' roll (capitol 7243 8 74329 2 5 )
comments:the newest in the remixed lennon solo catalog overseen by yoko only contains one hit - "stand by me."� the original '75 lp found john returning to his roots as a rocker to mixed results.� many on the songs simply drag ("bony moronie") while others sound tossed off ("ya ya").� still, lennon was a rocker and when he tears into "slippin' and slidin'" or "ain't that a shame" you gotta turn up the stereo.� the sound is much louder on this new issue and features longer versions of most songs by a few seconds at least ("be-bop-a-lula" has a short intro not on the original, for example).� the remixing is for the better which can't be said for every one of his albums (on imagine they totally changed the character of "how do you sleep" by eliminating the heavy reverb).� the four bonus tracks are not essential and include co-producer phil spector's "to know her is to love her" which might have been left off the original when phil flipped out during the sessions for the album.� a welcome purchase (the booklet is minimal).
posted by:george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist


december 19, 2004

the beatles - the capitol albums vol. 1 (capitol/apple cdp 7243 8 75656 2 3)
comments:well, it only took 17 years or so, but we here in america finally got our wish the first four u.s. beatles albums (meet the beatles, second album, something new, beatles '65) the way we remember them in '64 - both mono and stereo.� obviously somebody deserves a big thanks for allowing us to spend more money to re-buy the same songs for the umpteenth time - ok, that's an uncalled-for slap, but it really is true.� how many times do you have "i want to hold your hand on 45 and lp and cd and maybe even tape?� at any rate, you buy the set to get the music in the correct capitol running order, but you also buy because there are some differences worth checking out between the mono and stereo mixes which are both on the same disc.� for instance, you get an extra verse on the mono version of "i'll cry instead," "if i fell" shows double-tracked vocals in stereo but a single lennon in mono plus the cowbell comes in at different times on "i call your name" in mono or stereo.� you have your own feelings about the fake stereo and cavernous echo on "i feel fine" and "she's a woman," but they are at lease different than what was on cd before.� the only real gripe is the cheesy packaging.� there are two versions (one a longbox at places like best buy, while the other is a cd sized box at circuit city, etc.), but they both are about as solid as a cereal carton.� the booklet is skimpy and says nothing about the albums from a u.s. perspective and the thin sleeves easily rip (as mine already have) due to no protective inner liner - what do you want for $50 to $65?� at least the sound is loud and bassier than the old mono u.k. discs.
posted by:george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist


december 13, 2004

rock & roll the first 50 years - the mid-'60s 25 top 10 hits (varese sarabande 302066614)

wow, 25 tracks and a total running time of 66:51.  contents:  beach boys "help me rhonda" (m) 45 version, turtles "it ain't me babe" (m), zombies "tell her no" (s), vogues "five o'clock world" (s), ad libs "boy from new york city" (s), larks "the jerk" (m) correct vocal take, gene pitney "it hurts to be in love" (m), monkees "i'm a believer" (s), terry stafford "suspicion" (m), betty everett "the shoop shoop song" (s), newbeats "bread and butter" (s), outsiders "time won't let me" (s), mccoys "hang on sloopy" (s) new stereo mix, chad & jeremy "a summer song" (s), shangri-las "leader of the pack" (m) missing 2 bars of the instrumental break, del shannon "keep seasrchin'" (s), robert palmer "barefootin'" (m), dixie cups "chapel of love" (s) with what i call an alternate vocal take although some disagree with me on this point, sonny & cher "i got you babe" (m), barbara mason "yes i'm ready" (m) 45 version, capitols "cool jerk" (s), rivieras "california sun" (m), petula clark "downtown" (s), donovan "sunshine superman" (s), aaron neville "tell it like it is" (s) much faster than the 45 or lp and mastered from vinyl.


december 12, 2004

al wilson - show & tell: the best of al wilson (fuel 2000 302061438)

much anticipated by a lot of folks looking for "the snake". and "i've got a feeling (we'll be seeing each other again)" but they are not included on this cd.  the good news is that we finally get a stereo version of "la la peace song" which had not appeared on a domestic cd yet in stereo. 18 tracks and a running time of 59:03.  contents: show & tell (s), la, la peace song (s), keep on lovin' you (m), i won't last a day without you/let me be the one (m), amen brother (m), touch and go (m), you do the right things (m), i'm out to get you (m), born on the bayou (m), listen to me (m), settle me down (m), willoughby brook road (s), magic of your mind (m), queen of the ghetto (m), passport (s), i'm a weak man (s), goin' through the motions (s), a stone's throw (s).


december 12, 2004

chiffons - absolute best (fuel 2000 302061437)

brand new from fuel 2000 comes this 14 track cd that is a little short on running time at 31:02.   contents: he's so fine (m), one fine day (m), sweet talkin' guy (s), will you still love me tomorrow (m), my boyfriend's back (s), did you ever go steady (m), sailor boy (m), i have a boyfriend (m), a love so fine (m), i wonder why (m), when the boy's happy (the girl's happy too) (m), just for tonight (m), tonight i met an angel (m), keep the boy happy (s).


december 12, 2004

night - night/long distance (renaissance 0135)

renaissance records has reissued two vinyl lp's, "night" and "long distance" by the group night on one cd that contains 28 tracks and 78:37 worth of music.  all songs are stereo and for the first time on domestic compact disc we get the top 40 hit "hot summer nights".  i am not going to list all 28 tracks but make note of the fact that the top 40 hit "if you remember me" by group member chris thompson is not included.  this song was included on 2nd pressings of the vinyl lp titled "night" so it is disappointing that this hit was not included on this cd but i guess due to time constraints it was removed.


november 20, 2004

dick bartley presents: classic oldies 1965-1969 (eric 11525)

18 tracks - total running time 50:15

eric records has partnered up with dick bartley to release this cd and i can only hope that there will be more volumes to follow.  contents:

righteous brothers "(you're my) soul and inspiration (s) with an :11 longer introduction than the 45 or lp, walker brothers "the sun ain't gonna shine anymore" (s), new colony six "i will always think about you" (s), american breed "bend me, shape me" (s) 45 speed and length, shirley ellis "the clapping song" (s), desmond dekker "israelites" (s), sir douglas quintet "mendocino" (s), tommy boyce & bobby hart "i wonder what she's doing tonight" (s), fortunes "you've got your troubles" (s), gentrys "keep on dancing" (m), dee jay & the runaways "peter rabbit" (m), the ides of march "you wouldn't listen" (m), new colony six "things i'd like to say" (s), the silkie "you've got to hide your love away" (m), janis ian "society's child" (m), troggs "love is all around" (s), procol harum "a whiter shade of pale" (s), crazy world of arthur brown "fire" (s).


november 20, 2004

hard to find 45s on cd: sweet soul sounds (eric 11524)

20 tracks - total running time 60:25

another winner here from eric records with some really hard to find 45s because some of them have never been issued in their original form until this cd came along.  excellent sound and highly recommended.  here are the contents:

arthur conley "sweet soul music" (m), arthur conley "funky street" (s), archie bell & the drells "(there's gonna be a) showdown" (s), doris troy "just one look" (m), betty harris "cry to me" (m), chris bartley "the sweetest thing this side of heaven" (s), darrell banks "open the door to your heart" (m), rodger collins "she's looking good" (s), little jerry williams "i'm the lover man" (m), brenda & the tabulations "dry your eyes" (s) with :08 longer introduction and :11 longer fade than the 45 or lp, little johnny taylor "part time love" (s), clarence carter "slip away" (s), candi staton "stand by your man" (s), johnny adams "reconsider me" (s), soul survivors "expressway to your heart" (s) :34 longer than the 45 or lp, parliaments "(i wanna) testify" (m), little sister "you're the one" parts 1 & 2 (s), denise lasalle "trapped by a thing called love" (s), charles wright & the watts 103rd street band "love land" (s) - time listed on the cd jacket of 2:45 is incorrect, the song really runs 3:02.


november 18, 2004

the beach boys - sights & sounds of summer
capitol 72435-77694-0-2 (cd/dvd)
�it's amazing how many ways the beach boys' hits have been repackaged.� each time there seems to be a hook to get you to re-buy the same old stuff.� the 10 cut dvd that comes with the cd is a fun thing to have for sure with five live songs from 1964, old promo films and an ed sullivan appearance.� the cd actually has a reason to exist as well as amazingly at this late date, a new stereo mix has been created for "shut down."� the stereo mix for "dance dance dance" has been redone as well plus you may find the "california girls" stereo to be different from others you may have (it was done in 2002).� the mix of songs is at least interesting with early hits like "surfin' safari" coexisting with the "good timin'" and "getcha back" era.� the package has some nice pictures as well.
george w. krieger dds, the rock and roll dentist�


november 14, 2004

seal - best 1991-2004

for those into 90's music, i just picked up the new best 1991-2004 by seal.  14 tracks, running time 66:34 and all tracks are stereo.  contents:

crazy (lp version), kiss from a rose, killer, prayer for the dying (lp version), waiting for you, don't cry (lp version), my vision, love's divine, walk on by, get it together, fly like an eagle, lips like sugar, human beings, future love paradise.  for a few bucks more you can pick up the same cd with a bonus acoustic disc.


october 26, 2004

don gibson - am i that easy to forget/lovin' lies (collectables 7318)

thought i would pass along another collectables compact disc release that caught me by surprise in a negative sense.  from their 2 original lp's on 1 cd series comes this don gibson cd "am i that easy to forget/lovin' lies" which contains the top 40 hits "oh, lonesome me" and "just one time".  these vinyl lp's were originally released on the rca/camden label so i mistakenly assumed that they would contain the original versions of these two hits by don gibson which were originally on the rca label.  bad assumption as these two hits are stereo rerecordings.


october 25, 2004

skeeter davis - blueberry hill/the end of the world (collectables 7301)

i got taken in on this scam so i thought i would spread the word to other potential victims.  saw a new release by skeeter davis which was a 2 original lp's on one cd offering from collectables titled "blueberry hill/the end of the world".  so i bought the cd via mail order thinking that i would be getting a reproduction of the 1963 "end of the world" vinyl lp but no, i got a cd that had the original recording of the track "end of the world" in stereo but the rest of the cd was filled with songs from the late 60's and had no tracks other than "end of the world" from the original "end of the world" 1963 vinyl lp! 


october 22, 2004

various artists - lost & found in the seventies (liberty 64465)

as a companion release to lost & found in the sixties (reviewed below), i thought i would also mention lost & found in the seventies which includes 20 tracks and a total time of 78:14.  contents:

al green "let's stay together" (s), staple singers "i'll take you there" (s), minnie ripperton "lovin' you" (s), blue swede "hooked on a feeling" (s), hollies "air that i breathe" (s), raspberries "go all the way" (s) (usual very narrow stereo), edgar winter group "frankenstein" (s) (lp version), sugarloaf "green-eyed lady" (s) (45 version), sweet "ballroom blitz" (s), roxy music "love is the drug" (s) (lp version), dwight twilley band "i'm on fire" (s), ten years after "i'd love to change the world" (s) (lp version), canned heat "let's work together" (s), ike & tina turner "proud mary" (s) (lp version), joe south "games people play" (s) (lp version), nitty gritty dirt band "mr. bojangles" (s) (45 version), melanie "brand new key" (s), jim croce "time in a bottle" (s), linda ronstadt "you're no good" (s), don mclean "american pie (s) (lp version).


october 22, 2004

various artists - lost & found in the sixties (liberty 97032)

yikes, how long has it been since you've seen the liberty name and logo used on a compact disc!  thought i would bring this cd to your attention because it is very obscure, getting no publicity and will probably disappear from the capitol catalog in short order.  20 tracks and total time 60:09. contents:

youngbloods "get together" (s), lovin' spoonful "summer in the city" (s), tokens "lion sleeps tonight" (s), jefferson airplane "somebody to love" (s), small faces "itchycoo park" (s), outsiders "time won't let me" (s), stone poneys "different drum" (s) (the usual 45 version again darn it), shocking blue "venus" (e), classics iv "spooky" (s), spencer davis group "gimme some lovin'" (m), swinging blue jeans "hippy hippy shake" (s), hollies "he ain't heavy, he's my brother" (s), turtles "happy together" (s), zombies "time of the season" (s), scott mckenzie "san francisco" (s), mama's & papa's "monday, monday" (s), tommy roe "dizzy" (s), eric burdon & the animals "see see rider" (m), monkees "last train to clarksville" (s) (very narrow stereo mix), johnny kidd & the pirates "i'll never get over you" (m).


october 21, 2004

various artists - the italians (audio fidelity 023)

audio fidelity hasn't released a lot of top 40 material lately but here is a brand new one that is interesting called "the italians - the next generation".

15 tracks (all top 40 hits) by artists of italian descent prepared for release on audio fidelity by warner special products. good concept here in a market that has not generated a lot of original "concepts" lately, so if this is successful the door is open for additional volumes in this series.  included is a cool bonus dvd.  contents:

crests "sixteen candles" (m), annette "o dio mio" (m) (english version), frankie avalon "venus" (s), bobby darin "beyond the sea" (s), fabian "turn me loose" (s), capris "there's a moon out tonight" (m), connie francis "mama" (s), dion "the wanderer" (s), four seasons "walk like a man" (s), sonny & cher "i got you babe" hard to find (s) version but with some hiss on the ending, nancy sinatra "these boots are made for walkin'" (s), buckinghams "mercy, mercy, mercy" (s), rascals "groovin'" (m) 45 version, jim croce "bad, bad leroy brown" (s), bill conti "theme from rocky" (s).


october 19, 2004

steve lawrence &. eydie gorme - greatest hits volume 2 (gl 326)

it has been a while since i have seen a new cd released with a new top 40 hit on cd for the first time.  steve & eydie have released a "greatest hits volume 2" on their own label that contains a few hits but most importantly for the first time on cd in the us anyway, their hit "i want to stay here" which they decided to retitle "i just want to stay here and love you" on this cd in glorious mono.  there are two other top 40 hits included that are in stereo, "footsteps" and "pretty blue eyes".  16 tracks total for a running time of 42:48 and  i would rate the sound quality as 6 on a scale of 10.  the big drawback to this cd is the price which is unreasonably high because steve & eydie own their label and therefore set their own price.  maybe by the time they release volume 5 of their hits, we will get all of their top 40 hits on compact disc.


october 8, 2004

dream weavers (time-life r157-12/101 )

ok you cheap bargain hunters - here is a deal for you.  saw this cd listed on a time-life closeout sale for just $4.99 + of course their outrageous shipping charge of $4.99 additional but for a 2 cd set for $10 total this is not a bad deal.  all tracks are stereo except procol harum's "whiter shade of pale" and all tracks sound good except "goodbye yellow brick road" which has a dropout at :08.  the only thing i don't like about the cd is that it contains a mix of lp versions, 45 versions and even a few songs that are neither the 45 or lp versions.  here is the track lineup: gary wright "dream weaver" (:24 longer fade than the 45 version), yes "roundabout" (lp version), foreigner "cold as ice" (45 version), manfred mann "blinded by the light" (lp version), sugarloaf  "green-eyed lady" (45 version), alan parsons project "eye in the sky" (45 version faded :12 early), focus "hocus pocus" (neither the 45 or lp version), elo "turn to stone", argent "hold your head up" (45 version), mike oldfield "tubular bells" (neither the 45 or lp version), golden earring "radar love" (lp version), procol harum "whiter shade of pale", moody blues "nights in white satin" (lp version), grand funk railroad "closer to home" (45 version), uriah heep "easy livin'", moody blues "i'm just a singer in a rock & roll band" (lp version), elton john "goodbye yellow brick road" (with dropout at :08), 10cc "i'm not in love" (lp version), blue oyster cult ("don't fear) the reaper" (lp version), boston "foreplay/long time" (lp version), styx "come sail away" (lp version), styx "renegade", supertramp "take the long way home" and rush "new world man".  this cd was originally issued in 2003.


october 8, 2004

marvin gaye - the marvin gaye collection  sacd/cd hybrid (motown b0003502-36)

this is a brand new sacd/cd hybrid that contains 11 of marvin's hits, all in stereo.  sonically this is a winner and includes the tracks ain't that peculiar, it takes two, ain't no mountain high enough, your precious love, ain't nothin' like the real thing, i heard it through the grapevine, what's going on (lp version), mercy mercy me, trouble man, let's get it on (lp version) and distant lover (the studio version which was not the hit version).  buyer beware that at least the initial pressings of this hybrid sacd/cd have the track index off by 1 because the first song switches to an index indicating track 2 at 1:24 even though there is no interruption of the first song (ain't that peculiar) at that point.  this error is noticeable only on the cd layer of the compact disc and not the sacd layer.

october 7, 2004

bobby fuller four - i fought the law: best of  (del-fi/rhino 76494)

the folks at rhino have obtained the rights to the old del-fi records catalog and have started on a reissue campaign but that campaign seems to have started off on the wrong foot.  this cd is a reissue of a previously issued version of the same title issued by del-fi records (catalog #71904 and distributed by rhino) in 2000.  get this -- the running time of this cd is all of 28:16.  you would think with such a short running time a few bonus tracks would be in order here but guess again.  the 45 version of "i fought the law" is included here in mono so why not include the stereo lp version?  bobby fuller's other top 100 hit, "love's made a fool of you" is also included in mono.  oh and the liner notes -- they are identical to the liner notes in the 2000 package!  there is no audible sound improvement between the 2000 and 2004 issues of this cd so if you have the 2000 issue you will have nothing to gain by picking up the 2004 issue.


october 6, 2004

ritchie valens - the ritchie valens story  (del-fi/rhino 76496)

this is essentially a reissue of a 1993 cd on the del-fi label (catalog #71414 and distributed by rhino) with the same title.  when i compared the original 1993 version to the new 2004 issue i noticed that the total running time was considerably different with the original running 60:47 and the new one 61:29.  initially this excited me because it would seem that some new tapes in better condition must have surfaced but after comparing each track, i discovered that rhino simply inserted more silence between tracks on the new issue.  the most disappointing facet of the reissue is that the liner notes are identical to the original liner notes.  there is no audible difference between these two cd's so if you have the 1993 issue you will have nothing to gain by picking up the 2004 issue.



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